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Skywaters Residences

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Skywaters Residences, situated in District 1 at Prince Edward Road, offers a prime location with easy access to Tanjong Pagar MRT stations. This mixed-use development provides a vibrant lifestyle with 215 residential units and commercial spaces. Residents enjoy a serene living environment close to schools and various amenities, including supermarkets and dining options. Developed by a trusted developer, this strategically located property ensures convenient access to services and future connectivity with upcoming infrastructure projects, making it an ideal choice for homebuyers and investors.


  1. Prime Location:  

   Skywaters Residences enjoys a prime location at Prince Edward Road in District 1, offering convenience and accessibility to residents. Situated within walking distance to Tanjong Pagar MRT stations, residents have easy access to various parts of Singapore, making commuting a breeze.


  1. Mixed-Use Concept:  

   The development features a mixed-use concept, combining residential living with commercial spaces. With a total of 215 units spread across 1 block, residents can experience a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle right at their doorstep.


  1. Residential Bliss:  

   Skywaters Residences provides a serene and comfortable living environment for residents, making it an ideal choice for young couples and families. Close proximity to reputable schools like Nanyang Institute of Management ensures educational needs are easily met.


  1. Retail Haven:  

   Nearby supermarkets such as OasisMarketSG and FairPrice Finest – Finest Amara offer residents convenient access to groceries and household essentials. Additionally, retail and dining options within the vicinity provide a diverse range of choices for leisure and entertainment.


  1. Future Connectivity:

   The strategic location of Skywaters Residences ensures future connectivity with upcoming developments and infrastructure projects. This ensures long-term value appreciation and investment potential for residents.


  1. Strategic Master Plan:  

   Developed by a trusted developer, Skywaters Residences is built with meticulous planning and attention to detail. Lifestyle amenities, convenient access to services like clinics and post offices, and proximity to MRT stations highlight the strategic location of this development.


Project Details

General Project Description

Mix of 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom units for a wide range of buyers/investors
Skywaters Residences
1 Prince Edward Road, 069834
99 Years
District 01
Site Area:
11,220 sqft / 10,983 sqm
Total Area:
11,220 sqft / 10,983 sqm
Project Account:
No. of Units:

Floor Plans

215 units



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Balanced Units


Balance units for Skywaters Residences

As of 4 July 2024, 100% of units (215 units) in Skywaters Residences are available.


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Alibaba Singapore/Consortium led by Perennial Holdings

Alibaba Singapore is part of a consortium led by Perennial Holdings, a prominent integrated real estate and healthcare company headquartered in Singapore. Perennial Holdings focuses strategically on large-scale mixed-use developments and has a diverse portfolio spanning various countries including China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. In Singapore, Perennial Holdings has invested in and managed several prime iconic properties, such as Capitol Singapore, CHIJMES, AXA Tower, Chinatown Point, House of Tan Yeok Nee, Perennial Business City, and Caldecott Hill site. Together with Alibaba Singapore and other consortium members, Perennial Holdings aims to bring innovative and transformative developments to the real estate landscape, including the redevelopment of AXA Tower into 8 Shenton Way, which will house Skywaters Residences.

Number of Completed Projects:
Capitol Singapore, CHIJMES, AXA Tower,
Types of Projects Undertaken:
Mixed Developments
Average Project Size:
Large-scale mixed-use developments
Geographic Area of Operations:
China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.
Community Involvement:
Perennial Holdings aims to bring innovative and transformative developments to the real estate landscape

Elevation Chart

Skywaters Residences Day


Downtown Core
MRT Stations:
Tanjong Pagar, Prince Edward Road, Shenton Way
Local Crime Rate:
Proximity to Commercial Areas:
11 Mart SG 3 mins (161 m)
Nearby Parks and Recreation:
Tanjong Pagar Park 2 mins (118 m) Tanjong Pagar Centre 3 mins (176 m) Tanjong Pagar RICOH Park 3 mins (194 m)
Air Quality Index:
Noise Pollution Level:
Proximity to Hospitals:
Alpha Dental Group 5m


Sale Price:
Coming Soon
Price per Square Foot:
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