Private Property Transaction

Private Property Transaction

In Singapore, private property transactions encompass the buying and selling of residential properties outside the public housing network managed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). This includes condominiums, executive condominiums (ECs), landed properties, and apartments. These transactions are crucial for individuals seeking investment opportunities or a place to reside that offers more amenities and privacy.

A key resource for understanding private property transactions is the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) transactions tool, which provides comprehensive data on lodged caveats, transaction prices, and other pertinent details. This aids buyers and sellers in making informed decisions by evaluating market trends and property values.

Private property transactions are classified into various types, such as resale transactions, where a buyer purchases from an existing owner, and new launch sales involving newly developed properties directly from developers. Additionally, collective and en bloc sales involve the sale of multiple units or entire developments for redevelopment.

The transaction process typically includes steps like exercising an option to purchase, signifying the buyer’s intention to buy, and culminating in the completion date when ownership is officially transferred. Understanding these aspects, alongside market trends and legal requirements, is essential for navigating the vibrant real estate landscape in Singapore effectively.


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