Security of Payment Act (SOPA)

Security of Payment Act (SOPA)


The SOPA is a legislative measure put in place to address the critical issue of delayed payments within the building and construction industry in Singapore. Recognizing the detrimental impact that delayed payments can have on contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, SOPA facilitates a more streamlined and reliable payment process, thereby enhancing cash flow and financial stability across the industry.

Key Features

  • Right to Progress Payment: SOPA establishes the entitlement of parties involved in construction work or the supply of related goods and services to seek progress payments. This entitlement is crucial for maintaining liquidity and operational continuity.
  • Adjudication Process: The act introduces a fast and cost-effective adjudication mechanism for resolving payment disputes. This process allows parties to obtain a binding decision on payment disputes within a short timeframe, ensuring that payment obligations are met promptly.
  • Prohibition of “Pay When Paid” Clauses: SOPA explicitly bars the inclusion of “pay when paid” and “pay if paid” clauses in contracts, which historically have been used to delay payments to subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Statutory Payment Rights: In the absence of contractual payment terms, SOPA provides default statutory payment periods, ensuring that parties have a clear understanding of when payments are due.


  • Enhanced Cash Flow: By ensuring timely payments, SOPA significantly improves the cash flow within the construction sector, which is vital for the sustainability of businesses, especially smaller contractors and suppliers.
  • Reduced Financial Risk: The act minimizes the financial risks associated with delayed payments, enabling firms to better manage their finances and invest in growth opportunities.
  • Streamlined Dispute Resolution: The adjudication process under SOPA offers a streamlined and efficient means of resolving payment disputes, reducing the need for lengthy and costly legal proceedings.


SOPA applies to all construction work, as well as the supply of goods and services related to construction projects in Singapore. This includes main contractors, subcontractors, suppliers of construction-related goods, and consultants providing consultancy services for specific construction projects.



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