Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) applies to the collection, use and disclosure of an individual’s Personal Data (hereinafter defined) arising from the services offered by SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO through its website at By using the Website, you consent to the data practices described in this statement.

  1. General

    1.1 This Policy outlines SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO’s commitments and procedures regarding the handling of Personal Data belonging to individual clients/consumers. SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO commits to implement, where practicable, the principles and practices described in this Policy within its operations.

    1.2 including its management, staff, and agents, pledges to make reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality and protection of all Personal Data that is collected, stored, disclosed, and utilized on behalf of the organization. Furthermore, SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO is dedicated to ensuring that all actions related to the collection, storage, disclosure, and use of Personal Data are conducted appropriately and in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the stipulations of this Policy.

    1.3 For the purposes of this Policy, consistent with the definitions provided in the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) (“the Act”), “Personal Data” is defined as information, regardless of its accuracy, about an individual who can be identified from that information, or from that information combined with other information that the organization possesses or might reasonably obtain. This definition encompasses Personal Data currently held by SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO as well as information that may be acquired by SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO in the future. 

    1.4 By engaging with, transmitting information to, or registering for any offerings or services provided by us, you hereby acknowledge and consent to SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO as well as our designated agents, to collect, utilize, disclose, and permit the sharing of your Personal Data, and to allow the transfer of such Personal Data to SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO’s authorized service providers and pertinent third parties as described in this Policy.

    1.5 This Policy is intended to complement, rather than to replace or nullify, any other consents you may have previously granted to SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO concerning your Personal Data and does not impinge upon any legal rights SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO may possess relating to the collection, use, or disclosure of your Personal Data under applicable law. SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time to align with future changes in our operations, industry standards, legal, or regulatory requirements. You are deemed to have accepted the most current version of the Privacy Policy, as may be amended from time to time and published on our website, subject to your legal rights.

    1.6 This Privacy Policy is an integral component of the Website Terms and Conditions (“Website Conditions”). In instances of discrepancy, ambiguity, or conflict between this policy and the Website Conditions, the provisions of this policy shall take precedence. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all terms defined in the Website Conditions shall bear the same meaning when used in this Privacy Policy.
  1. Collection of Personal Data

    2.1 During regular operations, SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO may obtain a range of data (listed below) from you through different methods, such as the forms SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO employs periodically. 
  1. Full Name;
  2. Company Name;
  3. Designation;
  4. Postal Address;
  5. Phone number;
  6. Mobile number;
  7. Office number;
  8. Email address;
  9. Nationality;
  10. Education information and history;
  11. Bank account/credit card details;
  12. Gender;
  13. Photographs and images.
  1. Purpose of Collection of Personal Data

The Personal Data referenced in Clause 2 is collected for an array of objectives, such as:

  1. Facilitating employment applications and the hiring process;
  2. Managing customer relations and accounts;
  3. Engaging in client outreach 
  4. Investigating prospective clients’ property requirements;
  5. Strategizing and identifying properties aligning with clients’ financial targets and property preferences;
  6. Finalizing property sale agreements;
  7. Organizing reservations for facilities;
  8. Updating clients on new property and investment prospects pertinent to their interests;
  9. Managing and providing services related to membership programs;
  10. Examining patterns of website traffic;
  11. Conducting market studies and analysis employing anonymized information;
  12. Fulfilling our contractual responsibilities to you;
  13. Adhering to statutory and regulatory stipulations;
  14. Engaging with individuals making inquiries and scrutinizing website traffic trends;
  15. Informing you about our services, exclusive events, and programs;
  16. Addressing queries, requests for updates, and feedback concerning user interactions;
  17. Supervising visitor activity at our locations to ensure safety and security.
  1. Disclosure of Personal Data

For the execution of the activities outlined previously, SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO might occasionally share your Personal Data among its staff, agents, and approved service providers and suppliers, such as those handling payment processing.

4.1 SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO reserves the right to share your Personal Data, without limiting the generality of any previous statements, with entities including, but not restricted to:

  1. Real estate agents and firms enrolled with SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO;
  2. Regulatory authorities and law enforcement personnel;
  3. Legal professionals;
  4. Audit firms;
  5. External service providers and consultants;
  6. Companies involved in credit, debit, and charge card transactions, financial institutions managing payments; and
  7. Any agents or third-party contractors engaged by SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO in the delivery of its services.

4.2 SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO reserves the right to reveal your Personal Data to the parties listed above under the following circumstances:

  1. When legally mandated by law;
  2. in the context of actual or anticipated legal actions;
  3. To assert, protect, or defend the legal rights of SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO;
  4. To a transferee or potential transferee of any SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO asset that is being considered for sale;
  5. To entities tasked with processing data on behalf of SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO;
  6. To third-party service providers acting for or on behalf of SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO;
  7. With your explicit approval; and
  8. As part of contingency planning in the event of a disaster.

4.3 In specific instances, SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO may record calls to its offices to ensure quality, conduct evaluations, and facilitate the training and supervision of its personnel. By consenting to this Policy, you grant permission for the accumulation, utilization, and revelation of such Personal Data for record-keeping, responding to your inquiries or requests, and for purposes related to quality assurance and staff training.

  1. Contacting the Data Protection Officer

    5.1 When you rightfully request access to or correction of your Personal Data under ‘s control, is committed to providing or amending that information within 30 days, following its established procedures as detailed below.

    5.2 has devised a framework in line with the Act for addressing any inquiries or grievances related to the enactment of this legislation. For direct submission of complaints and questions, please contact ‘s Data Protection Officer (DPO) via email at sg.dpo@propertypurstg

    5.3 If a third party has submitted your Personal Data to us, you should direct your access, correction requests, or complaints to them, so they can liaise with on your behalf.

    5.4 Individuals who prefer to withdraw their consent regarding the use of their Personal Data as specified in Clauses 3 to 4 must submit a concise email to the DPO via the email provided in Clause 5.2. Your request will be processed within a 30-day timeframe. It is vital to recognize that the Act is part of a larger legal and regulatory framework, and withdrawing consent may affect our ability to provide you with services and may alter the scope of services available to you. 

    5.5 As permitted by the Act’s legitimate interests exception, we may collect, use, or disclose personal data without consent for several purposes, including but not limited to:
  1. For security purposes;
  2. To deter exploitation of our services;
  3. To obstruct the laundering of funds;
  4. To counteract terrorist activities;
  5. To thwart deceptive practices;
  6. For assessment-related activities;
  7. For conducting inquiries or legal actions;
  8. For the collection of outstanding amounts owed by you;
  9. For the disbursement of amounts owed to you;
  10. During the dispensation or acquisition of legal services;
  11. To aid credit bureaus in creating credit reports or in connection with credit reports issued by a credit bureau to its members pertaining to dealings with you;
  12. To grant benefits or interests to you under a private trust or benefits plan, or to manage such trust or plan, upon the request of the trust’s creator or the initiator of the benefits plan;
  13. When Personal Data is supplied by an individual for the provision of services for that individual’s personal or household purposes, and such data is exclusively collected, utilized, or disclosed by us for those ends;
  14. When Personal Data is contained within a document generated as part of, and for the objectives of, an individual’s professional, business, or employment activities and is collected, utilized, or disclosed solely in alignment with those objectives; and
  15. For the initiation, management, or cessation of an employment relationship or appointment with an individual.
  1. Cookies

Our websites utilize cookies to monitor visitor traffic and enhance user experience. Generally, web browsers are configured to accept cookies by default. Should you prefer not to accept cookies, you have the option to modify your browser settings to decline them.

  1. Transfer of Personal Data Overseas

SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO, along with its associated entities, representatives, and external service providers, may process your Personal Data in territories beyond Singapore’s borders, as the data could be housed on servers situated outside Singapore. In such instances, SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO will adhere to the provisions of the Act.

  1. Accuracy of Personal Data

Whenever feasible, SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO employs recognized methods and standards to confirm the accuracy of the data submitted. This may include the application of checksum validation on certain numerical data such as account or credit card numbers. At times, SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO has the capability to cross-reference provided data with existing information in its database. In certain circumstances, SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO must view original documents to verify personal data, such as identification documents or proof of residence. To help maintain the precision of your personal details held by SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO, you are encouraged to regularly update your profile information or, if that is not an option, to communicate any changes to your personal information by sending a clear email to the DPO at the email address stated in Clause 5.2.

  1. Protection of Personal Data

SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO endeavors to authenticate the data provided in accordance with widely recognized standards and methods. This process may involve the implementation of checksum validation for numerical data, such as account and credit card numbers. On occasion, SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO has the means to corroborate the provided data with its existing records. There are instances when SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO must inspect original documents to authenticate the use of Personal Data, particularly in the case of personal identifiers or address verification. To aid in the verification of your Personal Data held by SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO, it is advisable to frequently update your profile details or, if not feasible, to notify us of any changes to your Personal Data by sending a clearly articulated email to the DPO at the email address mentioned in Clause 5.2.

  1. . Access and Correction of Personal Data

    10.1 If you wish to verify the details you have submitted to SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO or if you wish to check on how SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO uses and processes your personal data, SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO’s security procedures mean that SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO may request proof of identity before we reveal information.

    a. check whether SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO holds any Personal Data relating to you and,
    b. if so, obtain copies of such data; and require SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO to correct any Personal Data relating to you which is inaccurate for the purpose for which it is being used.

    10.2 SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO reserves the right to charge a reasonable administrative fee in order to meet your requests under Clause 10.1(a). Upon payment of the requisite fee under Clause 10.1(a) and/or receipt of your request under Clause 10.1(b), your request shall be processed within 30 days.
  1. Storage and Retention of Personal Data

SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO commits to eliminating or rendering anonymous any Personal Data where such information is no longer necessary for any legitimate business or legal obligations of SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO. This will be done in compliance with SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO’s internal policies and various agreements, ensuring that the data is expunged from all electronic, physical, and other records management systems.

  1. Contacting you

SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO will be allowed to contact you using all of your communication means you have provided to SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO, for the purposes as stated above in Clause 3.

  1. Change Policy

SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO maintains the discretion to modify any of the provisions in this document to remain aligned with local laws and any other rationale deemed necessary by SG.PROPERTYPURSUIT.CO. It is advisable to review these terms periodically. Should you object to any revised terms, you are encouraged to promptly communicate your non-acceptance of the specific terms in question to us. Until such communication is received, in the event of any discrepancy between these terms and any supplementary terms, the latter shall take precedence where there is a conflict.

  1. Governing Law

This Privacy Policy is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of The Republic of Singapore. You hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.


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