Name of condo(Condominium): The Reef At King’s Dock

Name of condo(Condominium): The Reef At King’s Dock

Immerse yourself in a waterfront lifestyle at The Reef At King’s Dock, an upcoming 99-year leasehold condominium situated on Harbourfront Avenue in District 4. With an anticipated completion in 2025, this remarkable development boasts 11 blocks, offering a total of 429 thoughtfully designed units.

Development Overview:

Strategic Location: The Reef At King’s Dock enjoys a strategic location within walking distance of HarbourFront MRT, providing residents with easy access to various areas of Singapore and ensuring seamless connectivity.

Proximity to Neighboring Condos: Surrounded by neighboring condos such as Corals At Keppel Bay, Caribbean At Keppel Bay, and Harbourlights, The Reef At King’s Dock is part of a thriving and vibrant waterfront community.

Educational Institutions: For families and young couples with children, The Reef At King’s Dock is conveniently situated near esteemed schools like Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Harbourfront, Parent-Teacher-Child Learning School International, and SSTC Institute, creating an ideal environment for educational growth.

Retail Convenience: Residents can effortlessly meet their grocery and household needs with nearby supermarkets such as Buzz and NTUC Xtra, ensuring a convenient shopping experience.

Health and Wellness Access: Health services are easily accessible with clinics like Drs. Bain And Partners Llp, ensuring residents have prompt access to healthcare services.

Monetary Services: Residents have the convenience of obtaining monetary services at OCBC – HarbourFront Branch, adding to the overall convenience of living at The Reef At King’s Dock.

Leisure and Recreation: For leisure and recreation, residents can unwind at the nearby Corals Promenade, providing a serene environment for fresh air and various outdoor activities.

Transaction History Data: Explore the latest transaction history data for The Reef At King’s Dock, providing residents with transparency and valuable insights into the development.

Key Selling Points:

Thoughtfully Designed Living Spaces: The Reef At King’s Dock offers a diverse selection of 429 units across its 11 blocks, ensuring residents experience thoughtfully designed, modern, and comfortable living spaces.

Proximity to MRT: The development’s close proximity to HarbourFront MRT ensures convenient and quick access to public transportation, enhancing residents’ mobility.

Educational Hub: Families benefit from the variety of nearby educational institutions, creating an ideal environment for academic growth and development.

Comprehensive Community: Surrounded by neighboring condos, The Reef At King’s Dock fosters a sense of community, allowing residents to engage in a thriving and vibrant waterfront living experience.

Convenient Retail Options: Nearby supermarkets cater to residents’ daily needs, offering a hassle-free shopping experience for groceries and household essentials.

Health and Wellness Access: The Reef At King’s Dock prioritizes residents’ well-being with nearby healthcare services, ensuring prompt attention to health-related concerns.

Banking Convenience: The presence of OCBC – HarbourFront Branch adds to the convenience, offering residents easy access to monetary services.

Nature Proximity: With the nearby Corals Promenade, The Reef At King’s Dock provides a serene green space for residents to relax, exercise, and enjoy a peaceful waterfront environment.

Indulge in a harmonious blend of comfort, connectivity, and waterfront living at The Reef At King’s Dock, where every aspect of modern living is meticulously crafted for an ideal and luxurious waterfront living experience.

Factsheet of The Reef At King’s Dock

Project Name-The Reef at King’s Dock

Developer-Harbourfront Three Pte Ltd

Address-6 Harbourfront Avenue, 097993

District-D04 Harbourfront / Talok Blangah

Tenure-99 Years

No. Of Units-429


Level 1 / Basement

1 Arrival Plaza

2 Arrival Lounge

3 King’s Club

4 King’s Lounge

5 The Gym ( Basement )

6 The Studio ( Basement )

7 Changing Room with Steam Bath

B Gourmet Pavilion

9 Twilight Pavilion

10 Social Pavilion

11 Reflective Pool

12 Bubble Pond

13 Eco Pond

14 King’s Squar

15 King’s Plaza

16 Verdant Gardan

17 Saranity Valley

18 Green Lawn

19 The Courtyard

20 Leisure Law

21 Tranquility Duck

22 Therapy Comer

23 Kid’s Play Zon

a. Adventure Splash

B. Playground

24Fitness Zane

25 Semi – sunken Tennis Court

26 Petscape

27 The Promenade by King’s Dock

28 King’s Dock Green Wall

29 Bicycle Park ( Level 1 & Basement )

30 Parcal Collection Station ( Basement )

31 Pedestrian Gates ( 2 along Harbourfront

Avenue and I along Telok Blangah Road )

The Duck on King’s Dock

32 Marine Viewing Hammock

33 Sun Dock

34 Rejuvenation Pool

a. Bubbla Pool

b. Jacuzal Lounge

CHydrotherapy Pool

35 50m Lap Pool

36 Leisure Pool

a. Splash Pool

b. Bubble Deck

Sky Terraces Level 3 and Level 6

37 Meditation Deck

38 Wellness Deck

39 Faber Lounge

Level 10 Roof Garden

40 Altrisca Lounge

41 Sky Dining

42 Star – gazing Terrace

43 Hammock Turrace

44 Social Garden

Floorplan of The Reef At King’s Dock

Total Area: 26,409 sqm 

Number of Bedrooms:1 BR, 1+1 BR, 2 BR, 2+1 BR, 3+1 BR, Ground, Premium, Sky unit

Number of Bathrooms:1 bathroom, 1 bathrooms 2 BATHROOM

Type of Kitchen: kitchen 

Flooring Material: NA

Balcony Presence: YES

Orientation: North-facing, South-facing

Level/Floor: 10

View Type: NA

Ceiling Height: NA

Energy Efficiency Rating: NA

Window Type: ventilation window

Heating and Cooling System: NA

Parking Availability: Parking available

Storage Solutions: Built-in wardrobes

Security Features: NA

Accessibility Features: NA

Furnishing Status: NA

Smart Home Features: NA

Outdoor Space: AVAILABLE

Review of The Reef At King’s Dock

The Reef At King’s Dock– Our Assessment (83%)

Unit Efficiency:3.5/5

Unit Size:3.5/5

Quality of Fittings:4.5/5


Variety of Facilities:3.5/5

Quality of Facilities:4.5/5

Surrounding Amenities:4.5/5


Transport Links:5/5

Driving Accessibility:4/5

Price Point:3.5/5


Prime waterfront location.

Unique development without a “Keppel Bay” address.

Indicative prices starting from $960,000.

Historical significance of King’s Dock.

Varied unit layouts, including 3-bedroom villas.

180m floating deck with innovative environmental features.

Strategic road accessibility along Harbourfront Avenue.

Diverse block heights for maximizing waterfront views.

Inclusion of eco-friendly features.

Public park development near the showflat location.


Potential for high purchase prices and property losses.

Extended development timeline.

Lease start date concerns addressed.

Proximity of the floating dock to Corals at Keppel Bay.

Limited exclusive road access due to shared location.

Potential impact on existing residents’ views.

Rooftops of certain blocks not accessible to residents.

Possible challenges with leasehold status.

Potential competition from nearby residential options.

Limited tangible purpose for some facility areas.


1. Historical Overview:

   – The Reef at King’s Dock is the fourth residential plot in the 32-ha Harbourfront redevelopment project.

   – The Harbourfront project was initially planned for 10 years but extended to a 22-year timeline.

   – Keppel Land’s 1999 Annual Report highlighted “smart home” features in its first project.

2. Potential Demand:

   – The development has attracted substantial attention from mainstream media and the public.

   – Strategic location within the Harbourfront redevelopment project suggests high potential demand.

3. Personal Observation of Price Trends:

   – Reflects on the significant changes since the initial project in 1999.

   – Notes the evolution from a 10-year plan to a 22-year plan.

   – Highlights the early “smart home” features as a reminder of technological advancements.

4. Developer’s Pricing Strategy:

   – Keppel Land’s commitment to the 22-year Harbourfront redevelopment project.

   – Mentions the “smart home” features as an early indication of the developer’s innovative approach.

5. Prediction for Unit Pricing:

   – The text does not explicitly provide a prediction for unit pricing.

6. Comparison with Previous Peaks:

   – The historical significance of King’s Dock, once the world’s second-largest dock in 1913.

   – Connects the development to Singapore’s historical prosperity linked to trading activities.

7. Market Caution and Consideration:

   – Encourages understanding the location’s history for a better appreciation of the investment.

   – Implies potential challenges due to the extended timeline of the Harbourfront project.

Inside Tour


– The Reef at King’s Dock is a highly anticipated waterfront condo.

– Indicative prices starting from $960,000, creating significant interest, especially with the allure of sea views.

– Acknowledges the premium pricing for waterfront properties due to limited land availability.

Development Context:

– The development is the fourth residential plot in the 32-ha Harbourfront redevelopment project.

– The Harbourfront project was initially planned for 10 years but extended to a 22-year timeline.

– Highlights the historical significance of King’s Dock, the second-largest dock in the world in 1913.

Differentiation and Features:

– Unique selling point of being the only development without a “Keppel Bay” address.

– Concerns raised about potential losses based on experiences with Reflections and Corals.

– Lease start date topped up to January 2021, addressing concerns about extended timelines.

Design and Facilities:

– Varied unit layouts, with a focus on 1 and 2-bedroom units.

– Strategic road accessibility along Harbourfront Avenue for easy CBD access.

– Showflat location allows potential buyers to visualize their daily views.

North Site Facilities:

– 1-to-1 parking ratio despite excellent public transport connectivity.

– 81% of units are 1 and 2-bedroom layouts, potentially reducing reliance on cars.

– Diverse block heights maximize waterfront views for a significant number of units.

South Site Facilities:

– Highlight of the development is the 180m floating deck, integrating pools seamlessly with King’s Dock.

– Emphasis on environmental considerations with marine ecology specialist involvement.

– Floating dock’s proximity to Corals at Keppel Bay may pose challenges for existing residents.

Additional Amenities:

– Inclusion of 3-bedroom villas, offering multi-generational living alternatives.

– 50m lap pool and smaller leisure pools for residents.

– Unique marine viewing hammock for a close-to-nature experience.

– Standard facilities such as a tennis court, gyms, and outdoor exercise areas.

– Rooftops of certain blocks used for rainwater harvesting and irrigation.

– Various social pavilions, lounges, and dining areas to cater to diverse resident needs.

1-bedroom unit: 538 square feet.

Unit Details:

  • Size of the 1-bedroom unit: 538 square feet.
  • Total number of 1-bedroom units: 116 (27% of total units).
  • Range of sizes for 1-bedroom units: 431 square feet to 657 square feet.

Private Lift Lobby:

  • Stylish and minimalist display of unit numbers.
  • Inclusion of a lockable shoe cabinet for each unit.

Dining Area:

  • Open-concept design with no wasted foyer space.
  • 2.9-meter ceiling height for a spacious feel.
  • Marble floors and a decent-sized dining area for approximately 4 people.


  • Open-concept kitchen with high-end Miele appliances.
  • Inclusion of a lockable shoe cabinet for each unit.
  • Matt black sink and premium finishes.

Living Room:

  • Spacious living area with room for a 2/3 seater couch.
  • 2.9-meter ceiling height enhances the overall space.
  • Premium feel with dark wood and minimalistic design.


  • Additional storage space behind the dining table, housing the DB box.


  • Adequate space for a king-size bed with room to walk on both sides.
  • Wardrobe with nifty features, including a dark glass sliding door.


  • Sizeable master bathroom with premium fittings from Dornbracht and Geberit.
  • Inclusion of a rain shower and wall-hung toilet with automated bidet.
  • Lack of natural ventilation and jack and jill entrance/exit.

Overall Design:

  • Option to choose between two finishes for the interior.
  • Dark wood and minimal lighting create a cozy but potentially smaller space.
  • Customization options available for 1-bedroom units.

2-bedroom unit: 764 square feet

Unit Details:

– Size of the 2-bedroom unit: 764 square feet.

– 2-bedroom units constitute the majority with 233 units (54% of total units).

– Range of sizes for 2-bedroom units: 678 square feet to 1,163 square feet.

Private Lift Lobby:

– Polished unit numbers with a lockable shoe rack.


– Entrance doubling as the kitchen space.

– Option for an open kitchen layout.


– Wide walkway with sufficient space for two people.

– Kitchen appliances from Miele, and Whirlpool for washer/dryer.

– Option for customization in kitchen cabinets (limited to 1-bedders).


– Adequate storage space with considerations for countertop usage.

– Power points inside storage for convenient appliance usage.

Living and Dining Area:

– Standard living and dining areas with a 2.9-meter ceiling height.

– Premium marble flooring throughout the unit.

Dining Area:

– Dining area configuration impacted by DB box and storage cabinet.

– Potential to shift furniture to accommodate storage use.

Living Room:

– Spacious living room accommodating a sizeable 3-seater sofa.

– Considerations for wall-mounted TV solutions.


– Balcony space suitable for a comfortable seating setup.

– Aluminum mesh curtain for light, wind, and heat control.

Common Bedroom:

– Average-sized common bedroom with glass-panel wardrobe.

– Common bathroom with rain shower and high-end fittings.

Master Bedroom:

– Master bedroom with a small entranceway for privacy.

– Adequate size even with a king-sized bed.

Master Bathroom:

– Master bathroom comparable in size to the common bathroom.

– Automated bidet feature for Geberit in the master bathroom.

These pointers provide a comprehensive overview of the 2-bedroom Type B4 unit at The Reef at King’s Dock, covering various aspects of its design and features.

3-bedroom unit: 1,216 square feet.

Unit Details:

  • Size of the 3-bedroom unit: 1,216 square feet.
  • 3-bedroom units constitute 18.6% of the total units (80 units).
  • Range of sizes for 3-bedroom units: 1,076 square feet to 1,572 square feet.


  • Entranceway for privacy.
  • No units with a private lift, resulting in lower maintenance fees.
  • Black etched unit number and lockable shoe rack.


  • Spacious kitchen with ample countertop space and storage.
  • Massive Miele smart fridge.
  • Fixed color scheme in the kitchen.
  • Windows for ventilation and a movable glass panel above the sink for flexibility.
  • Small WC in the kitchen area; no proper yard area for drying clothes.

Utility Room:

  • Connected to the kitchen and hallway for flexibility.
  • Window for natural ventilation.

Dining Area:

  • Dining space affected by the wardrobe for the common bedroom.
  • Considerations for constraints in the dining area.
  • Suggestion for an extendable dining table.

Living Room:

  • Spacious living room with considerations for irregular walls.
  • Adequate space for a sizeable sofa, TV console, and coffee table.
  • Short depth of the sofa.


  • Regular-shaped balcony with sufficient space.
  • Motorized aluminum mesh screen for light, wind, and heat control.

Common Bathroom:

  • Jack and Jill variety for accessibility from the hallway and bedroom.
  • No window for natural ventilation.
  • High-quality bathroom fittings from Dornbracht and Geberit.

Common Bedroom:

  • Common bedroom with a long walkway and a seamless-looking wardrobe.
  • Small size due to design choices.
  • Flexibility in room usage.

Study/Second Common Bedroom:

  • Flexible arrangement for use as a study or a regular bedroom.
  • Option for study design with a table and shelving.

Master Bedroom:

  • Master bedroom accommodates a king-sized bed with sleek wardrobe design.
  • Balcony area for a cozy outdoor space.

Master Bathroom:

  • Master bathroom of reasonable size.
  • Wall-hung toilet with automated bidet from Geberit.
  • Matt black fittings and rain shower.
  • Meshed swinging “window” for privacy with breathable material.

Location Review:

  • Superb Connectivity: Located in the Keppel precinct, The Reef at King’s Dock is well-connected with easy access to public transportation. It is a short walk to Harbourfront MRT station, offering both Circle Line and North-East Line services.
  • Scenic Walks: The development provides one of the more scenic walks in Singapore, especially with its proximity to Harbourfront MRT station. Residents can enjoy pleasant strolls in the area.
  • Lifestyle Benefits: Close proximity to Keppel Bay offers waterfront cafes, and Sentosa is just a short drive away, providing additional lifestyle options.
  • Abundant Food Choices: Seah Im Food Centre and a plethora of dining options at Harbourfront Centre and VivoCity are within a short distance, catering to various culinary preferences.
  • Educational Institutions: The presence of preschools within a 1km walk and primary and secondary schools within a 3km drive adds to the convenience for families with children.


Grocery Store Distance Walk Time

Cold Storage – HarbourFront Centre 400m 6-min walk

FairPrice Xtra – VivoCity 650m 8-min walk

Shine Korea Supermarket – VivoCity 650m 8-min walk


Educational Tier Number of Institutes

Preschool (within 1km walk) 2

Primary (3km-drive) 2

Secondary (3km-drive) 2

International School (3km-drive) 0

Junior College (5km-drive) 0

University (5km-drive) 1

Polytechnic (10km-drive) 1

Public Transport:

Transport Information Details

Bus Stations ‘Aft HarbourFront Stn’ and ‘Harbourfront Stn Exit A’

Nearest MRT Harbourfront – 4 mins walk, 350m

Bus Services Extensive services providing island-wide connectivity

Private Transport:

Key Destinations Distance Peak Hour Drive Time

CBD (Raffles Place) 5.6km 20-min drive

Orchard Road 6.2km 26-min drive

Suntec City 6.4km 24-min drive

Changi Airport 23.5km 27-min drive

Tuas Port (By 2040) 35.0km 50-min drive

Paya Lebar Quarters/Airbase (By 2030) 17.7km 27-min drive

Mediapolis (and surroundings) 5.8km 16-min drive

Mapletree Business City 3.2km 11-min drive

Tuas Checkpoint 24.8km 32-min drive

Woodlands Checkpoint 24.8km 38-min drive

Jurong Cluster (JCube) 12.9km 25-min drive

Woodlands Cluster (Causeway Point) 25.3km 41-min drive

HarbourFront Cluster (Vivo City) 1.4km 7-min drive

Punggol Cluster (Waterway Point) 25.4km 32-min drive

Immediate Road Exits 1 exit – Telok Blangah Road in both directions –

Developer Review: Mapletree and Keppel Group

Project Development Team: Mapletree (61%) and Keppel Group (39%)

The collaborative force behind The Reef at King’s Dock is a joint venture between Mapletree and Keppel Group, two distinguished developers in Singapore. While they may not have been the most active in recent condominium developments, their impact on the Keppel/Harbourfront precinct, the project’s homeground, is profound.

Mapletree Investments:

Founded in 2000, Mapletree Investments initially focused on holding non-port related properties transferred from PSA Corporation to Temasek Holdings. The company played a pivotal role in developing the 24-hectare Harbourfront precinct, which includes iconic structures like VivoCity, BofA Merill Lynch Harbourfront, St James Power Station, and Harbourfront Centre. Presently, Mapletree manages a substantial portfolio of properties valued at S$60.5 billion worldwide, overseeing four REITs and six private equity funds.

Keppel Land:

As the property arm of Keppel Corporation, a conglomerate established in 1968, Keppel Land initially focused on offshore and marine activities. In 1983, the company expanded into the property market after acquiring the Straits Steamship Company. Keppel Land has been instrumental in transforming the Keppel precinct from a shipyard into a hub of luxury projects, including Caribbean at Keppel Bay (2004), Reflections at Keppel Bay (2011), and Corals at Keppel Bay (2016). Their current projects include 19 Nassim and The Garden Residences, showcasing their expertise not only in Singapore but also internationally with completed projects in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and the USA.

Architectural Design by KCAP Architects & Planners:

The architectural vision of The Reef at King’s Dock is brought to life by KCAP Architects & Planners, a Rotterdam-based firm founded by Kees Christiaanse in 1989. Renowned for developing sustainable urban living environments, KCAP emphasizes creating buildings and public spaces that invigorate and rejuvenate the city. Their commitment to enhancing the quality of urban living is evident in their work, including their contribution to the URA Master Plan for the Jurong Lake District.

Price Review

Comparison of The Reef at King’s Dock with Neighboring Developments

Development Units Psf TOP Lease From New 99 Yrs

The Reef at King’s Dock 429 ~$2,400 2025 2021 –

Caribbean at Keppel Bay 969 $1,480 2004 1999 $1,902

Reflections at Keppel Bay 1,129 $1,595 2011 2006 $1,879

Corals at Keppel Bay 366 $2,023 2016 2007 $2,356


The Reef at King’s Dock competes directly with three major neighboring developments: Caribbean at Keppel Bay, Reflections at Keppel Bay, and Corals at Keppel Bay.

Caribbean and Reflections are considered ‘mega’ projects, lacking the exclusivity of The Reef and Corals at Keppel Bay.

A simplistic calculation, considering psf, years remaining, and multiplying by 99 for a ‘fresh lease,’ suggests The Reef has a ~27% premium over older projects due to a larger number of units and its distance from the MRT.

Corals at Keppel Bay faced challenges with its lease starting almost 10 years before TOP, but interest has been reignited with the announcement of the Greater Southern Waterfront.

The Reef offers unique features like the 180m floating deck, making it a favorable choice compared to Corals at Keppel Bay.

The 1-bedroom unit at The Reef stands out for investment, especially considering its attractive price point below $1 million, a rarity in the area.

For rental income potential, The Reef is advantageous over Corals at Keppel Bay due to lower monthly maintenance fees.

The 2 and 3-bedroom units have similar price points, requiring more consideration for investment, but the 1-bedroom unit is deemed less risky

Appreciation Analysis for The Reef at King’s Dock

The resale market performance of newer Keppel Bay condos, such as Corals and Reflections at Keppel Bay, has been less than stellar, with more unprofitable transactions than profitable ones. Corals has seen minimal profitability, while Reflections has had both successes and significant losses, indicating a mixed track record.

Despite the uncertain performance of these developments, it’s crucial to consider the different market peaks at which Corals and Reflections were launched (2013 and 2007, respectively). The timing of entry into the market, especially during the Covid period, becomes a key factor in assessing whether it’s a low or high point.

Long-term potential is often associated with the Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW) transformation. The redevelopment, set to be completed post-2040, involves over 9,000 housing units and promises significant commercial, transport, educational, and work opportunities. However, investors should note that the GSW plan is a prolonged, future-oriented initiative, and any potential appreciation would be a long-term prospect.

Developer of The Reef At King’s Dock

Harbourfront Three Pte Ltd (a collaboration between Mapletree and Keppel Land)

The Reef at King’s Dock sets the standard for luxurious seaside living, situated in the dynamic Great Southern Waterfront on the cusp of the upcoming Sentosa-Brani district. This highly anticipated 99-year leasehold residential development is spearheaded by HarbourFront Three Pte Ltd, a joint venture between two esteemed property developers in Singapore, Mapletree and Keppel Land. With a substantial 429 residential units, The Reef at King’s Dock is scheduled for completion before December 31, 2025.

Mapletree, headquartered in Singapore, stands out as a leading real estate developer, notably transforming the HarbourFront precinct with its innovative architecture and integrated mixed-use developments across various asset classes. Keppel Land, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, Singapore’s flagship multinational company, is dedicated to providing solutions for sustainable urbanization that enhance communities across Asia. Keppel Land has earned numerous accolades, including 30 awards at the Euromoney Real Estate Awards and the Quality Champion (Platinum) Award at the BCA Quality Excellence Awards. Recognized for outstanding projects like 19 Nassim, The Glades, and Marina at Keppel Bay, the company’s commitment to excellence is evident. The Reef at King’s Dock further solidifies Keppel Land’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability, earning it the BCA Green Mark GoldPlus Award in 2020.


Years of Experience-NA

Number of Completed Projects-TBA

Types of Projects Undertaken-na

Average Project Size-Varies, from condominiums to condominium 

Geographic Area of Operations-Singapore (primarily operate in Singapore. 

Financial Stability Rating-BBB

Environmental Compliance Rating-B rating from (CDP) 

Customer Satisfaction Score-NA

Average Construction Time-NA

Warranty Period Offered-NA

Safety Record-NA

Technological Innovation Level-High-tech

Collaboration with Architects-Renowned architects, Local architects

Legal Compliance Record-NA

Awards and Recognition-ULI Germany Leadership Award 

Quality Assurance Certifications-NA

Responsiveness to Client Needs-High Responsiveness

Post-Completion Services-NA

Community Involvement-The company strives to make a difference in areas such as education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

Pricing of The Reef At King’s Dock

Base Price-$1.27M ~ S$3.94M

Price per Square Foot-S$1,892 ~ $2,942

Location-Based Price Variation-TBA

Pricing Tiers- tba

Discounts and Offers-contact

Payment Plan Options

Stage Payment Under a Standard Payment Scheme (% of Purchase Price)

Upon the grant of Option to Purchase 5% (Booking Fee)

Upon signing of the Sale & Purchase Agreement or within B weeks from the Option date 20% less Booking Fee

Completion of foundation work 10%

Completion of reinforced concrete framework of unit 10%

Completion of partition walls of unit 5%

Completion of roofing/ceiling of unit 5%

Completion of door sub-frames/ door frames, window frames, electrical wiring, internal plastering and plumbing of unit 5%

Completion of car park, roads and drains serving the housing project 5%

Notice of Vacant Possession (TOP) 25%

On Completion date 15%

Price Increase Rate-TBA

Resale Price-NA

Rental Yield-CALCULATE 

Historical Price Trends-tba

Price Comparisons with Similar Units-

Caribbean at Keppel Bay-$1,480 Reflections at Keppel Bay-$1,595                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Financing Options Impact: TBA

Maintenance Fee Inclusion: Paid on monthly basis- TBA

Deposit Required: TBA

Government Subsidies Impact: TBA

Market Demand Influence: NA

Developer Reputation Impact: Premium developer: +10% price increase

Project Completion Stage Impact: TBA

Furnishing and Interior Design Cost: Furnished: +$50,000, Unfurnished: Base price

Tax and Legal Fees: TBA

Site plan of The Reef At King’s Dock

Total Land Area: 26,953 sqm

Number of Residential Units: 429

Building Height:10 Storey

Unit Size Range:431-1076 sq ft

Types of Units Available: 1 ROOM+1 room sky unit+1+1 ROOM + 2 ROOM +2 room premium+ 2 room sky uni+2+1 room+3 room+3 room premium+3 room sky unit+3+ ROOM

Parking Lot Availability: 429 Basement Car Parking Lots, 4 Accessible Car Parking Lots
Common Area Size: NA
Playground: Playground
Pool Type: 50m Lap Pool
Gym Facilities: Gymnasium
Function ROOM Capacity: FUNCTION ROOM 
Security Features: NA
Accessibility for Disabled: TBC
Green Building Features: Rainwater harvesting and irrigation
Pet-Friendly: NA
Proximity to Nearest Public Transport: MRT Stations Distance: HarbourFront 5 mins (353 m), Harbourfront 7 mins (450 m), Telok Blangah 1.0 km

Project Details of The Reef At King’s Dock

The Reef at King’s Dock

Location: Harbourfront Avenue

District: 4

Developer: Harbourfront Three Pte Ltd

Developer’s License No.: C1375

Site Area: 26,409 sqm

Solicitor: TBA

Project Account No.: DBS Project Account No. 003-700144-9 (HarbourFront Three Pte Ltd)

Architect: KCAP Architect & Planner / DCA Architects

Interior Design: Index Design Pte Ltd

Building and Land Surveyor: Tang Tuck Kim Registered Surveyor Pte Ltd

Landscape Consultant: Grant Associates

Address: 6 Harbourfront Avenue, 097993

No. of Storeys: 1 Block of 5 – storeys, 2 Blocks of 2 – Storey, 1 Block of 7 – Storey, 2 Blocks of 3 – Storey, 3 Blocks of 8 – Storeys and 1 Block of 10 Storey residential units

Payment Scheme: Normal Progressive Scheme

Mukim Lot No.: 3440C and 3442W, MK 01

Site Use: Residential Flat Development

Tenure: Leasehold 99 – years

Total No. of Units: 429 Units

No. of Car Park Lots: 429 Parking Lots & 4 Accessible Lots

Expected Date Of TOP: 31 DEC 2025

Amenities of The Reef At King’s Dock

Swimming Pool: Fun pool, lap pool, leisure pool, Pool Deck

Gymnasium: Gym and outdoor exercise areas too.

Hammocks: Hammocks available

Parking Facilities: Parking available

Garden and Landscaping: Garden lawn, bicycle park

Children’s Play Area: Playground

BBQ: BBQ area

Function Rooms: Event, Party facilities

Sports Facilities: Tennis courts

Spa and Wellness Center: Steam Room, Hydrotherapy Pool

Pet-Friendly Features: PETSCAPE, COURTYARD, COURTYARD blocks

Retail Outlets: Convenience stores, Cafes, parks


Lounge: King’s Lounge

Yoga Center: Yoga center available

Clubhouse: Fully equipped main clubhouse, studio

Pavilions: Social and dining pavilions

Security: Security available

Location of The Reef At King’s Dock

City/Area: Harbourfront Avenue in Bukit Merah, in District 4, Singapore
Neighborhood: Sentosa, Telok Blangah, Tiong Bahru, Keppel Bay, Labrador Park
Proximity to City Center: 6 km from city center, downtown core
Public Transportation Access: Near MRT station, Bus stops within walking distance
Nearby Schools: Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Harbourfront: 2 mins (133 m)
Parent-Teacher-Child Learning School International: 3 mins (211 m)
SSTC Institute: 5 mins (311 m)

Local Crime Rate: Low
Proximity to Commercial Areas: Adjacent to shopping district, 5 min drive to mall
Nearby Parks and Recreation: Corals Promenade: 4 mins (264 m)
Bloom into u: 5 mins (344 m),Marang Trail: 7 mins (452 m)

Air Quality Index: Good
Noise Pollution Level: Low
Proximity to Hospitals: 5 km to nearest hospital
View from the Property: Sea view
Road Connectivity: Easy highway access, Well-connected by main roads
Local Property Market Trends: Growing
Climate and Weather Patterns: Tropical
Cultural Amenities: 7 km away from National Museum of Singapore
Dining and Shopping Options: Multiple dining options nearby, Luxury shopping mall
Property Tax Rates: Average
Historical Significance: Modern area
Environmental Regulations: Strict building codes, Eco-friendly practices


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