The LakeGarden Residences Review


ūüĎćThe good

  • Prime location in Jurong East.
  • Excellent connectivity with major expressways.
  • Proximity to MRT stations for convenience.
  • Nearby reputable schools for families.
  • Serene environment near Jurong Lake Garden.
  • Access to employment opportunities in industrial hubs.

ūüĎéThe bad

  • Possible traffic congestion in the area.
  • Dependence on personal transportation.
  • Limited information on property features.
  • Potential noise from nearby transport routes.
  • Shopping mall popularity may lead to crowds.
  • Affordability concerns for some residents.
The LakeGarden Residences
District 22
80, Yuan Ching Road, The Lakegarden Residences 82, Yuan Ching Road, The Lakegarden Residences
99 Years Leasehold commencing from 31 May 2023
No. of Units:
Site Area:
29 Aug 2027

The LakeGarden Residences review

  • Proximity to Jurong Lake Gardens:

    • The emphasis of The LakeGarden Residences’ showflat is on its close proximity to Jurong Lake Gardens, highlighting the natural tranquility it offers.
  • Unblocked Views:

    • Approximately 75% of the units boast unblocked views of the lake and lush greenery, providing residents with a rare opportunity for such scenic surroundings.
  • National Park Assurance:

    • As Jurong Lake Gardens is a national park, the likelihood of rezoning for development is low, ensuring long-term unobstructed views for residents.
  • Exclusive Top-Floor Viewing:

    • The developers have maintained their original en bloc site until August, allowing agents to showcase the top-floor unit for potential buyers to experience the exceptional view.
  • Sustainable Development:

    • The LakeGarden Residences is Wing Tai’s inaugural sustainable development, holding the prestigious Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Platinum (Super Low Energy) certification.
  • Westward Appeal:

    • Geared towards those in the west, the development is poised to attract individuals who wish to be part of the transformative Jurong Lake district.
  • Energy-Efficient Recognition:

    • The BCA Green Mark Platinum certification acknowledges the development’s commitment to energy efficiency, making it one of the best-performing Green Mark Buildings.
  • Unit Composition:

    • With over 70% of units being 2- and 3-bedders, The LakeGarden Residences is expected to be popular among owner-occupiers and HDB upgraders from nearby estates.

Inside Tour

  • Wardrobe Features:

    • Wardrobes extend to the top of the structural ceiling, offering ample storage for full-size luggage.
    • Additional storage space within wardrobe panels, suitable for items like pillows or bed sheets.
    • Pull-out side tables hidden within wardrobes, ideal for bedrooms with limited space, especially for king-sized beds.
    • Some wardrobe panels include top storage, with considerations for ceiling beams.
  • Master Bedroom Amenities:

    • Proper wardrobe shelf provided for master bedrooms, facilitating storage for bags and other items.
    • All wardrobes equipped with a full-length mirror for resident convenience.
    • L-shaped windows intentionally designed in the master bedroom for panoramic views, particularly in 4- and 5-bedroom units and most 3-bedroom units.
  • Sustainable and Efficient Appliances:

    • Energy-efficient appliances in all units, including Bosch kitchen appliances like fridge, cooker hood and hob, oven, and washer-dryer.
    • 4- and 5-bedroom units feature enhanced appliances such as a steam oven, separate washer and dryer, wine chiller, and dishwasher for water efficiency.
  • Flexibility in Unit Layout:

    • Walls are hackable, allowing residents to customize and configure the unit layout according to their needs and preferences.
  • Premium Unit Features:

    • Premium units (4-bedroom, 5-bedroom, and select 3-bedroom units) equipped with a dry kitchen, featuring cabinets, shelves, and a melamine finish countertop.
    • Premium units come with a private lift and foyer, designed with ample cabinets to conceal the distribution board (DB), creating an inviting space for guests.
  • Thoughtful Design for Convenience:

    • Private foyer in premium units designed for welcoming and greeting guests.
    • Inclusion of L-shaped windows in master bedrooms to maximize views, especially towards Jurong Lake Gardens.

  • The LakeGarden Residences showflat: 2-bedroom + Study (Type BS1) – 775 sqft (72 sqm)

  • Unit Details:
    • The 2-bedroom + Study layout is exclusive, with only 19 units among the total 114 2-bedroom units.
    • This layout is the largest among the 2-bedroom configurations in The LakeGarden Residences.
    • Practical dumbbell layout and 2-bed-2-bath configuration make it suitable for two tenants.
  • Versatile Study Space:
    • The study area, located between the kitchen and dining, can be customized for various purposes.
    • In the showflat, it is presented as a baking studio, offering flexibility for residents.
  • Jack-and-Jill Bathroom:
    • Noteworthy jack-and-jill layout for the common bathroom.
    • Provides convenient access for guests without entering the bedroom, enhancing privacy.
  • Introduction of Compact Plus Unit:
    • The introduction of a unique 2-bedroom Compact Plus unit is highlighted.
    • This version offers a powder room with WC and sink, adding extra bathroom amenities.
  • Suitability and Considerations:
    • Suited for young couples, families with one child, tenants, and investors.
    • The practicality of the Compact Plus unit is acknowledged, but buyers are advised to consider the cost implications.

The LakeGarden Residences showflat: 3-bedroom + Study (Type CS1) – 1,098 sqft (102 sqm)

  • Number of Units:
    • 74 units available.
  • Suited For:
    • Families with 2 or 3 children.
    • Young couples planning to start a family.
  • Unit Composition:
    • 3-bedroom + Study units constitute 65% of all 3-bedroom units.
  • Foyer Space:
    • Sizeable foyer at the entrance of most units.
    • Ideal for buyers seeking more privacy or those who enjoy a dedicated space to greet guests.
    • Ample space for additional storage shelves.
  • Layout Specifics:
    • Type C1 3-bedroom layout does not include a foyer.
  • 3-bedroom + Study Layouts:
    • Two layouts available, with the showflat featuring the smaller design.
    • Suitable for small families with two or three children and young couples planning a family.
  • Kitchen Features:
    • Two entrances to the kitchen, one from the foyer and the other from the study area.
    • Improved accessibility, air circulation, and ventilation with dual entrances.
    • Servery counter with a glass window for practical dining setup and easy dish-passing during meals.
  • Study Area Flexibility:
    • Flexible use of the study area.
    • Can be enclosed as a helper’s room or modified to expand the dining room through wall hacking.

  • The LakeGarden Residences showflat: 5-bedroom (Type E1) – 1,550 sqft (144 sqm)

  • Number of Units:
    • 17 units available.
  • Suited For:
    • Multi-generational families.
    • Larger families with 3 or more children.
  • Unit Composition:
    • 5-bedroom units constitute about 6% of the total units (17 out of 306).
    • Only one stack of 5-bedroom units available.
    • All 5-bedroom units are 1,550 sqft (144 sqm).
  • Living and Dining Areas:
    • Generously sized living and dining areas.
    • Span the width of the balcony, providing ample light and natural ventilation in common areas.
  • Ensuite Bathrooms:
    • Three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms:
      • Master bedroom.
      • Junior master bedroom.
      • One of the common bedrooms.
    • Suitable for multi-generational families or larger households.
  • Kitchen Foyer:
    • 5-bedders and other premium units feature a sizeable foyer in the kitchen.
    • Includes a household shelter and a WC.
    • Space is sufficient for helpers to have their personal space.
    • Entrance to the second lobby is also situated in this area.

Neighborhood and Accessibility: 

  • Nearest MRT stations: Lakeside MRT on the East-West line. It’s about a 15-minute walk).
  • Malls/Amenities: Taman Jurong Food Centre is about a 6-minute walk
  • Schools: 7 primary schools in the vicinity. Lakeside Primary is within 1km of the development, while Rulang Primary, Boon Lay Garden Primary, Shuqun Primary, Jurong Primary, Fuhua Primary and Yuhua Primary are within 1-2km.

Public Transport 

MRT stations and bus stops Distance and time taken (estimated)
Lakeside Apt Bus Stop (along Yuan Ching Rd), Bus services: 49, 154, 154B 49m, 1-min walk
Opp Lakeside Apt Bus Stop (along Yuan Ching Rd), Bus services: 49, 154, 154A 63m, 1-min walk
Lakeside MRT Station (EWL) 1.4km, 15-min walk

Schools And Amenities in Proximity

Primary Schools (Within 1 km)


  • Lakeside Primary School
Within 1 km

Primary Schools (Within 1-2 km)

  • Rulang Primary School¬†
  • 1-2 km
  • Fuhan Primary School
  • 1-2 km
  • Yuhua Primary School¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • 1-2 km
  • Jurong Primary School¬†¬†
  • 1-2 km
  • Shuqun Primary School¬†
  • 1-2 km
  • **International Schools**¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
  • **Distance**¬†
  • Canadian International School¬†¬†¬†
  • Close proximity
  • Yuvabharathi International School¬†
  • Close proximity

Developer Review

Winville Investment Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wing Tai Holdings, has successfully secured the collective purchase of the leasehold Lakeside Apartments site at 9E & 9F Yuan Ching Road for S$273,888,888.

Established in 1955, Wing Tai Holdings has earned a reputation for delivering quality and innovative design, along with progressive amenities and a strong commitment to environmental consciousness. Dedicated to creating enduring value for its customers, Wing Tai Holdings offers an appealing portfolio of globally sought-after residential properties, including Le Nouvel Ardmore, The Crest, The Tembusu, The Garden Residences, Belle Vue Residences, and Draycott Eight.

Unit Mix

Unit Type Total Units Size (sqft) Unit Mix
1 Bedroom 4 484 – 538 1.31%
1 Bedroom + Study 19 527 – 635 6.21%
2 Bedroom (Compact) 19 592 – 700 6.21%
2 Bedroom (Compact +) 38 678 – 797 12.42%
2 Bedroom (Premium) 38 732 – 893 12.42%
2 Bedroom + Study 19 775 – 936 6.21%
3 Bedroom 39 926 – 1,216 12.75%
3 Bedroom + Study 55 1,098 – 1,313 17.97%
3 Bedroom + Study (Premium) 19 1,206 – 2,002 6.21%
4 Bedroom 20 1,270 – 2,035 6.54%
4 Bedroom Dual-Key 18 1,356 – 2,153 5.88%
5 Bedroom 17 1,550 5.56%
5 Bedroom + Study 1 2,260 0.33%
Overall 306 484 – 2,260 100%

Stack analysis

  • Optimal Views:
    • Approximately 75% of The LakeGarden Residences units boast views of Jurong Lake Gardens.
    • Stacks 8, 9, 17, and 18 offer the most expansive and unblocked views of the park and lake.
    • These stacks include 3-bedroom Premium + Study, 4-bedroom, 4-bedroom dual key, and 5-bedroom units.
  • Enhanced Views and Design Features:
    • Master bedrooms in these specified stacks feature L-shaped windows to maximize scenic views.
    • Other stacks, such as 15 and 16, enjoy pocket views due to adjacency to Lakeside Towers.
    • Stacks 1 and 2, adjacent to Sora (former Park View Mansions), have better park views than stacks 15 and 16, as Sora’s boundary does not extend as far into the park.
  • Limited Impact on Views:
    • Only four stacks, namely 3, 4, 13, and 14, lack direct views of Jurong Lake Gardens.
    • Despite facing Yuan Ching Road and HDBs, these stacks benefit from the development’s greenery.
    • Casuarina trees along Yuan Ching Road and a 100m distance from HDB blocks contribute to a visually appealing environment.
    • The HDB blocks, up to 15 storeys, are not densely packed, providing an open and breathable atmosphere.
  • Greenery Enhancement:
    • The authorities’ planting of casuarina trees along Yuan Ching Road contributes to the overall beautification of the vicinity.
    • The greenery within The LakeGarden Residences itself enhances the views for units facing Yuan Ching Road and HDBs.
  • Consideration of Breathing Room:
    • Despite facing Yuan Ching Road and HDBs, the proximity of HDB blocks and the spacing of about 100m allow for a sense of openness and¬†
Project Average Price PSF (S$) No. of units TOP Tenure
The LakeGarden Residences from under 2,000 306 2027 99 years
The Arden from 1,688 105 2027 99 years
The Myst 2,069 408 2029 99 years
The Botany At Dairy Farm 2,070 386 2027 99 years
Dairy Farm Residences 1,914 460 2024 99 years
Midwood 1,712 (based on 2022 prices) 564 2024 99 years
Bukit 828 1,612 (based on 2018-2021 prices) 34 2024 Freehold
Project Average Price PSF (S$) No. of units TOP
Lake Grande 1,669 710 2020
Lakeville 1,573 696 2018
J Gateway 1,838 738 2017
The Lakefront Residences 1,436 629 2014

Price Analysis

Here are the indicative prices for individual units.

Unit type Indicative price guide (S$) Estimated psf price (S$) Size range (sqft)
1-bedroom + Study From 1.03 million From 1,954 527
3-bedroom From 1.8 million From 1,944 Project Average Price PSF (S$) No. of units TOP Tenure
The LakeGarden Residences from under 2,000 306 2027 99 years
The Arden from 1,688 105 2027 99 years
The Myst 2,069 408 2029 99 years
The Botany At Dairy Farm 2,070 386 2027 99 years
Dairy Farm Residences 1,914 460 2024 99 years
Midwood 1,712 (based on 2022 prices) 564 2024 99 years
Bukit 828 1,612 (based on 2018-2021 prices) 34 2024 Freehold

Appreciation Analysis

  • Prime Location:
    • The LakeGarden Residences is strategically positioned in the Jurong Lake District, slated to become Singapore’s second CBD.
  • Economic Growth and Job Opportunities:
    • The development aligns with ambitious plans for the area, including the Jurong Innovation District.
    • Anticipated economic growth and job creation will attract residents seeking proximity to workplaces.
  • Connectivity Advancements:
    • The upcoming Jurong Region Line (JRL) will enhance connectivity, facilitating easy access to various parts of Singapore.
  • Integrated Tourism Attraction:
    • Plans for an integrated tourism attraction in the vicinity add to the allure of the location.
  • Youthful Appeal:
    • Younger buyers are expected to be drawn to the prospect of being part of Jurong’s dynamic transformation.
  • Investment Value:
    • The overall developments in the district contribute to sustained property value, ensuring a constant demand and a ready pool of future buyers.

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