Klimt Cairnhill Amenities

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  • Swimming Pool

    Fun, lap, reflective pool
  • Gym

  • Security

    Home security features
  • Parking

    141 car parking space
  • Garden and Landscaping

    Natural landscape and garden residence
  • Children's Play Area

    Children’s playground
  • BBQ

  • Function Rooms/lawns

  • Sports Facilities

    Supermarkets 50m Lap Pool, Aqua Gym, Leisure Pool, Dining Terrace, Grand Arrival Porch, Gym, Entertainment Room, Conserved Bungalow Clubhouse, Kids' Pool, and a Children Playground.
  • Spa and Wellness Center

  • Pet-Friendly Features

  • Accessibility Features

    Private lift, lobby lift
  • Concierge Services

  • Connectivity (Wi-Fi)

    High-speed internet, Wi-Fi hotspots, In-unit connectivity
  • Eco-Friendly Features

    Gardens, surrounded by greenry
  • Retail Outlets

    Convenience stores, Cafes, parks
  • Recreational Clubs

    Yoga center, pool, outdoor dining, pavilion , Jacuzi
  • Maintenance Services

    On-site maintenance, Repair services, Housekeeping services
  • Shuttle Services

    Numerous shuttle service available
  • Community Engagement Events

    Resident events, Cultural festivals, Workshops
  • Clubhouse

    Clubhouse is available, a gym, a function room, a games room, and a reading room
  • Tennis Court

    court is well-maintained

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