Name of condo(Condominium):Midtown Bay

Name of condo(Condominium):Midtown Bay

Immerse yourself in the dynamic lifestyle of Midtown Bay, an upcoming 99-year leasehold condominium situated at Beach Road in District 7. With an expected completion in 2025, this exclusive development features one block, offering a total of 219 thoughtfully designed units.

Development Overview:

Strategic Location: Midtown Bay enjoys a strategic location within walking distance to Esplanade MRT, providing residents with easy access to various areas of Singapore, ensuring seamless connectivity and convenience.

Proximity to Neighboring Condos: Located close to neighboring condos such as 75BR, The 101, and Liang Seah Court, Midtown Bay is part of a vibrant and thriving community.

Educational Institutions: For young couples or families with children, Midtown Bay is in proximity to esteemed schools like Guilford Management School Pte Ltd, Little Neuro Tree, and Italian Supplementary School, fostering an ideal environment for academic growth.

Retail Convenience: Residents can meet their grocery and household needs at nearby supermarkets such as MakBesar PowerHouse and CS Fresh @ Raffles City, ensuring a convenient shopping experience.

Health and Wellness Access: Health services are easily accessible with clinics like Goh Kong Hui Philip Dr., ensuring residents have prompt access to healthcare services.

Monetary Services: Residents can obtain monetary services at Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, adding to the overall convenience of living at Midtown Bay.

Post Office Convenience: Avail post office services conveniently at Suntec City, ensuring residents have easy access to postal services.

Leisure and Recreation: Enjoy leisure and entertainment at the nearby Fountain of Wealth park, providing a refreshing outdoor space for residents to unwind and enjoy the surroundings.

Transaction History Data: Explore the latest transaction history data for Midtown Bay, providing residents with transparency and valuable insights into the property.

Key Selling Points:

Thoughtfully Designed Living Spaces: Midtown Bay offers a selection of 219 units, ensuring residents experience thoughtfully designed, modern, and comfortable living spaces.

Proximity to MRT: The development’s close proximity to Esplanade MRT ensures convenient and quick access to public transportation, enhancing residents’ mobility.

Educational Hub: Families benefit from the variety of nearby educational institutions, creating an ideal environment for academic growth and development.

Convenient Retail Options: Nearby supermarkets cater to residents’ daily needs, offering a hassle-free shopping experience for groceries and household essentials.

Health and Wellness Access: Midtown Bay prioritizes residents’ well-being with nearby healthcare services, ensuring prompt attention to health-related concerns.

Banking Convenience: The presence of Intesa Sanpaolo SpA adds to the convenience, offering residents easy access to monetary services.

Post Office Services: Avail postal services conveniently at Suntec City, ensuring residents have easy access to postal services.

Outdoor Oasis: Residents can enjoy the refreshing outdoor space at the nearby Fountain of Wealth park, providing a serene environment for relaxation.

Discover the essence of vibrant city living at Midtown Bay, where every detail is meticulously crafted for an exquisite living experience that combines comfort and convenience.

Factsheet OF Midtown Bay

Project Name: MIDTOWN BAY

Developer: GuocoLand Limited and GuocoLand Group

Address: 122 Beach Road, 189770

Tenure: 99 Years

No. Of Units: 219

Expected Date Of TOP: Dec-2025

Floorplan of Midtown Bay

Total Area: 365 – 1140 sqft.

Number of Bedrooms: 1 BR, 2 BR, Duplex, Ground

Number of Bathrooms: 2 bathrooms, 1 bathroom

Type of Kitchen: NA

Flooring Material: NA

Balcony Presence: Yes

Orientation: North-facing, South-facing

Level/Floor: 32

View Type: NA

Ceiling Height: NA

Energy Efficiency Rating: NA

Window Type: NA

Heating and Cooling System: NA

Parking Availability: Parking available

Storage Solutions: NA

Security Features: NA

Accessibility Features: NA

Furnishing Status: NA

Smart Home Features: NA

Outdoor Space: AVAILABLE

Review of Midtown Bay

Midtown Bay  Assessment (88%)

Transport Links: 5/5

Surrounding Amenities: 5/5

Development Facilities: 4/5

Price: 3.5/5


Unique Concept of Live-Work Environment

Massive Grade A Office Spaces and Retail Outlets

33-Storey Residential Tower with Luxurious Units

Heritage Site Integration

Gorgeous Views over Kallang Basin and Marina Bay

Bamboo Garden, Business & Social Club, Skyline Terrace

Competitive Pricing, with a one-bedder starting at $1.38m

Underground Path linking residents to Bugis MRT (4-minute walk)


Completion date expected in the first half of 2022, so potential buyers need to wait for occupancy

The intangible highlight may be subject to personal interpretation and preferences

Pricing competitiveness mentioned but actual pricing details for various unit types are not provided

Limited information about the specific features of the bamboo garden, business & social club, and skyline terrace

Short-term uptake promising, but long-term market trends and sustainability are not discussed

Limited details about the Heritage site and its significance


Historical Overview:

Developer’s Track Record: GuocoLand, known for projects like Wallich Residences, has a positive track record.

Midtown Bay’s Uniqueness: Distinctive features, such as live-work environment and integration of heritage site, set Midtown Bay apart.

Potential Demand:

Live-Work Trend: Rising demand for live-work environments due to changing work dynamics.

Rare Residential in D7: Limited residential options in District 7 enhance appeal.

Personal Observation of Price Trends:

Competitive Pricing: Developer aims for a more competitive pricing strategy, starting at $1.38m for a one-bedder.

Comparative Analysis: Comparison with previous developments like Wallich Residences.

Developer’s Pricing Strategy:

Competitive Edge: GuocoLand intends to position Midtown Bay competitively in the market.

Affordability Consideration: Offering a range of units to cater to diverse buyer segments.

Prediction for Unit Pricing:

Short-Term Uptake: Predicted strong short-term uptake due to unique offerings and competitive pricing.

Market Trends: Consideration of broader market trends influencing unit pricing.

Comparison with Previous Peaks:

Learning from Wallich Residences: Understanding lessons from previous pricing strategies and market responses.

Market Caution and Consideration:

Completion Date: Caution about potential market fluctuations until the completion in the first half of 2022.

Sustainability of Demand: Considering the sustainability of demand for live-work environments.

Excitement Features:

Live-Work Concept: Appeal of the live-work environment.

Amenities and Heritage Integration: Exciting features like bamboo garden, business & social club, skyline terrace, and heritage site integration.


1. Overview:

Location: Midtown Bay occupies the same site as Meyer Mansion, with a distinct focus on singles or young couples in the CBD.

Target Audience: Geared towards individuals without children, emphasizing a modern city lifestyle.

2. Development Context:

Unique Setting: Despite sharing a site, Midtown Bay stands out from Meyer Mansion, which targets a different demographic.

Homely Design: Residential block design offers a softer, homely feel while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

3. Differentiation and Features:

Diverse Clientele: Different target clientele compared to Meyer Mansion, catering to singles and young couples.

Distinct Residential Block: Design differentiation from the office tower contributes to a unique visual identity.

4. Design and Facilities:

Pools: Two pools for 219 residential units, enhancing the sense of exclusivity.

Pool Garden: Level 7 pool garden provides a resplendent escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

5. North Site Facilities:

Preservation of Beach Road Police Station: Midtown House, preserving the historic police station, to house retail and F&B outlets.

Market Place: Large sheltered space for al fresco dining and amenities with proposed high ceilings.

6. South Site Facilities:

Office Tower: Taller, sleeker office tower for a dual-use development.

Differentiated Design: Thoughtful design to differentiate residential and office components.

7. Additional Amenities:

Point of Differentiation: Distinct from Wallich Residence, with no rooftop infinity pool, offering a unique selling point.

Integration of Heritage: Restoration of Beach Road Police Station adds historical and architectural value to the development.

1 bedroom

Unit Details:

Living Room:

Size: Efficiently laid out 484 square feet.

Design: Darker tones reflect modern city vibes.

Perception: Despite the size, the unit feels spacious due to smart layout and design.

Features: Inclusion of a ceiling fan, an unusual but practical addition.


Size: The bedroom is on the smaller side.

Accommodation: Can fit a queen-size bed but leaves little space for additional furniture.

Open Design: Sliding door option opens up the bedroom, creating a more spacious feel.

Dining Area:

Size: Adequate space for a dining area for 6, but the table is narrow.

Practicality: Given the unit’s size and the availability of outdoor dining options, a large dining table might not be essential.

Mirror Placement: ID treatment with a mirror to create an illusion of a larger space.


Size: Compact kitchen area at the entrance of the unit.

Usage: Suited for simple cooking, considering the lifestyle of the targeted clientele.

Adequacy: Provides enough space for basic kitchen needs.


Size: Standard-sized bathroom as expected for a 1-bedroom unit.

Entrance: Single entrance, simplifying the layout.

Overall Design:

Efficiency: Little to no wasted space, emphasizing functionality.

Perception: Despite the unit’s small size, thoughtful design elements create a comfortable living space.

Balcony: Modest-sized balcony, sufficient for a few seats to enjoy the view.


Challenge: Limited storage space, especially with a queen-size bed in the bedroom.

Creative Solutions: Residents may need to be creative in finding storage solutions.

2 bedroom 

Unit Details:

Living Area:

Size: Efficiently laid out 732 square feet.

Balcony: Spacious balcony, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sun Protection: Features a sliding screen to block out the sun.

Layout Efficiency: Mirrors used strategically to enhance the sense of space.

Flexibility: Living area takes up what could be the dining area, offering flexibility in usage.

Dining Area:

Compact: If the dining area is moved indoors, it may appear on the smaller side.

Balcony Dining: Outdoor dining on the balcony could be a preferred option.


Common Room: In this unit, the common bedroom walls have been removed to create a large study room.

Common Bathroom: Spacious common bathroom.

Master Bedroom: Moderately sized with room for small side tables and a possible dresser.

Master Bathroom: Slightly smaller for a master bathroom, but adequate.


Size: Relatively large kitchen with a long counter for stove, sink, and food prep.

Entrance Integration: Forms part of the entranceway, making efficient use of space.

Overall Design:

Efficient Layout: Minimal wasted space, emphasizing practicality.

Study Room Conversion: Flexibility in converting the common bedroom into a study room.

Storage: Adequate storage options for a 2-bedroom unit.

Location review

Central City Hub: Positioned in the heart of Singapore’s bustling city center, Midtown Bay enjoys proximity to various amenities and attractions.

Unique Dining Experiences: With MarketPlace, City Room, and Midtown House within the development, residents have convenient access to diverse dining options without leaving the premises.

Grade A Office and Retail Hub: The adjacent Shaw Tower, currently undergoing refurbishment into a 35-storey Grade A office tower and retail building, adds a touch of classic architecture and business convenience.

Green Spaces: Despite its city-center location, GuocoLand has incorporated 200,000 square feet of greenery, featuring 10 gardens at different levels, providing a refreshing environment for residents.

Excellent Public Transport Connectivity: The development is within walking distance to Bugis MRT (Exit D), offering seamless connectivity to multiple MRT lines and convenient access to various parts of the city.

Public Transport

Bugis MRT (Exit D) – 150m, 2-min walk

Bus Stations

‘Shaw Twrs’ (150m, 2-min walk), ‘Bugis Stn Exit D’ (150m, 2-min walk), ‘Opp The Gateway’ (180m, 3-min walk)

Private Transport

Very Good accessibility to major roads and highways in the city center. However, may experience congestion during peak hours.


Close proximity to Cold Storage Bugis Junction (650m, 3-min drive) and other FairPrice options.

Shopping Malls

Numerous shopping malls within a 10-min drive radius, including Bugis Junction, Raffles City, Suntec City, and more.


Preschools and tertiary education institutions nearby. Limited primary and secondary options within a 10-min drive radius.


Raffles Hospital (2-min drive), close to Novena Medical Centre and Singapore General Hospital (9-min drives).

Embassy Accessibility

Several embassies within walking distance, catering to the needs of expatriate residents.

Food Options

Diverse food options in and around malls, with notable options along Tan Quee Lan Street, offering Thai cuisine, desserts, and more.

Noise Pollution

Possible noise concerns due to proximity to highways and construction activities in the area. Shrubbery within the condo aims to mitigate disturbances.


Bus Station

Buses Serviced Distance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)

‘Shaw Twrs’ 57, 100, 107, 107M, 961, 961M 150m, 2-min walk

‘Bugis Stn Exit D’ 12e, 48, 57 150m, 2-min walk

‘Opp The Gateway’ 100, 107, 107M, 961, 961M, 980 180m, 3-min walk

Closest MRT: Bugis MRT (Exit D) – 150m, 2-min walk

Midtown Bay’s public transport options are extremely convenient. Bugis MRT, situated on both the Downtown and East-West Line, is a stop away from the Circle and North-South Line and 2 stops from the North-East line. The proposed underground Condo-MRT linkway enhances resident convenience.

Private Transport Accessibility

Highway/Major Road Distance From Condo (& Est. Off-Peak Drive Time)\

Nicoll Highway Immediate

Beach Road Immediate

Rochor Road 250m, 2-min drive (U-turn on Beach Road)

Ophir Road 400m, 2-min drive

Victoria Street 550m, 2-min drive

Selegie/Bukit Timah Rd 1.3km, 3-min drive

ECP 1.4km, 3-min drive

CTE 2.3km, 5-min drive

KPE 2.9km, 3-min drive

MCE 4km, 5-min drive

PIE 4.8km, 5-min drive

AYE 5.2km, 8-min drive

To be frank, a car is not a necessity given the convenience of public transport. However, private drivers enjoy very good access to major roads and highways in the city center, though congestion during peak hours and ERP gantries may be considerations.


Name of Grocery Shop Distance From Condo (& Est. Drive Time)

Cold Storage Bugis Junction 650m, 3-min drive

Cold Storage Raffles City 900m, 4-min drive

FairPrice French Road 1.9km, 7-min drive

FairPrice Chinatown 2.3km, 9-min drive

FairPrice Xpress Peace Centre 2.5km, 9-min drive

FairPrice City Square Mall 2.5km, 9-min drive

Grocery options are abundant, with Cold Storage at Bugis Junction (7-min walk) and various FairPrice alternatives within a short drive.

Shopping Malls

Name of Shopping Mall Distance From Condo (& Est. Drive Time)

Bugis Junction 550m, 3-min drive

Bugis Cube 650m, 4-min drive

Bugis+ 900m, 4-min drive

Raffles City Shopping Centre 1km, 5-min drive

Suntec City 1.1km, 4-min drive

Millenia Walk 2.7km, 10-min drive

Marina Square 1km, 4-min drive

City Link 2.2km, 7-min drive

Sim Lim Square 1.4km, 7-min drive

Golden Mile Complex 1.5km, 5-min drive

Peninsula Shopping Centre 1.3km, 5-min drive

Clarke Quay Central 2.4km, 10-min drive

Far East Square 2.4km, 9-min drive

One Raffles Place 2.9km, 10-min drive

Plaza Singapura 1.9km, 10-min drive

OG People’s Park 2.6km, 10-min drive

Located close to a well-connected MRT station, residents enjoy easy access to numerous shopping malls, each within a 10-min drive radius.


Name of School Education Level Distance From Condo (Est. Drive Time)

LeClare Preschool Preschool 130m, 1-min drive (walkable)

Nafa Arts Preschool Preschool 1.2km, 6-min drive

Vic’s Schoolhouse Preschool 900m, 4-min drive

Mindchamps @ Marina Square Preschool 1.1km, 4-min drive

Josiah Montessori Preschool 2.9km, 10-min drive

Stamford Primary Primary 1.4km, 6-min drive

St. Margaret’s Primary Primary 1.8km, 8-min drive

Farrer Park Primary Primary 2.5km, 9-min drive

Broadrick Secondary Secondary 4.3km, 9-min drive

Dunman High Secondary 4.5km, 9-min drive

Coleman College Tertiary 350m, 2-min drive

Institute of Paralegal Studies Tertiary 800m, 4-min drive

Monash College Singapore Tertiary 1.1km, 4-min drive

Queensfield International Business School Tertiary 1.4km, 6-min drive

Bethany International University Tertiary 1.5km, 3-min drive

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Tertiary 1.7km, 5-min drive

Lee Kong Chian School of Business Tertiary 1.8km, 7-min drive

Singapore Management University Tertiary 1.8km, 7-min drive

Glion Institute of Higher Education Tertiary 2.4km, 9-min drive

Raffles Design Institute Singapore Tertiary

Midtown Bay’s Pricing Analysis:

Midtown Bay stands out with a higher price tag, justified by several factors. Its novelty, well-designed facilities, proposed ‘all-in-one’ hub, and proximity to Bugis MRT contribute to its premium pricing. The absence of freehold options in the area further accentuates the demand for leasehold properties.

Comparison with Counterparts:

Duo Residences and Concourse Skyline: Midtown Bay commands a higher average price compared to Duo Residences and Concourse Skyline. This can be attributed to its modern features, strategic location, and unique offerings.

South Beach Residences: While South Beach Residences is older, it still holds the highest quantum. Its status as a true luxury development, coupled with its prime location near Esplanade MRT and Suntec City, contributes to its premium pricing.

Future Considerations:

Upcoming residential developments in Middle Road and Tan Quee Lan Street may introduce various factors influencing price movements among these developments. Staying informed about developments in these areas will be crucial for prospective buyers and investors

Developers Review.

With a sprawling land area of approximately 226,300 square feet and a favorable plot ratio of 4.2, Midtown Bay makes a strategic decision to incorporate two separate entrances/exits, despite the accessibility of public transport in the vicinity. The development’s composition reveals a thoughtful allocation, with the residential section covering around 38,888 square feet, while the Grade A office tower, Retail, and F&B sectors, including the City Room and Market Place, command approximately 183,333 sq ft and 7,688 sq ft, respectively. The expansive public green spaces add to the vibrancy, making it a bustling hub. Although the impending noise from Shaw Tower’s renovation and upcoming construction in the adjacent Middle Road and Tan Quee Lan St. sites may impact early residential life, the residential tower itself appears well-placed for seclusion. The unit mix, with a focus on 1 and 2-bedders, aligns with the target audience of bachelors and young working couples, offering efficient layouts and promising views, especially for the exclusive units on higher floors. The 33-storey residential tower, in contrast to Shaw Tower’s 35 storeys, presents an opportunity for unblocked views and exclusivity for those seeking a premium living experience.

Appreciation Analysis

Midtown Bay stands out as a promising development in Singapore’s District 7, strategically positioned for both residents and investors. Boasting excellent transport links, unique amenities, and competitive pricing, it offers a vibrant mixed-use community with diverse offerings, including residential units, office spaces, and retail/F&B outlets. The efficient design of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units caters to the target audience of singles and young couples. Proximity to Bugis MRT, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities enhances its appeal. However, potential noise concerns and upcoming developments in the vicinity warrant attention. With a premium average price per square foot, Midtown Bay signals potential for long-term appreciation in a dynamic urban landscape.

Developer of Midtown Bay

Guoco Midtown Pte Ltd/Midtown Bay Pte Ltd (Guocoland)

Come 2022, Midtown Bay will be a 33-storey residential tower, situated in the heart of integrated development Guoco Midtown. It will comprise a collection of 219 Premium Business homes with home office concept units of one- to three-bedroom layouts. Midtown Bay will be an excellent addition to the vibrant residential, entertainment and business district of Beach Road. Midtown Bay itself offers exclusive and dedicated facilities for residents including a private pool, fitness area, gardens and sky terraces while the adjacent Midtown Hub offers facilities for work, recreation and everything in between, complete with a roof garden offering a lap pool, running track and event plaza. Inside, the residential units are designed with an efficient and effective layout in mind. They are spacious, flexible and adaptable for residents to transform the space into their own safe haven.

GuocoLand, the developer behind Midtown Bay, is a premier regional property company with operations in the geographical markets of Singapore, China and Malaysia, expanding via strategic partnerships beyond Asia into the United Kingdom and Australia. Listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited since 1978, GuocoLand specialises in property development, property investment, hotel operations and property management, with a focus on achieving scalability, sustainability and growth in its core markets. In Singapore, the Group has successfully developed 36 residential projects yielding approximately 11,000 apartments and homes. GuocoLand’s flagship integrated mixed-use development Guoco Tower, integrates premium Grade A offices, a dynamic lifestyle and F&B retail space, luxurious apartments at Wallich Residence, the 5-star business hotel Sofitel Singapore City Centre and a landscaped urban park. To date, GuocoLand is also known for the success of its highly-regarded and successful residential projects like Goodwood Residence, Leedon Residence, Wallich Residence and Martin Modern.

In recognition of its portfolio of quality, innovative developments and commitment to business excellence, GuocoLand has been honoured with numerous awards and accolades both locally and internationally. These most prominently include real estate awards honouring the best property companies such as the International Property Awards, FIABCI Property Awards, BCI Asia Awards and South East Asia Property Awards. Midtown Bay itself has earned GuocoLand several awards just last year, including the Best Luxury Condo Development, Green Mark (Platinum) for New Residential Buildings, and the Innovation Excellence Award at the 4th EdgeProp Excellence Awards.

Site plan of Midtown Bay

Total Land Area: 88,313.0 sqm, 950,601.1 sqft

Number of Residential Units: 219

Building Height: 32 storey

Unit Size Range: 409-1324 sqft

Types of Units Available: 1 BR, 2 BR, Duplex, Ground

Parking Lot Availability: N/A

Common Area Size: N/A

Playground: Children’s playground

Pool Type: Swimming pool

Gym Facilities: N/A

Function Lawn Capacity: N/A

Security Features: N/A

Accessibility for Disabled: To be confirmed

Green Building Features: N/A

Pet-Friendly: N/A

Proximity to Nearest Public Transport:

  • Esplanade: 5 min
  • Promenade: 6 min
  • Bugis: 7 min

Ratio of Built-up to Green Space: N/A

Project Details of Midtown Bay

Tenure: 99 years

District: D07

Developer: Guoco Midtown Pte Ltd/Midtown Bay Pte Ltd (Guocoland)

Bedrooms: 1 BR, 2 BR, Duplex, Ground

Address: 122 Beach Road, 189770

Neighbourhood: Downtown Core

Blocks: 1

Floors: 32

Gross Floor Area: 88,313.0 sqm, 950,601.1 sqft

Property Type: Condo

Showflat Location: Along Kallang Airport Way

Nearest MRT: Esplanade MRT · 4 min walk

Architect: Denton Corker Marshall (DCM)

Project Size: Small · 219 units

TOP Date: 31 Dec 2025

Amenities of Midtown Bay

Swimming Pool: Pool available pool deck, water feature

Gymnasium: Fitness corner, jogging corner

Security Features: available

Parking Facilities: available

Garden and Landscaping: Open terrace, sky terrace

Children’s Play Area: NA

BBQ Pits: Common BBQ stations, lounge

Function Rooms: Meeting room

Sports Facilities: NA

Spa and Wellness Center: NA

Pet-Friendly Features: NA

Accessibility Features: NA

Concierge Services: NA

Connectivity (Wi-Fi): NA

Eco-Friendly Features: NA

Retail Outlets: NA

Recreational Clubs: NA

Maintenance Services: NA

Shuttle Services: NA

Community Engagement Events: NA

Transport of Midtown Bay

City/Area: Singapore  

Neighborhood: Downtown Core  

Proximity to City Center: 5 km from city center, downtown core  

Public Transportation Access: Near MRT station, Bus stops within walking distance  

Nearby Schools: Guilford Management School Pte Ltd: 1 min (62 m)
Little Neuro Tree: 3 mins (159 m),Italian Supplementary School: 3 mins (168 m)

Local Crime Rate: Low  

Proximity to Commercial Areas: Adjacent to shopping district, 10 min drive to mall  

Nearby Parks and Recreation: Fountain of Wealth: 4 mins (246 m)
Axmed: 4 mins (275 m),The Lawn (Raffles Hotel): 5 mins (339 m)

Air Quality Index: Good  

Noise Pollution Level: Low  

Proximity to Hospitals: 5 km to nearest hospital  

View from the Property: City view  

Road Connectivity: Easy highway access, Well-connected by main roads  

Local Property Market Trends: Rapidly growing, Stable, Declining  

Climate and Weather Patterns: Tropical, Temperate, Arid  

Cultural Amenities: NA  

Dining and Shopping Options: Multiple dining options nearby, Luxury shopping mall  

Property Tax Rates: Low  

Historical Significance: Historical district, Modern area  

Environmental Regulations: Strict building codes, Eco-friendly practices  

Clubhouse: NA  

Tennis Court: NA


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