Midtown Modern Review


👍The good

  • Abundant greenery and lush landscapes

  • Comprehensive range of family-oriented

  • amenities including a tennis court, 50m
  • lap pool, jacuzzis, and grand lawn
  • Strategic location with Bugis MRT
  • station at doorstep

  • Competitive pricing considering central
  • location and extensive amenities
  • Seamless connectivity with major
  • transportation routes

👎The bad

  • Design similarities with Martin Modern
  • Some areas for improvement in design aesthetics

  • Driving accessibility may be challenging due
  • Reduced number of parking lots may cause
  • inconvenience for residents with multiple cars

Midtown Modern
District 07
16 Tan Quee Lan Street · 188144
99 Years
Site Area:
11,530.80sqm / 124,117.5 sqft



Midtown Modern offers a unique blend of urban living with abundant greenery, situated in District 07 at 16-20 Tan Quee Lan Street. Developed as part of the Guoco Midtown integrated development by a joint venture between GuocoLand, Hong Leong Holdings, and Hong Realty, this 99-year leasehold property comprises 558 units spanning a site area of 124,118 square feet. With a scheduled completion in the third quarter of 2025, Midtown Modern aims to redefine city living by incorporating lush green landscapes within the bustling CBD environment.


Key Highlights


 Developer’s Vision:


GuocoLand’s intention with the Guoco Midtown development is to revitalize the Bugis area, infusing it with fresh energy and vibrancy. Following the success of their previous integrated development in Tanjong Pagar, Guoco Tower, and Wallich Residence, the developer seeks to create a similar transformation in Bugis. With Midtown Modern, the focus shifts towards offering luxurious garden homes tailored for families, departing from the typical CBD residential offerings.


 Location and Transformation:


Nestled within the Bugis district, Midtown Modern benefits from its central location while providing residents with ample green spaces amidst the urban landscape. Once a vibrant trading hub and later the primary red-light district, Bugis has evolved significantly over the years. The development aligns with the URA Master Plan, contributing to the ongoing rejuvenation of the area and adding to its cultural and architectural diversity.


 Green Oasis Amidst the City:


The highlight of Midtown Modern lies in its extensive greenery integration, spanning across various levels of the development. The landscape design, crafted by renowned architect Chia Jui Siang of Ortus Design, showcases a diverse range of plant species, creating a lush oasis within the city. From forest-themed gardens to rooftop green spaces, the project offers residents a serene retreat amidst the urban hustle.


 Facilities and Amenities:


Midtown Modern boasts a comprehensive range of facilities, emphasizing family-oriented living. Level 3 hosts a multitude of amenities, including a tennis court, a 50m lap pool, jacuzzis, and a grand lawn, providing ample recreational options for residents. The meticulous attention to detail in landscaping extends to the rooftop gardens, offering panoramic views of the city skyline while maintaining a tranquil ambiance.


 Transportation and Accessibility:


With Bugis MRT station at its doorstep, Midtown Modern ensures seamless connectivity for residents. The development also features convenient access to major transportation routes, complemented by EV charging points and a reduced number of parking lots to encourage eco-friendly commuting options.


 Design and Pricing:


While Midtown Modern’s architectural design draws similarities to its predecessor, Martin Modern, its emphasis on green landscapes sets it apart. The development balances design aesthetics with functional spaces, albeit with some room for improvement. With competitive pricing considering its central location and extensive amenities, Midtown Modern presents an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking urban living with a touch of nature.


Developer Review


GuocoLand, a prominent regional property company listed on the SGX since 1978, is headquartered in Singapore and operates across Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Its core business activities include property development, property investment, hotel operations, and property management, with total assets amounting to approximately $11.1 billion as of June 2020.


In Singapore, GuocoLand has an impressive track record of 36 successful residential projects, delivering around 11,000 homes. Notable among these is Guoco Tower at Tanjong Pagar, which integrates premium Grade A offices, F&B retail space, Wallich Residence, the 5-star Sofitel Singapore City Centre, and a landscaped urban park. Additionally, the company has developed a substantial portfolio of properties in major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Tianjin.


Cheng Hsing Yao serves as the Group Managing Director of GuocoLand Singapore, bringing with him valuable experience from Singapore’s public service, including a tenure as a city planner with the URA. He also holds the position of Nominated Member of Parliament. Quek Leng Chan, the Co-Founder of GuocoLand, is the second richest individual in Malaysia with an estimated net worth of $9.8 billion. Notably, he is the cousin of City Developments Chairman Kwek Leng Beng, both of whom are British-educated lawyers.


Architectural design for Midtown Modern is led by ipli Architects, founded in 2001 by Yip Yuen Hong and Lee Ee Lin. Yip Yuen Hong, with prior experience at HDB, William Lim & Associates, and Akitek Tenggara, is known for his focus on retaining Singapore’s architectural heritage, evident in projects like M5, 118 Killiney, and Jervois Prive.


ADDP, an established name in the Singapore condo scene, specializes in prefabricated construction and is renowned for its innovative and quality designs. Founded in 1986, ADDP has collaborated with GuocoLand on projects like The Avenir and Martin Modern, as well as other developments including Seaside Residences, Botanique at Bartley, and Cliveden at Grange, among others.


Location Review:

 Location and Accessibility:

Unrivalled location in the Rochor Ophir corridor, transformed significantly in the past decade.

– Direct access to Bugis MRT station, served by Downtown and East-West Lines, providing access to 4 MRT lines within 5 minutes.

– Close proximity to City Hall and Promenade stations, offering access to North-South and Circle Lines.

Education and Family-Friendly Environment:

Emphasis on being a family-friendly project by the developers.

– Mention of nearby Bukit Timah Belt schools like ACS, SJI, SCGS, RGPS, NYGH, and NYPS, albeit not within 1km radius.

– Accessibility to universities and polytechnics within 10 stops from the development.

Amenities and Facilities:

Presence of essential amenities within Guoco Midtown such as a grocer (unconfirmed), F&B, and retail outlets.

– Additional amenities available at Bugis Junction, enhancing the convenience for residents.


Name of Grocery Shop  Distance From Condo (& Est. Drive Time)
Cold Storage Bugis Junction 650m, 3-min drive
Cold Storage Raffles City 900m, 4-min drive
FairPrice French Road 1.9km, 7-min drive
FairPrice Chinatown 2.3km, 9-min drive
FairPrice Xpress Peace Centre 2.5km, 9-min drive
FairPrice City Square Mall 2.5km, 9-min drive


Educational Tier Number of Institutes
Preschool (within 1km walk) 2
Primary (3km-drive) 2
Secondary (3km-drive) 2
International School (3km-drive) 0
Junior College (5km-drive) 0
University (5km-drive) 1
Polytechnic (10km-drive) 1

Public Transport

Bus Station Buses Serviced Distance From Condo (& Est. Walking Time)
‘Shaw Twrs’ 57, 100, 107, 107M, 961, 961M 150m, 2-min walk
‘Bugis Stn Exit D’ 12e, 48, 57 150m, 2-min walk
‘Opp The Gateway’  100, 107, 107M, 961, 961M, 980 180m, 3-min walk

Closest MRT: Bugis MRT (Exit D) – 150m, 2-min walk

Private Transport

Private transport accessibility: Very Good

Highway/Major Road Distance From Condo (& Est. Off-Peak Drive Time)
Nicoll Highway Immediate
Beach Road Immediate
Rochor Road 250m, 2-min drive (U-turn on Beach Road)
Ophir Road 400m, 2-min drive
Victoria Street 550m, 2-min drive
Selegie/Bukit Timah Road 1.3km, 3-min drive
ECP  1.4km, 3-min drive
CTE 2.3km, 5-min drive
KPE 2.9km, 3-min drive
MCE 4km, 5-min drive
PIE 4.8km, 5-min drive
AYE 5.2km, 8-min drive


 1 Bedroom Unit:

– Size: The smallest unit at 409 sqft, efficiently laid out with no wasted space.

– Flooring: Porcelain for common areas, engineered timber for bedrooms.

– Layout: Generous ceiling height of 3m, well-designed layout with cabinets and open concept kitchen.

– Kitchen: Equipped with appliances from De Dietrich, including induction hobs for 1 and 2 Bedroom units.

– Dining: Can accommodate a 4-seater dining set without infringing on walkway space.

– Living: Tight space but comfortable for a 2-seater sofa and additional seating.

– Balcony: Some units offer balconies, but this particular unit does not, contributing to a more spacious feel.


 2 Bedroom Unit:

– Size: Slightly above average at 721 sqft, with a dumbbell layout for space efficiency.

– Flooring: Porcelain tiles for common areas, engineered timber for bedrooms.

– Kitchen: Equipped with De Dietrich appliances, including induction hobs for smaller units.

– Dining: Can accommodate a 6-seater dining set, but bench seating might feel cramped.

– Living: Average space for a 3+1 seater sofa set, limited room for additional furniture.

– Balcony: Decent-sized balcony for outdoor enjoyment, option to choose units without balconies.


 3 Bedroom Unit:

– Size: Generous at 1,066 sqft, with corner stacks offering more windows for ventilation.

– Flooring: Porcelain tiles for common areas, engineered timber for bedrooms.

– Dining: Spacious enough for an 8-seater dining set, designed by award-winning Nathan Yong.

– Kitchen: Enclosed kitchen with windows, equipped with De Dietrich appliances including gas hobs.

– Living: Wide living room space, suitable for more seating and entertainment.

– Balcony: Decent-sized balcony with privacy features, adding to the luxurious feel.


 4 Bedroom Unit:

– Size: Standout size at 1,808 sqft, suitable for larger families.

– Flooring: Patterned natural marble for common areas, engineered timber for bedrooms.

– Private Lift Entrance: Offers additional privacy, with a built-in shoe cabinet.

– Living/Dining: Spacious enough for a 10-seater dining set, wide living room for more seating.

– Kitchen: Includes both enclosed and open kitchen, equipped with De Dietrich appliances including gas hobs.

– Balcony: Rectangular balcony with marble flooring, suitable for additional outdoor dining.

– Master Bedroom: Spacious with balcony access, suitable for King-sized bed and additional furniture.


Price Review


Development Units Psf TOP
Midtown Modern 558 TBC 2024
Midtown Bay 219 $3,001 2022
The M 522 $2,589 2024
Duo Residences 660 $1,990 2017
South Beach Residences 190 $3,228 2016

Older developments in District 7 have been omitted as they’re not directly comparable to Midtown Modern. Instead, the focus is on developments closely associated with the Bugis/District 7 transformation.

Midtown Bay, being part of the Guoco Midtown integrated development, is a key reference point. With an average psf of $3,001, it’s the most expensive new launch in the Bugis area. South Beach Residences, closer to Suntec City, is an ultra-luxury development priced slightly higher.

Considering Midtown Modern’s potential, achieving an average psf of $2,700-$2,900 would be a decent entry, especially given its higher land acquisition cost.

The M saw success despite launching amidst fears of the COVID-19 outbreak, with 70% of units sold during the launch weekend. However, The M predominantly offers smaller units, with the largest at just 904 sqft. Midtown Modern targets a different demographic with larger units and family-friendly facilities. Hence, entering at a slight premium over The M would still be reasonable.



In conclusion, Midtown Modern presents a compelling option in the vibrant Bugis/District 7 area, offering a range of unit sizes and layouts to suit various lifestyle needs. Its strategic location within the Guoco Midtown integrated development provides residents with unparalleled convenience and access to a myriad of amenities, entertainment options, and transportation networks.


Despite being a new launch, Midtown Modern aims to position itself competitively within the market, drawing comparisons with neighboring developments such as Midtown Bay and The M. With its promise of family-friendly facilities, spacious unit sizes, and thoughtful design elements, Midtown Modern seeks to attract discerning buyers seeking both luxury and practicality in the heart of the city.


While pricing details are yet to be confirmed, the potential for Midtown Modern to offer a relatively decent entry point into this coveted district is promising, especially considering its anticipated completion in 2024. As the latest addition to the evolving landscape of Bugis/District 7, Midtown Modern stands poised to redefine urban living with its blend of modern sophistication and urban connectivity.


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