Atlassia Review


👍The good

  • Shophouse Living Without Hassle: Atlassia offers shophouse living without the fuss and costly maintenance.
  • . Ideal Location: Arguably in the most suitable location for shophouse enthusiasts, situated in the heart of Joo Chiat.
  • Preservation of Shophouse Facade: Careful preservation of the shophouse facade with a newly built appending block.
  • Peranakan Influence: Atlassia stands out with its Peranakan influence, adding to the endearing charm of the development.
  • Quaint Surroundings: Located in a district full of historic charm with quaint cafes and decade-old restaurants.
  • . Cultural Diversity: Appreciation for Singapore's ethnic and cultural diversity is highlighted, making it an attractive aspect for certain individuals.
  • Harmonious Coexistence: The development reflects the harmonious coexistence of old and new Singapore, contributing to a unique living experience.

👎The bad

  • Costly Maintenance: Living in a shophouse, as mentioned by a local couple, can involve expensive maintenance.
  • . Limited Commonality: Shophouses are less common in Singapore, but this might be a downside for those who prefer more conventional housing options.
  • Limited Facilities: The review suggests that Atlassia is a small and bijou development, so it may lack extensive facilities.
  • Potentially Niche Appeal: The Peranakan influence may appeal to a specific demographic, and not everyone may appreciate or resonate with it.
  • Neighborhood Contrast: While the neighborhood has a harmonious blend of old and new, some may find the contrast between air-conditioned cafes and traditional outdoor settings unusual.
District 15
34 Joo Chiat Place, 427758
99 Years Leasehold
No. of Units:
Site Area:
Approx 136,481 Soft
15 Nov 2025


1. Historical Overview

  • The review mentions Joo Chiat as a historic district with a rich cultural heritage.
  • The Atlassia development is situated in the heart of Joo Chiat, known for its historic charm.
  • Shophouses in the area have been preserved, and Atlassia follows suit with a careful preservation approach.

2. Potential Demand

  • The location is described as ideal for shophouse enthusiasts.
  • The preservation of shophouse facades and Peranakan influence adds to the potential demand.
  • The neighborhood’s historical charm and cultural diversity may attract a niche demographic.

3. Developer’s Pricing Strategy:

  • The developer is described as a Singapore-based private boutique property developer with a good record.
  • Atlassia is noted as being priced decently for a freehold shophouse development in today’s context.

4. Market Caution and Consideration:

  • The cautionary note on potential downsides, such as the costly maintenance of shophouses, is highlighted.
  • The small and bijou nature of Atlassia might imply limited facilities, which could be a consideration for potential buyers.
  • The Peranakan influence may be niche, and potential buyers may need to consider whether it aligns with their preferences.

Inside Tour


  • Development Type: Atlassia comprises 8 conserved shophouse units established in 1935 and 2 blocks of 5-storey modern buildings.
  • Historical Significance: The shophouses have a rich history, being 87 years old. The development offers a blend of historic and contemporary living.
  • Freehold Status: Atlassia is a freehold property, providing ownership security and potential long-term investment benefits.

Development Context:

  • Location: Situated in Joo Chiat, a historic district with cultural significance, attracting those interested in shophouse living.
  • Entrances: Three entrances provide access, including a walkthrough opening along Joo Chiat Place Road and two from the car park entrances along the back lane.
  • Traffic Consideration: The main walkthrough entrance faces Joo Chiat Place Road, which can be busy due to the density of residences, amenities, and eating places.

Differentiation and Features:

  • Preservation Approach: Atlassia preserves the shophouse facade while offering a more modern lifestyle, making it unique in its approach.
  • Affordable Shophouse Living: The draw of Atlassia is its affordability compared to owning an entire shophouse, eliminating some of the maintenance challenges associated with aging properties.

Design and Facilities:

  • Architectural Design: Formwerkz Architects designed the project, maintaining a cohesive look that combines traditional shophouse elements with modern aesthetics.
  • Greenery Considerations: While the facade lacks greenery, the absence is attributed to a focus on affordable maintenance. The design aims for a minimalist look.
  • Commercial Usage: The first floor of shophouses is zoned for commercial usage, potentially housing family offices, co-working spaces, service apartments, co-living, and medical clinics.

North Site Facilities:

  • Shophouse Residential Units: 9 shophouse residential units on the second floor with high ceilings and mezzanines.
  • Peranakan-inspired Elements: The units incorporate Peranakan-inspired metal grilles on windows, blending traditional and modern architectural elements.

South Site Facilities:

  • Annexe Block: Four levels of residential units, including penthouses, termed as the ART Novel unit type.
  • Facilities: Limited facilities, including a small 12.5m pool, jacuzzi, and pool deck on the second floor of the annexe block.

Additional Amenities:

  • Parking: Limited parking with 17 lots available, not in a 1:1 ratio with the number of units. Monthly fee applies, and 10 of the lots are mechanical.
  • Electric Car Charging: The development provides charging points for electric cars, catering to environmentally conscious residents.
  • Monthly Maintenance: Streamlined amenities result in a low monthly maintenance fee. However, car parks are not included in the fee.
  • Surrounding Amenities: Joo Chiat offers numerous amenities, gyms, yoga studios, co-working spaces, and green spaces, compensating for the limited on-site facilities.

Atlassia Condo 2 Bedroom ART NOVEL TYPE 2E (581 sq ft) 

Unit Details:

    • Size: 581 sqft 

    • type-2E
  • Entrance Atmosphere: The entrance boasts a deep and squarish layout, promoting a favorable design for the home.

Dining Area:

  • Size and Layout: The 2-bedroom unit, with a size of 581 sq ft, features a dining space that comfortably seats four.
  • Design Aesthetics: The dining area, situated next to the kitchen, exhibits a clean and open outlook with light-colored wood and white walls.


  • Design Philosophy: The kitchen emphasizes the use of natural materials for a sustainable touch.
  • Layout and Functionality: An enclosed kitchen, a less common feature in 2-bedroom units, provides practicality and ample counter space.
  • Appliances: Quality appliances, including a combination oven and microwave from SMEG, contribute to the efficient use of the space.

Living Room:

  • Space Perception: Despite the unit’s modest size, the living room appears more spacious due to the 3.1-meter high ceilings and well-designed layout.
  • Natural Lighting: The nearly floor-to-ceiling window enhances the brightness of the living space.


  • Cabinet Design: Built-in cabinets with frosted glass doors offer stylish storage options for kitchenware, maintaining a classy finish.


  • Master Bedroom Features: The master bedroom, though not ensuite, accommodates a queen-sized bed, built-in wardrobes, and offers an almost floor-to-ceiling window.
  • Second Bedroom: Suitable for a study or a single bedroom, the second bedroom includes a built-in wardrobe and adjusts to varying heights.


  • Bathroom Layout: The unit features a single bathroom with smart storage design and an integrated basin outside the shower area for added convenience.
  • Fittings and Fixtures: TOTO fittings and stone-colored tiles contribute to a simple and minimalist aesthetic in the bathroom.

Overall Design:

  • Spatial Perception: Thoughtful design choices, such as the deep and squarish layout, light-colored wood, and white walls, create an open and bright atmosphere.
  • Sustainable Luxury: The developer’s emphasis on using natural materials aligns with a sustainable approach to luxury living.

Location Review

  • The neighborhood of Joo Chiat offers a unique and vibrant atmosphere, with a mix of historic shophouses, trendy cafes, and popular eateries.
  • Convenient Bus Connectivity:
  • The development benefits from convenient bus services, with a bus stop right across providing easy access to Dakota MRT and the CBD.
  • Proximity to Amenities:
  • A plethora of amenities are within walking distance, including upscale barbershops, gyms, renowned eateries like Ah Lim Jln Tua Kong and Fei Fei wanton mee, fostering a rich and diverse lifestyle.
  • School Options:
  • Excellent schools like Haig Girls School and Tanjong Katong Primary School within 1 KM, and additional options like Tao Nan Primary and Kong Hwa School within 2 KM.
  • Quick Access to Expressways:
  • The development is conveniently located near the ECP expressway, providing quick access to the Downtown core within 15 minutes, making driving a viable commuting option.

Routes and Connectivity:

Public Transport Bus Stop & Services Distance & Time
Bus Stop Aft Tembeling Road, Stop ID82159 15m away, right across, 1 min
Nearest MRT Eunos MRT station 1KM, 12 mins walk
  Paya Lebar MRT station (Dual-Line) 1.4KM, 18 mins walk
  Marine Parade MRT station (Upcoming) 1.6KM, 19 mins walk

School Proximity:

School Distance & Walking Time School Ranking
Haig Girls School <1KM, 6 mins (450m) #81
Tanjong Katong Primary School <1KM, 12 mins (1KM) #70
Tao Nan School <2KM, 23 mins (1.8KM) #19
CHIJ Katong (Primary) <2KM, 21 mins (1.7KM) #112
Kong Hwa School <2KM, 24 mins (1.9 KM) #45

Retail Outlets:

Destination Distance & Walking Time
Paya Lebar Quarter 1.1 Km, 11 mins
Joo Chiat Complex 500m, 6 mins
SingPost Centre 1.3Km, 17mins
Parkway Parade 1.8Km, 23 mins
Katong Shopping Centre 1.4Km, 18 mins

Private Transport Routes:

Key Destinations Distance From Condo Shortest Time at Peak Hour (0830) Drive Time
CBD (Raffles Place) 11.1 Km 15 mins
Orchard Road 12.4 Km 14 mins
Changi Airport 11.4 Km 10 mins
Tuas Port (By 2040) 48.6 Km 50 mins
HarbourFront Cluster 14.8 Km 14 mins

Immediate Road Exits:

  • Turn right at the junction to Joo Chiat Place, cutting into Still Road.
  • Turn left upon the service road to Tembeling Road, cutting into East Coast Road.

This comprehensive review highlights the appealing aspects of Atlassia Condo, emphasizing the charming neighborhood, convenient connectivity, proximity to amenities, school options, and quick access to major routes

Developer Overview:

Atlassia is proudly developed by K16 Development, a Singapore-based privately owned company that commenced its journey in January 2018. Initially focusing on luxury landed homes, bungalows, and industrial projects, K16 has rapidly expanded its expertise to include strata-titled developments within just over a decade. Notably, the company has made a significant mark with their work in King Albert Park.

K16’s maiden boutique project in Joo Chiat, Olloi, has been a testament to their success, being fully sold out and nearing its TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit).

Architectural Expertise:

Formwerkz Architect, led by founders Seetoh Kum Loon, Alan Tay, Gwen Tan, and Berlin Lee since its establishment in 2004, has been chosen as the design architect for Atlassia. The selection is attributed to Formwerkz’s specialization in the delicate conservation of heritage buildings.

With a commitment to restoring human relationships and primordial connections, Formwerkz Architect has garnered acclaim through various awards, including the President’s Design Award, Design Award from SIA (Singapore Institute of Architects), and the International Architecture Award from the Chicago Athenaeum. Their diverse portfolio ranges from Nassim Hill Condominium to Al-Islah Mosque, demonstrating their versatility and success both locally and internationally.


Price Analysis: Atlassia vs. Surrounding Developments


  1. Atlassia Overview

   – Units: 31

   – Psf: $2,000

   – TOP: 2025

   – Tenure: Freehold


Development Units Psf TOP Tenure Price Gap
Atlassia 31 $2,000 2025 Freehold
Olloi 34 $1,782 2022 Freehold 11%
Straits Residences 30 $1,452 2013 Freehold 27%
Legenda @ Joo Chiat 100 $1,100 2005 99 years 45%
Nyon 92 $2,325 2022 Freehold 16%
Studios @ Tembeling 25 $1,282 2012 Freehold 36%
La Mariposa 17 $1,798 2023 Freehold 10%
LIV @ MB 298 $2,080 2024 99 years 4%
Meyer Mansion 200 $2,646 2024 Freehold

(Note: Psf refers to per square foot, TOP is the year of expected Temporary Occupation Permit)

  1. Unique Heritage Premium:

   – Atlassia commands a premium, particularly considering its heritage aspect.

   – Comparable developments (Olloi and La Mariposa) hover around $1,800 psf.

   – Premium attributed to Atlassia’s cultural history and freehold tenure.

  1. Resale Units Comparison:

   – Atlassia exhibits a premium ranging from 27% to 45% compared to resale units.

   – Consideration: Atlassia offers a slice of Singapore’s cultural history with freehold tenure.

  1. Concerns Addressed:

   – Initial concern about the price gap with Legenda @ Joo Chiat (45%) is mitigated by leasehold nature (less than 82 years remaining).

  1. Market Response:

   – Atlassia demonstrates a reasonable purchase in the new launch scene with 48% of units sold during the launch weekend.


Atlassia Appreciation Analysis

Geylang and Marine Parade Vicinity Masterplan:

In the Geylang and Marine Parade area, substantial improvements are underway through a comprehensive masterplan. The upcoming Thomson-East Coast (TEC) Line, featuring stations like Marine Parade, promises enhanced transportation accessibility, a notable benefit for Atlassia residents. Anticipated in 2022, an Eldercare Facility is set to bring essential services, including a nursing home, contributing to a more integrated community. The Mountbatten Community Centre (CC) is also slated for expansion to accommodate the needs of the growing population. Furthermore, East Coast Park is undergoing enhancements, including the reopening of Raintree Cove and the addition of a Cyclist Park, offering residents more outdoor recreational options.

Kallang Vicinity Masterplan:

The Kallang neighborhood is poised for rejuvenation with an array of exciting developments. The introduction of Kallang Alive brings communal sporting facilities, such as a football hub and tennis center, providing residents with diverse recreational choices. The revitalization of Kallang River is a key aspect, with plans to enhance connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists and create a dynamic waterfront park. While the Tanjong Rhu Station, expected by 2023, will enhance transportation connectivity, it is situated about 30 minutes away from Atlassia. Community Clubs, including Jalan Besar CC and Kolam Ayer CC, are also set to receive improvements for the benefit of residents. Looking ahead to the redevelopment of Paya Lebar Airbase beyond 2030, there are ambitious plans to transform the current site and its surroundings into a sustainable new town. Notably, Atlassia stands out as a unique piece of heritage with its conservation shophouse status, offering buyers a rare opportunity to own a part of Singapore’s traditional architectural history.


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