About us

In Singapore, a place bustling with condos and HDBs, Property Pursuit came to life. It wasn’t just an idea born out of thin air—it was a response to a real struggle real estate agents faced daily: the tug-of-war with portal sites that felt like giants out of their control, hiking prices without warning.

Our mission?

Simple. Make it easier for agents to do their job without breaking the bank or their backs. We focus on giving agents in Singapore a fighting chance to connect with people looking to find their next home, whether it’s a sleek condo or a cozy HDB. And we’re not just talking about any old platform here. We’re integrating AI and a whole toolkit designed to make things smoother, from first hello to handing over the keys.Here’s the thing: we weren’t born into the real estate world. But we listened, learned, and launched into action by talking to those who knew it inside out—the agents themselves. This isn’t about us coming from a tech powerhouse background; it’s about understanding what agents need and building it.

As for making a mark outside of business? Right now, our focus is on shaking up the real estate scene for the better. We’re here to equip agents with tech that makes a difference, aiming to cut down on those endless work hours so they can catch their breath and not miss out on life. Looking ahead, we’re all about giving agents the tech edge they need to be their best for their clients—without being glued to their phones 24/7.

We imagine a world where an agent feels relief when they use our platform, sees opportunities opening up, and feels empowered to tackle their day. One of the most telling impacts we’ve had? Agents are getting their time back. Instead of running on the never-ending treadmill of calls, viewings, and paperwork, our platform helps them manage their workload smarter, not harder. Our guiding light? A simple belief: by bringing together the right people, ideas, and tech, we can create something that genuinely helps. Property Pursuit isn’t just about innovation for the sake of it; it’s about building something that makes the daily grind for agents a whole lot lighter.


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