Terms and Conditions of Service 

This document, referred to as the ‘Terms and Conditions of Service’, outlines the rules and guidelines for the use of SG.ProperyPursuit.co’s services through the https://SG.PropertyPursuit.co (“Website”).

Your acceptance of these terms

Your engagement with this Website constitutes your consent to this agreement.

Should you object to any terms of this document, we request that you refrain from utilizing our Website. 

These Terms constitute the complete and exclusive understanding between the Customer and SG.PropertyPursuit.co regarding the Customer’s use of the Website, replacing and prevailing over any previous agreements, understandings, or negotiations, whether spoken or documented. 

SG.PropertyPursuit.co retains the authority to alter these Terms as necessary. 

Updates to this document will be communicated and provided to the Customer through the Website.

  1. The Website & the Services
  1. The Website is owned and managed by SG.PropertyPursuit.co.
  2. Upon receipt of the specified Fees, SG.PropertyPursuit.co agrees to furnish the Customer with the services outlined on the Website. These services enable the Customer to control their augment (“Services”). The Services comprise several principal functionalities:
    1. provision for the creation of “Agents”, which encompasses details regarding the Agents personal contact details;
  1. SG.PropertyPursuit.co reserves the right to introduce changes to, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of the Services temporarily or permanently at any time, with notification to the Customer.
  1. There is no requirement for SG.PropertyPursuit.co to inform the Customer in the case of unexpected service interruptions. However, for scheduled maintenance or planned outages affecting the Services or the Website, SG.PropertyPursuit.co will make a reasonable effort to give prior notice to the Customer whenever possible.
  1. Customer obligations
  1. The Customer is required to consistently utilize the Services and the Website in compliance with these Terms:
    1.  Abide by all relevant laws and regulations.
    2. Avoid violating any intellectual property or other rights of third parties.
    3. Refrain from engaging in behaviour that could be considered as:
    4. Offensive, unlawful, unsuitable, or in any manner:
    5. Supportive of discrimination, intolerance, animosity, or physical aggression against any individual or group.
    6. Provocative or inciting of harassment towards any individual.
    7. Displaying material of a pornographic or sexually explicit nature.
    8. Encouraging actions that are abusive, menacing, vulgar, defamatory, or slanderous.
    9. Offering guidance on illicit activities, such as infringing on someone’s privacy or the creation and dissemination of computer viruses.
    10. Promoting or disseminating information that is known, or believed to be, incorrect, deceptive, or fallacious.
    11. Taking advantage of individuals in a sexual or aggressive manner.
    12. Infringing upon or compromising any individual’s right to privacy.
    13. Sending ‘junk mail’, ‘chain letters’, or any form of unsolicited bulk email, messages, or ‘spam’.”
  1. The Customer must guarantee that their use of the Services and/or the Website adheres to these Terms, which extends to all forms of submissions such as information, data, images, videos, audio, files, external website links, communications between the Customer and potential Buyers, as well as all other submitted materials of any kind (“Submissions”).
  1. The Customer agrees to compensate SG.PropertyPursuit.co for all losses, responsibilities, costs, and expenses (including, but not limited to, legal fees) incurred by SG.PropertyPursuit.co as a result of the Customer’s failure to comply with the terms of clause 2.
  1. Furthermore, unless SG.PropertyPursuit.co explicitly states otherwise, SG.PropertyPursuit.co does not check, validate, or edit any Submissions or other information, data, and materials provided, utilized, and/or published by the Customer on the Website for potential third-party liability. The Customer guarantees that Sg.PropertyPursuit.co is authorized to utilize all such materials and information.
  1. The Customer agrees that they will not:
    1. at any time use the Services and/or the Website with the purpose of impersonating another User or person; and
    2. use the information made available to the Customer through its use of the Services and/or the Website for any purpose other than for the purposes of procuring benefit out of the Services and/or the Website; and
    3. do anything whatsoever which shall or is likely to impair, interfere with, damage, or cause harm or distress to any persons using the Services and/or the Website or in respect of the network.
  1. Customer interaction with buyers
  1. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that any Property Listing they represent on the Website includes adequate information to enable a Buyer to make a well-informed decision regarding the property of interest.
  1. The Customer assures that all information provided in the Property Listing will be current, complete, and accurate. Should any Property listing or Customer Information prove to be incorrect, incomplete, outdated, or misleading, the Customer is obliged to inform SG.PropertyPursuit.co to correct such discrepancies.
  1. The Customer is obligated to use the Services and the Website in a manner that complies with all relevant laws and regulations, particularly those pertaining to data protection and property leasing.
  1. The Customer acknowledges that SG.PropertyPursuit.co does not exercise control over, and thus cannot accept responsibility for, the conduct, responses, or actions of Buyers. SG.PropertyPursuit.co does not promise or ensure that the Customer will successfully engage Buyers through the Property Listing on the Services.
  1. The Customer must maintain the confidentiality and security of all information, which includes, but is not limited to, profiles of Buyers, communications with SG.PropertyPursuit.co, and details pertaining to the purchase or rental process.
  1. The Services are exclusive to the Customer’s organization. The Customer is prohibited from reselling the Services to any third party without SG.PropertyPursuit.co’s explicit written consent.
  1. The Customer acknowledges their responsibility to engage in contractual agreements with Buyers as necessary. The Customer is solely responsible for negotiating and agreeing upon the terms of such contracts directly with the approved Buyer. Should a dispute arise between the Customer and a Buyer – be it related to the contract or otherwise – the Customer understands that SG.PropertyPursuit.co is not responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of such disputes. The Customer hereby absolves SG.PropertyPursuit.co of any liability related to such disputes.
  1. The Customer agrees to protect SG.PropertyPursuit.co against any losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses, including legal fees, that arise from any disputes or breaches of clause 3 by the Customer. 
  1. Warranties

4.1 SG.PropertyPursuit.co depends on external service providers, including network, data centre, and telecommunication providers, to deliver the Services and the Website to the Customer. While SG.PropertyPursuit.co endeavours to ensure a high-quality service, it does not promise that the service will be without faults. Consequently, SG.PropertyPursuit.co accepts no responsibility for any losses incurred by the Customer due to delays or failures in the Services and Website attributable to its service providers.

4.2 SG.PropertyPursuit.co, to the extent the law allows, hereby disclaims all implied representations, warranties, conditions, and liabilities regarding the Services and the Website, except those explicitly outlined in this agreement. This includes disclaimers of implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, accuracy, completeness, or fitness for a particular purpose, and those arising by statute or from trade practice.

4.3 The Website may include, or provide links to, third-party websites, including advertisements and interactive functionalities (“Third-Party Websites”), and may enable the Customer to integrate, import, and disseminate Property Listings and other Customer Information through such sites and services, including social networks and property portals. The Customer’s use of such Third-Party Websites and services is at their own risk and subject to the respective terms and conditions of the third-party provider.

  1. Limitation of liability
    1. Notwithstanding the provisions of clauses 5.2 and 5.3, SG.PropertyPursuit.co’s total liability (including the liability of its agents, subcontractors, or representatives) under or in connection with the provision of Services and/or these Terms, whether due to breach of contract, negligence, or any other legal theory, shall not exceed the amount of Fees paid to SG.PropertyPursuit.co in the six (6) months preceding the incident that resulted in the liability.
  1. Where the law allows, SG.PropertyPursuit.co categorically disclaims:
  1. Any and all terms, conditions, and warranties, whether explicit or by implication of law or statute;
  2. Any responsibility for any secondary or consequential loss, which refers to losses experienced as a collateral effect of the primary loss or damage;
  3. Loss of profits;
  4. Loss of earnings or revenue;
  5. Loss of business or contracts;
  6. Loss of data;
  7. Loss of goodwill and standing;
  8. Loss of expected savings;
  9. Loss of opportunities; and
  10. Losses stemming from or related to the ineffective use of management or office time;
  11. These exclusions apply regardless of whether the losses are caused by tort (including negligence), contract breaches, or other reasons, even if such losses were foreseeable. However, this clause does not preclude claims for direct loss or damage to the Customer’s physical property, nor does it exclude any other claims for direct financial loss that are not covered by the categories listed above.
  12. These Terms do not in any way limit or exempt SG.PropertyPursuit.co from liability for death or personal injury resulting from SG.PropertyPursuit.co’s negligence, nor do they exclude liability for fraudulent misrepresentation.
  1. Intellectual property rights
    1. All intellectual property associated with the Services and the Website, such as software included in the Website (referred to as “Software”), is the exclusive property of SG.PropertyPursuit.co and its licensors. This property is safeguarded globally by applicable copyright laws and treaties. This Agreement does not imply any transfer of rights, titles, or interests in the Software or Website from SG.PropertyPursuit.co to the Customer. SG.PropertyPursuit.co and its licensors retain exclusive ownership of the Software and Website, with any ungranted rights expressly reserved.
  1. Customers are not permitted to print or download any portions of the Website. Customers can notify other users about content or submissions found on the Website. However, customers are prohibited from exploiting any part of other users’ submissions or any content on the Website for purposes beyond personal access to the Website and deriving benefits from the Services as stipulated by these Terms.
  1. Customers are obligated not to, and must ensure that any collaborating parties also refrain from the following actions:
  1. Alter, translate, attempt to produce modified versions or copies, whether in whole or in part, of the Software or the Website;
  2. Engage in reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or converting the object code of the Software or Website back into readable source code;
  3. Distribute, sublicense, assign, divide for shared use, purchase, sell, lease, rent, broadcast, secure against debts or otherwise convey any rights to the Software or Website, or the Customer’s entitlement to use the Software or Website.
  4. The Customer guarantees that they hold, or possess the necessary rights or licenses for, the intellectual property contained within the Customer Information, the Property Listings, and all content and materials supplied by the Customer to SG.PropertyPursuit.co.
  5. The Customer grants SG.PropertyPursuit.co a perpetual, sublicensable, global, royalty-free license to import from third-party websites, enhance, publish, and make available the Customer Information, Listings, and all other content and materials provided by the Customer in relation to the Services on the Website, for the purpose of delivering the Services to the Customer.
  6. The Customer shall indemnify SG.PropertyPursuit.co against all losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including, but not limited to, legal fees) that arise from or are incurred as a result of any breach of intellectual property rights due to the use or possession of the Customer Information and any materials provided by the Customer to SG.PropertyPursuit.co
  1. Data protection and privacy policy
    1. The Customer and SG.PropertyPursuit.co are required to adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, along with any subsequent laws and regulations, while fulfilling their duties outlined in these Terms.
  1.  SG.PropertyPursuit.co handles personal information (as defined by the Personal Data Protection Act 2012) gathered through its service provision in line with its Privacy Policy, which can be found on the Website.
  1. When SG.PropertyPursuit.co processes personal data on behalf of the Customer as a part of the Services, it will strictly follow the Customer’s directives, adhering to the processing and security measures specified in these Terms. The Customer acknowledges its sole responsibility for ensuring that such processing and security measures meet all relevant data protection laws and regulations. The Customer also agrees to cover SG.PropertyPursuit.co for any losses, liabilities, expenses, and legal fees arising from the Customer’s non-compliance with this section 7.
  1. General
    1. If SG.PropertyPursuit.co at any point does not enforce strict adherence to its obligations under these Terms, or if it does not utilize any of the rights or remedies it is entitled to under these Terms, this shall not be seen as a waiver of those rights or remedies and does not exempt the Customer from fulfilling those obligations. A waiver of any part of these Terms by SG.PropertyPursuit.co is only valid if explicitly declared as a waiver and communicated to the Customer in writing.
  1. All communications to SG.PropertyPursuit.co must be directed to the contact information provided to the Customer on the Website.
  1. Should any competent authority find any provision of these Terms to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable to any extent, that provision will be severed from the remaining terms, which will continue to be valid to the greatest extent permitted by law.
  1. These Terms constitute the full agreement between the Customer and SG.PropertyPursuit.co regarding the Customer’s use of the Website and override any previous agreements, understandings, or arrangements, whether made orally or in writing.
  1. The Customer acknowledges that in agreeing to these Terms, they have not depended on any statement, promise, or representation made or implied by anything said or written in negotiations between the parties or published on the Website or online, other than what is explicitly stated in these Terms.
  1. SG.PropertyPursuit.co has the authority to change these Terms at any time. Changes will be communicated to the Customer through the Website.
  1. These Terms are governed by and interpreted following Singapore law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

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