Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

Singapore Land Authority (SLA)


The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is a pivotal statutory board under the Ministry of Law, dedicated to the meticulous management and optimization of Singapore’s land resources. Established through the amalgamation of several pre-existing entities, including the Land Office, Singapore Land Registry, Survey Department, and Land Systems Support Unit, SLA plays a critical role in supporting the nation’s social and economic development through strategic land use.

Mission and Functions:

SLA’s mission is centered around the optimal utilization of land to foster Singapore’s growth. It undertakes a broad spectrum of activities, divided into developmental and regulatory domains, to achieve this goal.

  • Developmental Role: SLA is at the forefront of managing state land and properties, which includes the sale, lease, acquisition, and allocation of land. It also maintains the national land information database, ensuring the efficient use of state properties for public benefit. Furthermore, SLA is instrumental in developing geospatial data infrastructure and policies, enhancing knowledge creation and value generation across various sectors.
  • Regulatory Role: As the national authority for land registration, SLA oversees the registration of property transactions and manages the national land survey system. Its regulatory responsibilities extend to managing property registration, granting permissions for foreign ownership of properties under the Residential Property Act, regulating property boundary surveys (cadastral surveys), and overseeing transactions involving state properties under the State Lands Act.

Recent Initiatives:

SLA is also committed to nurturing talents in the geospatial field, collaborating with educational institutions to offer comprehensive programs and certifications. This initiative aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills for careers in applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related disciplines.


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