Estate Agent License

Estate Agent License


An Estate Agent License is a mandatory certification issued by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) in Singapore, allowing entities to legally conduct estate agency work. This encompasses activities related to the sale, purchase, or lease of properties through traditional or digital platforms. The license ensures that estate agents operate within the regulatory framework established by the CEA, promoting professionalism and ethical conduct in the real estate industry.

Key Executive Officer (KEO):

The application for an Estate Agent Licence must be submitted by a designated Key Executive Officer (KEO), who assumes responsibility for managing the estate agency’s business operations and supervising its salespersons. The KEO is pivotal in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Licensing Process:

  • Application: The KEO applicant must complete and submit the application form online through CEA’s e-services.
  • Verification: Applicants can verify the licensing status of estate agents through the CEA Public Register or the CEA@SG mobile app, ensuring transparency and accountability within the industry.


Holding an Estate Agent License is crucial for maintaining the integrity and professionalism of the real estate sector in Singapore. It safeguards the interests of consumers by ensuring that they engage with qualified and regulated professionals for their property transactions.

Penalties for Unlicensed Practice:

Practicing without a valid Estate Agent License is illegal under the Estate Agents Act. Unlicensed property agencies and unregistered property agents face severe penalties, including fines of up to S$75,000 and S$25,000, respectively, and possible imprisonment. These stringent measures underscore the importance of compliance and the serious repercussions of operating without a license.



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