Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)


The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is the central bank and the integrated financial regulator of Singapore. Established on January 1, 1971, following the enactment of the Monetary Authority of Singapore Act in 1970, MAS plays a critical role in promoting Singapore’s status as a leading global financial hub.


MAS is tasked with a wide array of responsibilities aimed at ensuring the stability and integrity of Singapore’s financial system. These responsibilities include:

  • Monetary Policy: Formulating and implementing policies to maintain price stability conducive to sustainable economic growth.
  • Currency Issuance: Sole authority for issuing Singapore’s currency.
  • Financial Supervision: Overseeing all financial institutions in Singapore, including banks, insurance companies, capital market intermediaries, and financial advisors, to ensure a robust, stable, and ethical financial sector.
  • Payment Systems Oversight: Ensuring the efficiency and security of Singapore’s payment systems.
  • Foreign Reserves Management: Managing Singapore’s official foreign reserves to support the MAS’s monetary policy objectives and to maintain confidence in Singapore’s currency.
  • Financial Sector Development: Working to enhance Singapore’s position as a dynamic international financial centre through infrastructure development, technology adoption, and workforce skills enhancement.

Impact on Real Estate:

The MAS has a significant influence on Singapore’s real estate market through its regulatory and monetary policies. By managing the country’s monetary policy, MAS indirectly affects interest rates for loans and mortgages, which can influence real estate demand and prices. Additionally, MAS’s measures to ensure financial stability can impact the real estate sector’s investment environment.

Investor Protection and Education:

MAS is committed to protecting investors and enhancing their financial literacy. Through various educational initiatives and promoting transparency in financial dealings, MAS aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding investments, including real estate.



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