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Kassia, located at Flora Drive in District 17, boasts a prime location offering convenient access to a variety of amenities and facilities. Within this new launch condo development, comprising a single block with 280 units, residents can experience a mixed-use concept designed to cater to their diverse needs. Situated near notable schools such as Japanese Primary School (Changi Campus), East Spring Secondary School, and Kidzmonte Child Development Centre, Kassia ensures a family-friendly environment. Moreover, residents have easy access to nearby supermarkets like Smile Mini Mart and Evergreen Trading Co., providing convenience for their grocery and household needs. The development also offers retail amenities with close proximity to OCBC ATM, ensuring easy access to monetary services. As part of a strategic master plan, Kassia promises future connectivity and development in the area, while nearby parks like Tampines Leisure Park provide opportunities for leisure and relaxation. Developed by a reputable developer, Kassia guarantees quality and reliability in construction and design, along with convenient access to healthcare services such as Zoll AED at the security guard house. Overall, Kassia’s strategic location and comprehensive amenities make it an ideal choice for residents seeking a convenient and comfortable living experience.


 Prime Location:

– Strategic Location: Kassia is situated at Flora Drive in District 17, offering a prime location with easy access to various amenities and facilities.

– Proximity to Nearby Condos: Close proximity to other condos like Ferraria Park Condominium, The Jovell, and Dahlia Park Condominium enhances the overall appeal of the area.


 Mixed-Use Concept:

– Residential Development: Kassia is a new launch condo comprising 280 units within a single block, offering a mixed-use concept for residents.

– Close to Schools: Proximity to schools like Japanese Primary School (Changi Campus), East Spring Secondary School, and Kidzmonte Child Development Centre caters to families with children.


 Residential Bliss:

– Total of 280 Units: The development offers a total of 280 units, ensuring a serene and comfortable living environment for residents.

– Nearby Supermarkets: Residents have access to nearby supermarkets like Smile Mini Mart and Evergreen Trading Co., catering to their grocery and household needs.


 Retail Haven:

– Supermarket Access: Close proximity to supermarkets like Smile Mini Mart and Evergreen Trading Co. offers convenience for residents in terms of retail options.

– Monetary Services: Access to monetary services at OCBC ATM further enhances the retail amenities available within the vicinity.


 Future Connectivity:

– Strategic Master Plan: Kassia is part of a strategic master plan, ensuring future connectivity and development in the area.

– Leisure and Entertainment: Residents can enjoy leisure activities at nearby parks like Tampines Leisure Park, offering opportunities for fresh air and relaxation.


 Strategic Location:

– Trusted Developer: Developed by a reputable developer, Kassia ensures quality and reliability in construction and design.

– Lifestyle Amenities: Access to nearby clinics like Zoll AED at the security guard house ensures residents’ healthcare needs are met.

– Convenient Access: Convenient access to amenities like OCBC ATM provides ease of access to monetary services.

– Proximity to MRT: Although not explicitly mentioned in the provided paragraph, proximity to MRT stations could be inferred based on the strategic location and convenience of access to amenities.

– Strategic Location: Kassia’s strategic location offers various amenities and facilities in close proximity, enhancing the overall appeal of the development.


Project Details

General Project Description

Developed by renowned developers such as Hong Leong and CDL, who have a proven track record of successful condominium projects in the Changi North area, this new development boasts a wealth of amenities nearby. From shopping malls to supermarkets and preschools, residents will find everything they need within easy reach. Additionally, the strategic location near several employment hubs, including Changi Business Park, Changi Aviation Park, Tampines Regional Centre, and the upcoming Changi Airport Terminal 5, further enhances the appeal of this property.
31 Flora Dr, Singapore 509904
District 17
Site Area:
150,838.98 sqft / 14,013.4 sqm
Total Area:
150,838.98 sqft / 14,013.4 sqm
Mukim Lot No.:

Floor Plans

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Kassia Brochure

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Balanced Units


Hong Leong Holdings Limited (HLHL)

Hong Leong Holding, a globally diversified private company, concentrates on property investment and development, standing as a pioneering force in Singapore’s real estate sector. This esteemed developer is widely recognized and sought after for delivering high-quality and comfortable homes.

Guided by a commitment to excellence and backed by extensive industry expertise, the company has successfully developed over 100 residential properties spanning the mid to high-range segments in some of Singapore’s most desirable neighborhoods. Notable projects in their portfolio include The Avenir, Midwood, The Jovell, Penrose, and others.

Accolades and recognition have been bestowed upon the company, including the Excellent Service Awards, SG50 Outstanding Chinese Pioneers Award, APEA Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Best Singaporean Investor to Italy Award. These honors underscore Hong Leong Holding’s standing as a distinguished and accomplished player in the real estate landscape.

Years of Experience:
Since 1968
Number of Completed Projects:
close to 100 residential properties and manages 8 commercial developments.
Types of Projects Undertaken:
commercial and residential properties including executive condominiums, mass market, mid to high end developments
Average Project Size:
Geographic Area of Operations:
Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia and China
Financial Stability Rating:
Not specified
Environmental Compliance Rating:
Not specified
Customer Satisfaction Score:
Not specified
Average Construction Time:
Not specified
Warranty Period Offered:
Not specified
Safety Record:
Not specified
Technological Innovation Level:
Not specified
Collaboration with Architects:
Not specified
Legal Compliance Record:
Not specified
Awards and Recognition:
Singapore Landscape Architecture Award 2019
Quality Assurance Certifications:
Construction Excellence 2003 BCA Construction Excellence Award
Responsiveness to Client Needs:
Not specified
Post-Completion Services:
Not specified
Community Involvement:
Not specified

Elevation Chart


Pasir Ris
Proximity to City Center:
Outside core central region.
MRT Stations:
Tampines East, Pasir Ris East, Loyang
Nearby Schools:
East Spring Secondary School
Local Crime Rate:
Proximity to Commercial Areas:
Smile Mini Mart 9 mins (588 m)
Nearby Parks and Recreation:
Tampines Leisure Park 5 mins (315 m) Mariam Way Dog Run 7 mins (491 m) Park @Block 497A 686 m
Proximity to Hospitals:
Zoll AED at security guard house 875m
View from the Property:
City View


Sale Price:
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Price per Square Foot:
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