Pinetree Hill Review


ūüĎćThe good

  • Low Supply in the Area
  • Newer Resale Option After The Trizon
  • First-Mover Advantage for Residents
  • URA Masterplan Developments
  • Nature Park and Green Corridor Nearby
  • Increased Connectivity to Dover MRT

ūüĎéThe bad

  • Potential Competition with Pine Grove
  • Market Competition with Other Condos
  • Possible Lower Average Prices
  • Resale Competition with Pine Grove
  • Uncertainty About Future Price Trends
Pinetree Hill
District 21
Ulu Pandan Road
99 years
No. of Units:
Site Area:
22,534.7 sqm | 242,561 sq ft
30 Sep 2027

Pinetree Hill review

Overview Pinetree Hill

Personal Connection:

Ulu Pandan is not a typical consideration for most homeowners in Singapore.

The term “ulu,” meaning remote, may carry a negative connotation for some.

Transformation Decision:

Surprising keen competition for the Pine Grove GLS Parcel A, formerly Nexus International School.

UOL and Singapore Land Group secured the 242,561 square feet plot at $1,318 psf ppr.

Intense competition with a minimal difference between the top and second-highest bids indicates high demand.

Decade of Drastic Changes:

Pine Grove marks the first major launch in Ulu Pandan in 14 years.

Offers 520 units with a focus on private and tranquil living.

Core Developments:

Proximity to scenic green spaces, including unblocked views of Clementi Forest and parts of Dover Forest.

HDB’s announcement of 3,000 BTO units in the Dover estate contributes to the neighborhood’s unexpected limelight.

Grand Dunman Residences Launch (2011):

Grand Dunman Residences launched in 2011, adding to the changing landscape of the area.

Grand Dunman’s Introduction:

Grand Dunman Residences introduced new housing options, contributing to the evolving character of Ulu Pandan.

Indication of Area Demand:

Healthy competition for the Pine Grove GLS Parcel A and the demand for the location suggest changing perceptions and increased interest in the area.

The presence of older condominiums and the announcement of BTO units indicate a shift in the neighborhood’s dynamics, providing options for younger buyers.


Inside Tour

  • Project Overview:
    • Pinetree Hill is located in District 21.
    • Offers connectivity to the Bukit Timah neighborhood for drivers.
    • 520 units on a 242,561 square feet land, featuring three 24-storey residential blocks.
  • Spacious Design:
    • 88% of the site dedicated to landscaping, providing approximately 466.5 square feet of space per unit.
    • Contrasted with other developments like Grand Dunman (270 square feet per unit) and Clavon (280 square feet per unit), Pinetree Hill stands out with more than 40% additional open space.
  • Unblocked Views:
    • Key selling point with unblocked views of leafy surroundings.
    • Efforts made by developers to maximize vantage points for residents.
  • Temporary Nature of Views:
    • Views are not permanent, as nearby plots are earmarked for future residential use.
    • No concrete plans disclosed for these nearby plots yet.
  • Inspired Design:
    • Named after nearby Clementi Forest, designed to blend with local topography.
    • Three towers symbolize pine trees growing from the site, acting as beacons in the neighborhood.
  • Elevated Site Advantage:
    • Positioned on hilly terrain, elevated almost 8.5m above ground.
    • Height utilized to maximize surrounding views.
    • Better privacy for lower-floor units, and ground floor facilities separated from the main road.
  • Staggered Placement for Spacious Living:
    • Residential blocks intentionally staggered for added space.
    • Blocks 30 and 32 spaced almost 87m apart.
    • Creates a sense of spacious living and provides unblocked views for all units.
  • Balcony Space Inclusion:
    • Last project in the neighborhood offering balcony space not included in the total GFA.
  • Convenient Entrance and Drop-off:
    • Entrance along Pine Grove, quieter than Ulu Pandan Road.
    • Accessible through the Mt Sinai route for alternative access.
    • Spacious drop-off area, beneficial for larger vehicles.
  • Basement Car Park and Considerations:
    • Basement car park accessible through a long driveway, adding a sense of luxury.
    • 420 car park lots provided, making up about 80% of the total units.
    • Consideration for potential buyers, especially given the distance from the nearest MRT and the prevalence of 3-bedroom units and larger.

Unit mix layout

1 Bedroom + Study (Type A)

  • Number of Units: 22
  • Strata Area: 538 sq ft¬†

2 Bedroom (Type B1/B2)

  • Number of Units: 45
  • Strata Area: 700 ‚Äď 850 sqft¬†
  • ¬†

2-Bedroom (Premium)

  • Number of Units: 113
  • Strata Area: 764 ‚Äď 915 sqft¬†

2-Bedroom Premium + Study Type 2BPS1

  • Number of Units: 68
  • Strata Area: 797 sqft¬†


  • Number of Units: 68
  • Strata Area: 969 ‚Äď 1,173 sqft¬†

3-Bedroom Premium + Study Type 3BPS1 

  • Number of Units: 91
  • Strata Area: 1,216 ‚Äď 1,421 sqft¬†

4-Bedroom Deluxe (with Private Lift) 

  • Number of Units: 45
  • Strata Area: 1,292 ‚Äď 1,485 sqft¬†

4-Bedroom Premium (with Private Lift) 

  • Number of Units: 45
  • Strata Area: 1,464 ‚Äď 1,668 sqft¬†

5-Bedroom Premium (with Private Lift) Type 5BP 

  • Number of Units: 22
  • Strata Area: 1,733 sqft¬†


  • Number of Units: 22
  • Strata Area: 2,874 sqft¬†

Location Overview: (Neighborhood and Accessibility)

  • Nearest MRT Stations: Dover MRT station is at least a 15-minute walk away),
  • Public Transport: Close proximity to several bus stops serving various routes.
  • Schools: Within 1km radius of reputable schools like Henry Park Primary, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Singapore Polytechnic and NUS
  • Malls / Amenities: Jelita Shopping Centre , is a short 3 min drive¬† while ¬†Paya Lebar Quarters and Parkway Parade is just 6 & 7 mins away.
  • Private Transport: Convenient access to major destinations including the CBD, Orchard Road, Suntec City, and Changi Airport within reasonable drive times


Distance From Condo (& Est. Walking/Driving Time) 

Henry Park Primary School 

1.4km, 3-min drive

Pei Tong Primary School 

1.9km, 5-min drive

Clementi Primary School 

2.6km, 8-min drive 

Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 

3.2km, 6-min drive 

Nan Hua Primary School 

3.4km, 9-min drive 

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School 

3.8km, 7-min drive 

New Town Secondary School 

2.3km, 5-min drive 

Clementi Town Secondary School 

2.5km, 7-min drive 

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 

3.5km, 7-min drive 

Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) 

3.9km, 8-min drive 

School of Science and Technology 

1.7km, 3-min drive 

Singapore Polytechnic 

1.9km, 4-min drive 

Singapore University of Social Sciences 

2.3km, 4-min drive 

SIM Global Education 

2.5km, 4-min drive 

Anglo-Chinese Junior College 

2.7km, 7-min drive 

Nan Hua High School 

2.8km, 6-min drive

National University of Singapore 

3km, 6-min drive 

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science 

3.5km, 7-min drive 

Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

4.4km, 9-min drive 

Hwa Chong Institution 

4.4km, 9-min drive 

Private Transport 

Key Destinations 

Distance From Condo (Fastest Time at Peak Hour [0830] Drive Time) 

CBD (Raffles Place)

13.7km, 16 ‚Äď 40-min drive¬†

Suntec City 

17.8km, 18 ‚Äď 35-min drive¬†

Orchard Rd 

7.2km, 10 ‚Äď 26-min drive¬†

Changi Airport 

31.1km, 26 ‚Äď 40-min drive¬†

Harbourfront Centre (Vivo City) 

10.4km, 14 ‚Äď 35-min drive¬†

Mapletree Business City

8.5km, 12 ‚Äď 30-min drive

One-north Business Park 

4.4km, 8 ‚Äď 20-min drive¬†

Tuas Port (by 2040) 

30.6km, 35 ‚Äď 60-min drive¬†

Paya Lebar Airbase (by 2030) 

18.8km, 22 ‚Äď 45-min drive¬†

Developer Review

Pinetree Hill, a collaborative project between UOL Group and Singapore Land Group, marks the inaugural launch of 2023, with another development in Watten Estate already in the works. UOL Group, a prominent Singaporean developer, and its subsidiary, Singapore Land Group, are renowned for delivering projects characterized by excellent landscaping and functional layouts. Their successful joint ventures include AMO Residence, Avenue South Residences, and The Watergardens at Canberra.

UOL Group, recognized as one of Singapore’s premier developers, boasts a diverse portfolio spanning local and international markets. Notable projects like Meyer House and Amber 45 showcase their commitment to quality and innovation, extending their influence into the residential scenes of China and the UK.

Established in the 1970s, Singapore Land Group has left a significant imprint in commercial, residential, and hospitality sectors. With a portfolio that includes The Trizon, Pollen & Bleu, and V on Shenton, they contribute to Singapore’s dynamic real estate landscape.


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