Name of condo(Condominium): One Bernam

Name of condo(Condominium): One Bernam

Immerse yourself in the epitome of urban living at One Bernam, an anticipated 99-year leasehold condominium poised on Bernam Street in District 2. With an expected completion in 2026, this exceptional development features a single block, offering a total of 351 meticulously designed units.

Development Overview

Strategic Location: One Bernam enjoys a strategic location within walking distance of Prince Edward MRT and Tanjong Pagar MRT, providing residents with easy access to various parts of Singapore, ensuring seamless connectivity and convenience.

Proximity to Neighboring Condos: Surrounded by neighbouring condos such as the Former Realty Centre, Newport Residences / Newport Tower, and Altez, One Bernam is situated in the heart of a vibrant and thriving community.

Educational Institutions: For families and young couples with children, One Bernam is conveniently situated near esteemed schools like the International Baccalaureate Organization, Aiesec International, and Korean Day Makeup Course by Style and Beauty Experts, creating an ideal environment for educational growth.

Retail Convenience: Residents can effortlessly meet their grocery and household needs with nearby supermarkets such as 11 Mart SG and Balram, providing a convenient shopping experience.

Health and Wellness Access: Health services are easily accessible with clinics like Yeoh Dental Surgery, ensuring residents have prompt access to healthcare services.

Monetary Services: Residents have the convenience of obtaining monetary services at T.a.b International Pte Ltd, adding to the overall convenience of living at One Bernam.

Leisure and Recreation: For leisure and recreation, residents can enjoy the serene environment of the nearby local park, Swing, providing an oasis for fresh air and various outdoor activities.

Transaction History Data: Explore the latest transaction history data for One Bernam, providing residents with transparency and valuable insights into the development.

Key Selling Points

Thoughtfully Designed Living Spaces: One Bernam offers a diverse selection of 351 units, ensuring residents experience thoughtfully designed, modern, and comfortable living spaces.

Proximity to MRT: The development’s close proximity to Prince Edward MRT and Tanjong Pagar MRT ensures convenient and quick access to public transportation, enhancing residents’ mobility.

Educational Hub: Families benefit from the variety of nearby educational institutions, creating an ideal environment for academic growth and development.

Comprehensive Community: Surrounded by neighbouring condos, One Bernam fosters a sense of community, allowing residents to engage in a vibrant and thriving living experience.

Convenient Retail Options: Nearby supermarkets cater to residents’ daily needs, offering a hassle-free shopping experience for groceries and household essentials.

Health and Wellness Access: One Bernam prioritizes residents’ well-being with nearby healthcare services, ensuring prompt attention to health-related concerns.

Banking Convenience: The presence of T.a.b International Pte Ltd adds to the convenience, of offering residents easy access to monetary services.

Nature Proximity: With the nearby local park, Swing, residents can relax, exercise, and enjoy a peaceful natural environment.

Indulge in a harmonious blend of comfort, connectivity, and community at One Bernam, where every aspect of modern living is meticulously crafted for an ideal and vibrant living experience.

Fact Sheet of One Bernam

Project Name: ONE BERNAM

Developer: HY-MCC (Bernam) Pte. Ltd.

Address: 1 Bernam Street, 078852

Tenure:99 Years Leasehold

No. Of Units:351

Expected Date Of TOP: Mar-2026


Unit Type – Floor Area (sqft) – No. of Units

1 Bedroom – 441-463 – 87

2 Bedroom – 700-732 – 116

2 Bedroom + Study – 807-872 – 116

3 Bedroom – 1421 – 29

Penthouse – 1744-4306 – 3

Floor Plan of One Bernam

Attribute – Example Values

Total Area – 3846.2 sqm

Number of Bedrooms – 1 BR, 2 BR, 2+1 BR, 3 BR, Penthouse

Number of Bathrooms – 1 bathroom, 2 bathrooms, 3 bathrooms

Type of Kitchen – Kitchen

Flooring Material – NA

Balcony Presence – YES

Orientation – North-facing, South-facing

Level/Floor – 35

View Type – NA

Ceiling Height – NA

Energy Efficiency Rating – NA

Window Type – Ventilation window

Heating and Cooling System – NA

Parking Availability – Parking available

Storage Solutions – Built-in wardrobes

Security Features – NA

Accessibility Features – NA

Furnishing Status – NA

Smart Home Features – NA

Outdoor Space – AVAILABLE

Review of One Bernam

It’s a worthwhile investment

Aspect – Rating

Unit Efficiency – 3.5/5

Unit Size – 4/5

Quality of Fittings – 4/5

Design – 3.5/5

Variety of Facilities – 2.5/5

Quality of Facilities – 4/5

Surrounding Amenities – 4/5

Developer – 3/5

Transport Links – 4.5/5

Driving Accessibility – 3.5/5

Price Point – 4/5


Location in District 2, Tanjong Pagar

Government Land Sales (GLS) site

Developed by Chinese developer Hao Yuan Investments with 30% stake by MCC Land

Unique positioning with only 4 bidders during GLS

Larger than average unit sizes, especially for 2/3 bedroom units

Potential for own stay option in the CBD


Limited number of bidders during land sale

Less competitive land acquisition period

Not as hotly contested as other sites

Limited new launches in Tanjong Pagar since 2013

Presence of other nearby freehold developments like Sky Everton


1. Historical Overview:

   – Limited new launches in Tanjong Pagar since 2013 (Wallich Residence).

   – 2019 GLS site acquisition during a period of subdued land banking activity.

2. Potential Demand:

   – Assess the potential demand for One Bernam in Tanjong Pagar.

   – Consider the scarcity of recent launches and the area’s attractiveness.

3. Personal Observation of Price Trends:

   – Examine price trends in Tanjong Pagar since the 2019 GLS acquisition.

   – Analyze any observed patterns or notable changes in property prices.

4. Developer’s Pricing Strategy:

   – Evaluate the pricing strategy of Hao Yuan Investments for One Bernam.

   – Compare pricing approaches with other developments in the vicinity.

5. Prediction for Unit Pricing:

   – Offer insights into the anticipated pricing range for units in One Bernam.

   – Consider factors such as unit sizes, location, and market conditions.

6. Comparison with Previous Peaks:

   – Compare current market conditions with previous peak periods in Tanjong Pagar.

   – Assess the potential for property value appreciation or stabilization.

7. Market Caution and Consideration:

   – Provide a cautious perspective, considering external factors that may impact the property market.

   – Offer considerations for potential buyers or investors in Tanjong Pagar.

8. Excitement Features:

   – Highlight unique features of One Bernam that may generate excitement.

   – Consider aspects such as size, location, amenities, or innovative design.

Inside Tour

1. Overview:

   – One Bernam, a 351-unit development in District 2, Tanjong Pagar.

   – Showflat located opposite Guoco Tower, providing insights into the nearby surroundings.

2. Development Context:

   – Historical background of One Bernam as a GLS site with limited competition.

   – Consideration of the residential character in Tanjong Pagar, distinct from the corporate feel of Raffles Place.

3. Differentiation and Features:

   – Limited competition during GLS acquisition potentially leading to more affordable launch prices.

   – Introduction of the CBD Incentive Scheme, allowing a mix of residential units, serviced apartments, and retail space.

   – Connectivity to neighbouring developments and upcoming lifestyle options.

4. Design and Facilities:

   – Overview of the bronzed brown colour palette and design aesthetics.

   – Residential component starting from the 5th floor, offering elevated views.

   – Basement and multi-storey car park availability, catering to the majority of residents without cars.

5. North Site Facilities:

   – Introduction of the internal street concept with a retail component.

   – Discussion on the accessibility and potential impact on privacy.

   – Nearby developments and future lifestyle options.

6. South Site Facilities:

   – Overview of the facilities on the 4th floor, including a lap pool, Clubhouse, and dining facilities.

   – Evaluation of the swimming pool size and comparison with competitors.

   – Inclusion of pool pavilions and efforts to incorporate greenery into the CBD setting.

7. Additional Amenities:

   – Exploration of Level 4 Sky Terrace facilities, such as the yoga deck, Gourmet Function Room, and outdoor Dining Pavilion.

   – Examination of Level 34 Sky Terrace amenities, including a Japanese-themed Tatami Garden, sky gym, and sky dining.

   – Insights into the practicality and potential usage of unique features like the tatami deck.

8. Excitement Features:

   – Highlight of exclusive features like the sky gym, sky diving, and penthouses on the 35th floor.

   – Consideration of the dining facility’s significance in a project dominated by smaller 1 and 2-bedroom units.

One Bernam 1 Bedroom

Unit Details:

   – Introduction to the 1-bedroom unit’s layout and size (452 square feet).

   – Comparison with other available layouts (441 square feet and 463 square feet).

   – Emphasis on the focus of creating larger living spaces in 2 and 3-bedroom units.

Dining Area:

   – Description of the entranceway and its square-sized layout.

   – Commentary on the entrance’s suboptimal size for units under 400 sq ft.

   – Recognition of premium fittings such as marble flooring and high-end kitchen equipment.


   – Overview of the kitchen/dining space and its storage capacity.

   – Highlight the Blum cabinet system above the sink.

   – Presentation of premium kitchen fittings, including Franke sink and V-ZUG oven and fridge.

   – Acknowledgment of less-than-desirable countertop space.

Living Room:

   – Examination of the living room’s size and aesthetics.

   – Commentary on the space-efficient design, with additional storage and a small dining table.

   – Recognition of the built-in dining table and its space-saving attributes.


   – Discussion on the clever built-in dining table and its functionality.

   – Comparison with other space-saving solutions in similar developments.

   – Expression of appreciation for smart furniture systems in smaller apartments.


   – Evaluation of the master bedroom’s size and layout.

   – Commentary on the impact of the external AC ledge on full-length windows.

   – Suggestion for optimizing space by positioning the bed.


   – Overview of the bathroom’s size, aesthetics, and colour scheme.

   – Recognition of upmarket touches, including Laufen sanitary wares and Gessi bathroom fittings.

   – Appreciation for the inclusion of a rain shower.

Overall Design:

   – Recapitulation of the unit’s overall design, considering size, layout, and premium fittings.

   – Highlight specific features contributing to the unit’s appeal.

   – Balanced assessment of the unit’s strengths and potential areas for improvement.

One Bernam 2 Bedroom + Study Review

Unit details

   – Introduction to the 829-square-feet 2 Bedroom + Study unit.

   – Commentary on the unit’s size and its distribution within the development.

   – Notable absence of a 2-bedroom dumbbell layout and unique layout characteristics.


   – Comparison with the 1-bedroom entrance, highlighting the regular entranceway.

   – Consideration of additional storage possibilities and the use of marble flooring.

Study Area:

   – Evaluation of the study area’s size and versatility.

   – Suggestion for potential alternative uses, such as an additional room.

   – Acknowledgment of the lack of a window and its implications.

Common Bathroom:

   – Praise for the jack-and-jill configuration allowing access from both living and study areas.

   – Description of the bathroom’s size, fittings, and the aesthetic appeal of the black and white colour scheme.

   – Recognition of the common bathroom featuring a rain shower.

   – Drawback: Lack of a window and potential impact on ventilation.


   – Analysis of the kitchen’s size and countertop space.

   – Recognition of high-quality brands, including Blum, V-ZUG, and Franke.

   – Appreciation for the matte finish sink by Franke.

Living and Dining:

   – Overview of the integrated living and dining space.

   – Commentary on the limitations of space for dining and living arrangements.

   – Recognition of the balcony as an additional feature for the 2-bedroom units.

Hallway and Bedrooms:

   – Description of the hallway leading to both bedrooms.

   – Evaluation of the common bedroom’s size and potential bed placement.

   – Commentary on the wardrobe’s design, features, and usefulness.

   – Quirk in the master bedroom with the AC ledge partially obstructing a panel of the window.

Master Bedroom:

   – Assessment of the master bedroom’s size and layout.

   – Observation of the unique quirk with the AC ledge and its potential impact.

   – Appreciation for the addition of a pull-out mirror and the potential for additional storage.

Master Bathroom:

   – Overview of the master bathroom’s size, fittings, and brands.

   – Consideration of the lack of windows in both bathrooms.

Overall Design:

   – Recapitulation of the unit’s overall design, taking into account size, layout, and unique quirks.

   – Balancing positive aspects, such as premium fittings, with potential drawbacks.

   – Consideration of the target demographic and its alignment with CBD living.

One Bernam 3 Bedroom Review

Unit details:

   – Emphasis on the 1,421-square-foot 3-bedroom unit as a standout option, particularly for those seeking own-stay in the CBD.

   – Notable features like the private lift exclusive to the 3-bedroom units and the absence of a 2-bedroom dumbbell layout.


   – Introduction of the private lift exclusive to the 3-bedroom units.

   – Positive impressions of the space upon entering, maintaining a balance between adequate and overly large.

Dining Area:

   – Assessment of the dining area’s size and its potential to comfortably seat six people.

   – Identification of the narrow table as a potential limitation for communal dining and entertaining.


   – Examination of the dry kitchen with a Franke sink, Blum system, and additional storage spaces.

   – Overview of the wet kitchen’s size, countertop space, and premium brands.

   – Appreciation for the improved look and materials used in the 3-bedroom kitchen compared to smaller units.

Additional Spaces:

   – Introduction of the bomb shelter utilized as a helper’s room or utility space.

   – Description of the WC with a window for better ventilation.

   – Acknowledgment of the absence of a proper yard area.

Living Room and Balcony:

   – Evaluation of the living room’s size and potential for comfortable seating.

   – Appreciation for the balcony spanning the width of the living room.

   – Consideration of the balcony’s size in relation to the indoor living space.

Common Bedrooms:

   – Recognition of the decent size of both common bedrooms at 11.2 sqm.

   – Identification of the absence of full-length windows due to the presence of the AC ledge outside.

   – Commentary on storage with standard 2-panel wardrobes featuring pull-out features.

Common Bathroom:

   – Description of the averagely-sized common bathroom with high-quality finishings.

   – Appreciation for the rain shower and the presence of a good-sized window for ventilation.

Master Bedroom:

   – Recognition of the larger size of the master bedroom.

   – Introduction of a small private balcony for the master bedroom.

   – Commentary on the absence of a walk-in wardrobe despite the unit’s size.

   – Appreciation for the master bedroom’s unobstructed full-length windows.

Master Bedroom Storage and Bathroom:

   – Description of the 2.5-panel wardrobe in the master bedroom with pull-out features.

   – Highlighting the presence of a tall, slim window for additional natural light.

   – Comparison of the master bathroom to the common bathroom, emphasizing similar features.

   – Appreciation for the good-sized window in the master bathroom for natural ventilation

Location Overview

1. Prime CBD Location: Situated in the heart of the Central Business District, One Bernam offers the convenience of being in one of Singapore’s busiest and most vibrant business districts.

2. Accessibility: The condo is just a six-minute walk (500 meters) from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, providing easy access to public transportation. It is also close to upcoming transportation infrastructure, such as the Prince Edward MRT station on the Circle Line.

3. Grocery and Retail Convenience: The proximity to 100 AM mall, housing Don Don Donki, FairPrice Finest, and Cold Storage, ensures residents have easy access to groceries and retail options.

4. Revitalization of CBD: The ongoing URA revamp in the CBD, with incentives for mixed-use buildings, suggests potential future developments in the area. This could lead to a more balanced mix of amenities and residential options.

5. Schools and Preschools: While primarily a CBD condo, One Bernam is within walking distance of preschools like Mulberry Learning Centre and My First Skool. Cantonment Primary School is also nearby, making it suitable for families with older children.

Public Transport Overview:

Transport Hub

Opp Fuji Xerox Towers

Buses Serviced: 80, 45

Distance From Condo: 90m

Estimated Walking Time: 2-min walk

The Amara

Buses Serviced: 80, 45

Distance From Condo: 100m

Estimated Walking Time: 2-min walk

Hub Synergy Point

Buses Serviced: 70, 10, 10e, 75, 128, 130, 133, 100, 106, 107, 162, 97, 97e, 513, 982e, 196, 196e, 868, 915e, 850e

Distance From Condo: 150m

Estimated Walking Time: 3-min walk

MRT Station

Closest MRT Station:

Tanjong Pagar MRT station

Distance From Condo: 500m

Estimated Walking Time: Around a six-minute walk

Upcoming MRT Station

Upcoming MRT Station: Prince Edward MRT station

Line: Circle Line

Distance From Condo: Similar distance away

Estimated Walking Time: Unsheltered walk (Upcoming)

This detailed breakdown provides an overview of the bus stations, MRT accessibility, and the upcoming MRT station near One Bernam, offering residents multiple options for public transportation.

Price Review

One Bernam stands out as a competitive option in District 02 with its pricing strategy.

At $2,3XX to $2,5XX per square foot (psf), One Bernam offers a compelling proposition for a District 02 condominium. As of April 2021, the district’s average psf was $2,733, making One Bernam’s pricing notably lower than the district norm. This is particularly significant considering that new launches tend to debut at or above the district’s average.

In a direct comparison with neighboring units such as Icon, Altez, and Skysuites, One Bernam emerges as an affordable new launch, a trend contrary to the usual pattern of new launches being priced significantly higher than existing properties.

However, the lower pricing of One Bernam raises considerations about the competitive dynamics in the area. With strong contenders like Icon, Altez, and Skysuites, tenants may perceive limited differentiation, potentially defaulting to the most cost-effective option. While this aligns with affordability for tenants, landlords might find it challenging to stand out in a market where pricing becomes a critical factor.

Let’s delve into a detailed comparison with nearby developments and explore the resale and rental landscape.

Resale and Rental Comparison: One Bernam in Context

Development Comparison:

Development – Units – PSF – TOP – Lease

Icon – 646 – $1,670 – 2007 – 99-years

Altez – 280 – $2,004 – 2014 – 99-years

Skysuites @ Anson – 360 – $2,309 – 2014 – 99-years

District 02 Average – – – $2,733 psf – –

Prices are indicative.

Rental Yield Comparison:

Project – Tenure – 1-Bedroom Size – Median Rent – Yield – 2-Bedroom Size – Median Rent – Yield

The Arris – Freehold – 667 sqft – $3,600 – 3.51% – 990 sqft – $4,250 – 2.73%

Onze @ Tanjong Pagar – Freehold – 570 sqft – $2,750 – 2.73%

One Bernam – 99-year leasehold – 441 sqft – Indicative – – – 700 sqft – Indicative – –

New Launch Comparison

Project – Tenure – 1-Bedroom Size – 2-Bedroom Size

Avenue South Residence – 99-year (from 2018) – $1,198,286 ($2,272 psf) – 527 sqft

One Pearl Bank – 99-year (from 2019) – $1,357,250 ($2,573 psf) – 527 sqft

Sky Everton – Freehold – No transactions – –

The Landmark – 99-year (from 2020) – $1,096,000 ($2,213 sqft) – 495 sqft

One Bernam – 99-year leasehold – $1,102,500 ($2,500 psf) – 441 sqft

Data taken from transactions between Jan 2021 to Mar 2021.

To understand One Bernam’s positioning in the market, a comprehensive comparison with completed projects in the vicinity is essential. Here’s a breakdown of various developments:

Development Comparison:Analysis:

Competitive Pricing: One Bernam’s pricing, ranging from $2,3XX to $2,5XX psf, positions it attractively against the district average and neighbouring developments. The affordability factor is particularly noteworthy for a new launch in the CBD.

Rental Landscape: While indicative rental figures for One Bernam are pending, a comprehensive view of rental yields from surrounding developments suggests a need for competitive pricing to achieve favourable yields. The Arris, a freehold property, commands a 3.51% yield, setting a benchmark for One Bernam.

Comparative New Launch Pricing: In comparison to new launches like Avenue South Residence and One Pearl Bank, One Bernam holds its ground in terms of pricing. The consideration extends beyond psf rates to factors such as location and upcoming developments in the area.


One Bernam presents an enticing option with its competitive rates, appealing to both buyers and potential tenants. Despite affordability, the challenge lies in establishing a unique identity in the competitive CBD landscape. Investors eyeing a well-priced entry point in District 02 will appreciate One Bernam’s affordability, coupled with the potential for long-term value appreciation amid ongoing CBD rejuvenation. Success depends on effective differentiation and seizing opportunities in the evolving CBD dynamics.

Appreciation Analysis

The URA Master Plan indicates a significant mixed-use plot between Enggor and Gopeng Street, with a GFA of 8.4. This aligns with URA’s vision for a vibrant work/live/play environment. While introducing more service apartments and condos enhances livability, it also adds to the densely packed area’s supply. Government-led rejuvenation efforts typically yield positive outcomes, yet the immediate impact on appreciation remains uncertain, especially considering the evolving work landscape due to the ongoing pandemic. If remote work becomes more prevalent, the traditional draw of the CBD may diminish.

Developer Review:

MCC Land and HY Realty

One Bernam is the result of a collaboration between two reputable developers: MCC Land and HY Realty.

MCC Land (Singapore)

As a part of the state-owned MCC Group in China, MCC Land (Singapore) established itself in 2010 and has been a prominent player in the local real estate scene. With a diverse portfolio, including developments like The Alps, The Poiz, and The Santorini, MCC Land brings a decade of experience to the table. Their extensive footprint in Singapore comprises 12 projects, spanning private condos, mixed-use developments, and Executive Condominiums.

HY Realty

Hailing from China, HY Realty has left its mark in the Alexandra area with projects like Queens Peak. As a developer with roots in China, HY Realty contributes its expertise and experience to the One Bernam development.

Together, MCC Land and HY Realty form a formidable team, blending international experience with a strong local presence to bring One Bernam to life.


MCC Land (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Metallurgy Corporation of China listed on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges, is a prominent player in urban and property development management. As a Fortune 500 company, MCC Land has significantly contributed to shaping Singapore’s cityscape. The company has played a key role in creating notable landmarks such as Universal Studios at Resorts World Sentosa and the Keppel Distripark. Through sole proprietorship, joint ventures, and management initiatives, MCC Land has developed 17 commercial and residential complexes, including private condominiums and executive condominiums. With more than 8,000 residential units and a total saleable area exceeding 600,000 square meters, MCC Land has made a transformative impact on the lives of millions of property owners within limited space.

The company’s diverse portfolio features projects like The Poiz Residences, The Canopy, One Canberra, Canberra Residences, The Santorini, Tre Residences, and The Alps Residences. Collaborative efforts with HY Realty resulted in developments like The Nautical, Northwave, Forestville, and Queens Peak. MCC Land has consistently been ranked among the Top Ten Property Developers in Singapore for four consecutive years. The company has earned prestigious accolades, including the Asia’s Top Influential Brand Award and the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) Global Brands Award.

Years of Experience: 28
Number of Completed Projects: 17 commercial and residential complexes, including private condominiums and executive condominiums, totaling more than 8,000 residential units.
Types of Projects Undertaken: Residential, Commercial, and Mixed-use Developments
Average Project Size: Exceeding 600,000 square meters
Geographic Area of Operations: Singapore
Awards and Recognition: Asia’s Top Influential Brand Award, Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA), Global Brands Award

HY Realty, a reputable Singapore-based developer, boasts a solid residential property portfolio. Despite its relatively young presence in the market, HY Realty is supported by China’s Hao Yuan Group Pte Ltd and operates as a subsidiary of HY Realty (Dundee) Pte Ltd. In collaboration with MCC Land, HY Realty recently unveiled the luxurious Queens Peak condominium, strategically located in the prime fringe of the city’s central region. Demonstrating flexibility, HY Realty has launched projects in various lucrative locations, showcasing expertise in developing both high and low-rise residences. Notable developments include Sea Horizon in Pasir Ris, The Nautical condominium in Sembawang, and the Northwave and Forestville executive condominiums in Woodlands.

Number of Completed Projects: Sea Horizon in Pasir Ris
Types of Projects Undertaken: High and Low-rise Residences
Geographic Area of Operations: Prime fringe of the city’s central region

Pricing One Bernam

Base Price -$1.28M ~ $6.66M

Price per Square Foot – $2,251 ~ $5,412

Location-Based Price Variation – To be announced (TBA)

Pricing Tiers – To be announced (TBA)

Discounts and Offers – Contacted

Payment Plan Options:

Upon the grant of Option to Purchase: 5% (Booking Fee)

Upon signing of the Sale & Purchase Agreement or within B weeks from the Option date: 20% less Booking Fee

Completion of foundation work: 10%

Completion of the reinforced concrete framework of unit: 10%

Completion of partition walls of unit: 5%

Completion of roofing/ceiling of unit: 5%

Completion of door sub-frames/ door frames, window frames, electrical wiring, internal plastering and plumbing of unit: 5%

Completion of the car park, roads and drains serving the housing project: 5%

Notice of Vacant Possession (TOP): 25%

On Completion date: 15%

Price Increase Rate – To be announced (TBA)

Resale Price – Not applicable (NA)

Rental Yield – Calculate

Historical Price Trends – To be announced (TBA)

Price Comparisons with Similar Units:

Avenue South Residence: $1,198,286 ($2,272 psf) – $1,431,700 ($2,181 psf)

One Pearl Bank: $1,357,250 ($2,573 psf) – $1,786,000 ($2,553 psf)

Financing Options Impact – To be announced (TBA)

Maintenance Fee Inclusion – Paid on a monthly basis – To be announced (TBA)

Deposit Required – To be announced (TBA)

Government Subsidies Impact – To be announced (TBA)

Market Demand Influence – Not applicable (NA)

Developer Reputation Impact – Premium developer: +10% price increase

Project Completion Stage Impact – To be announced (TBA)

Furnishing and Interior Design Cost – Furnished: +$50,000, Unfurnished: Base price

Tax and Legal Fees – To be announced (TBA)

Site Plan of One Bernam

Total Land Area – 28,001 sqm

Number of Residential Units – 351

Building Height – 35 Storeys

Unit Size Range – 441-4306 sq ft

Types of Units Available – 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom + Study, 3-Bedroom, 3-Bedroom Penthouse, 5-Bedroom Penthouse

Parking Lot Availability – 178

Common Area Size – NA

Playground – NA

Pool Type – Swimming Pool

Gym Facilities – Gym available

Function Lawn Capacity – NA

Security Features – NA

Accessibility for Disabled – To be confirmed (TBC)

Green Building Features – NA

Pet-Friendly – NA

Proximity to Nearest Public Transport:

MRT Stations Distance:

Prince Edward: 5 mins (340 m)

Tanjong Pagar: 6 mins (372 m)

Maxwell: 736 m

Ratio of Built-up to Green Space – NA

Project Details of One Bernam

Project Account No.: Malayan Banking Berhad for Project Account No. 04403001037 of HY-MCC (Bernam) Pte. Ltd.

Architect: DP Architects Pte Ltd

Landscape Architect: DP Green

M & E Consultant: United Project Consultants Pte. Ltd.

Main Contractor: China Jingye Construction Engineering (S) Pte. Ltd.

Address:1 Bernam Street, 078852

No. of Storeys:35

Payment Scheme: Normal Progressive

Lot No.:TS03-00936X

Site Use:351 Residential Units with Commercial Units on 1st Storey

Tenure:99 years commencing on 10 December 2019

Total No. of Units:351 Residential units

No. of Car Park Lots:178 Lots (inclusive of 6 Carpark Lots comprised of 3 Accessory Lots for penthouse units and 2 Accessible Lots)

Expected Date of TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit):31 March 2026

Expected Date of Legal Completion: To be announced (TBA)

Security:24 Hours Security Guard

Amenities of One Bernam

Swimming Pool – Swimming Pool, Spa Pool

Gymnasium – Fully equipped, available

Parking Facilities – Parking available

Garden and Landscaping – Tatami Garden, Sky Hammock Garden, Garden Dining Pavilion, Fragrant Garden, Shaded Garden, Palm Garden, Garden Bridge, Alocasia Walk

Function Rooms – Gourmet Function Room, along with an outdoor Dining Pavilion

Sports Facilities – Tennis courts

Spa and Wellness Center – Spa Pool

Concierge Services – Concierge services are available

Retail Outlets – Convenience stores, cafes, parks

Maintenance Services – Maintenance services are available

Shuttle Services – Shuttle services are available

Clubhouse – A gym, a function room, Fitness Corner

Hammocks – Sky Hammocks

Viewing Deck – Scenic overlook

Location of One Bernam

City/Area – 1 Bernam Street, near Tanjong Pagar MRT and CBD Area, Singapore

Neighbourhood -Downtown Core

Proximity to City Center – 5 km from the city centre, downtown core

Public Transportation Access – Near MRT station, bus stops within walking distance

Nearby Schools -International Baccalaureate Organization: 3 mins (154 m),Aiesec International: 3 mins (183 m),Korean Day Makeup Course by Style and Beauty Experts: 3 mins (188 m)

Local Crime Rate – Low

Proximity to Commercial Areas – Adjacent to a shopping district, 5 min drive to the mall

Nearby Parks and Recreation – Swing: 4 mins (231 m),Tras Link Park: 5 mins (290 m)
Vanda Miss Joaquim Park: 5 mins (336 m)

Air Quality Index – Good

Noise Pollution Level – Low

Proximity to Hospitals – 5 km to the nearest hospital

View from the Property – City view

Road Connectivity – Easy highway access, well-connected by main roads

Local Property Market Trends – Growing

Climate and Weather Patterns – Tropical

Cultural Amenities – 5 km away from the National Museum of Singapore

Dining and Shopping Options – Multiple dining options nearby, luxury shopping mall

Property Tax Rates – Average

Historical Significance – Modern area

Environmental Regulations – Strict building codes, eco-friendly practices


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