Notary Public in Singapore

Notary Public in Singapore

Definition and Role:

A Notary Public in Singapore is a legally qualified individual, typically a seasoned lawyer, appointed to perform notarial acts. These acts include witnessing, authenticating, and certifying the execution of documents to ensure their authenticity. The primary role of a Notary Public is to prevent fraud, ensuring that documents are signed willingly and without coercion.


To become a Notary Public in Singapore, one must be a practicing advocate and solicitor with at least 15 years of legal experience. The Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public oversees the appointment of Notaries Public, ensuring they meet strict criteria and maintain high standards of conduct.

When Do You Need a Notary Public?

Engaging a Notary Public is essential in various scenarios, especially when dealing with international real estate transactions or when documents need to be sent overseas. Examples include:

  • Authenticating documents for property sales, leases, or mortgages to be used abroad.
  • Certifying true copies of documents such as property deeds, bank statements, and identification for overseas use.
  • Witnessing signatures on contracts or agreements to ensure they are executed correctly.

Notarisation Process:

The notarisation process involves the Notary Public verifying the identity of the signatories, witnessing the signing of the document, and then affixing their seal and signature to certify the document’s authenticity. This process adds a layer of security and credibility, making the document internationally recognized.

Fees and Costs:

Notary Public fees in Singapore are regulated and may vary depending on the complexity and type of document being notarised. Common services include notarising documents, certifying true copies, and preparing notarial certificates. It’s advisable to consult directly with a Notary Public or legal firm for a detailed breakdown of the fees.

Engaging a Notary Public:

Finding a Notary Public in Singapore is straightforward. Many law firms offer notarial services, and the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) maintains a comprehensive directory. Before engaging a Notary Public, ensure you understand the specific requirements for your documents, including any need for subsequent legalisation or authentication by SAL.

Why It Matters:

In the realm of real estate, the involvement of a Notary Public is crucial for validating the authenticity of documents, especially in cross-border transactions. Notarisation ensures that documents are legally binding and recognized internationally, providing peace of mind to all parties involved.


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