Certificate of Clearance (COC) in Singapore

Certificate of Clearance (COC) in Singapore

Certificate of Clearance (COC): A vital document issued by the Singapore Police Force, attesting that an individual has no criminal record within a specified period in Singapore. Essential for various purposes such as employment, education, adoption, property purchase, and migration, the COC stands as a testament to the holder’s clean legal status.

Eligibility: Open to both Singapore citizens and non-citizens. Citizens must use their SingPass for online applications, while non-citizens need a valid passport and proof of requirement (e.g., for overseas employment). Applicants must have resided in Singapore for at least six months under a valid pass from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) or Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA).

Application Process: Conducted online through the Singapore Police Force’s eService portal. The process requires personal identification details, a passport-size photo, and, for non-citizens, fingerprints. Singapore citizens can expect a mailed COC upon application approval without the need for fingerprint submission.

Fees and Processing: The application involves a fee, payable online, and processing takes approximately one working day. For foreign nationals and Singapore Permanent Residents, an appeal for eligibility is necessary, and upon approval, fingerprinting at an authorized institution is required.

Importance in Real Estate: A COC may be required for property transactions, ensuring that parties involved have no legal impediments based on past criminal activities. This assurance is crucial for the integrity and security of real estate dealings in Singapore.

Understanding the COC’s role and requirements is essential for those engaging in significant life activities in Singapore, including real estate investments, providing peace of mind and legal assurance in various transactions.


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