Name of condo(Condominium): Irwell Hill Residences

Name of condo(Condominium): Irwell Hill Residences

Discover the pinnacle of urban living at Irwell Hill Residences, an anticipated 99-year leasehold condominium nestled on Irwell Hill in District 9. With an expected completion in 2026, this prestigious development features three blocks, offering a total of 540 meticulously designed units.

Development Overview: Strategic Location: Irwell Hill Residences enjoys a strategic location within walking distance of Great World MRT, providing residents with easy access to various areas of Singapore, ensuring seamless connectivity and convenience.

Proximity to Neighboring Condos: Surrounded by neighboring condos such as Leonie Towers, Riva Lodge, and Edward Lee Apartments, Irwell Hill Residences is positioned in the heart of a vibrant and exclusive community.

Educational Institutions: For families and young couples with children, Irwell Hill Residences is conveniently situated near esteemed schools like Safari House Preschool River Valley, Kay Poh Road Baptist Kindergarten, and Orpheus Dive | PADI 5 Star IDC & Tec Centre, creating an ideal environment for educational growth.

Retail Convenience: Residents can effortlessly meet their grocery and household needs with nearby supermarkets such as Cold Storage – Takashimaya and Cold Storage – Great World City, providing a convenient shopping experience.

Health and Wellness Access: Health services are easily accessible with clinics like Gentle Dental Group @ River Valley, ensuring residents have prompt access to healthcare services.

Monetary Services: Residents have the convenience of obtaining monetary services at UOB – Great World City Branch, adding to the overall convenience of living at Irwell Hill Residences.

Leisure and Recreation: For leisure and recreation, residents can unwind at the nearby Alexandra Park Connector, providing a serene environment for fresh air and various outdoor activities.

Transaction History Data: Explore the latest transaction history data for Irwell Hill Residences, providing residents with transparency and valuable insights into the development.

Key Selling Points: Meticulously Crafted Living Spaces: Irwell Hill Residences offers a diverse selection of 540 units, ensuring residents experience meticulously crafted, modern, and comfortable living spaces.

Proximity to MRT: The development’s close proximity to Great World MRT ensures convenient and quick access to public transportation, enhancing residents’ mobility.

Educational Hub: Families benefit from the variety of nearby educational institutions, creating an ideal environment for academic growth and development.

Comprehensive Community: Surrounded by neighboring condos, Irwell Hill Residences fosters a sense of community, allowing residents to engage in a vibrant and exclusive living experience.

Convenient Retail Options: Nearby supermarkets cater to residents’ daily needs, offering a hassle-free shopping experience for groceries and household essentials.

Health and Wellness Access: Irwell Hill Residences prioritizes residents’ well-being with nearby healthcare services, ensuring prompt attention to health-related concerns.

Banking Convenience: The presence of UOB – Great World City Branch adds to the convenience, offering residents easy access to monetary services.

Nature Proximity: With the nearby Alexandra Park Connector, Irwell Hill Residences provides a serene green space for residents to relax, exercise, and enjoy a peaceful natural environment.

Indulge in a harmonious blend of comfort, connectivity, and community at Irwell Hill Residences, where every aspect of modern living is meticulously crafted for an ideal and luxurious living experience.

Irwell Hill Residences factsheet

Project Name: Irwell Hill Residences

Developer: CDL Perseus Pte. Ltd.

Address: 2 Irwell Hill, 239588 

District: 9

Tenure: 99 years commencing from 13 April 2020

No. of Units: 540

Site Area: 12,789.70 sq m/ Approx 137,610 sq ft

TOP: 30 September 2026


Unit Type       Floor Area (sqft) No. of Units

Studio/Studio Loft       398-614 34

1-Bedroom+Study / 1-Bedroom+Study Loft       452-667 102

2-Bedroom Classic /2-Bedroom Classic Loft       603-764 135

2-Bedroom Premium / 2-Bedroom Premium Loft 657-829 167

3-Bedroom Classic       861 33

3-Bedroom Premium       1270 33

4-Bedroom Premium (Pte Lift)                   1539-1582 33

Sky Penthouse (4-Bedroom)         2185/2228 2

Sky Penthouse (5-Bedroom Pte Lift)            2605 1

Floor Plans of Irwell Hill Residences

Total Area: 35,803 sqm

Level/Floor: 36

Height: 2 Blocks of 36 storeys of residential units

Flooring Material: N/A

Orientation: North-facing, South-facing

View Type: N/A

Ceiling Height: N/A

Energy Efficiency Rating: N/A

Window Type: Ventilation window

Heating and Cooling System: N/A

Security Features: 24 Hours Security Guard

Accessibility Features: N/A

Furnishing Status: N/A

Smart Home Features: N/A

Outdoor Space: Available

Bedrooms: Studio, 1 BR, 1+1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR, Penthouse, Premium, Sky Unit

Bathrooms: 1 bathroom, 4 bathroom, 6 bathroom, 2 bathroom

Balcony Presence: Yes

No. Of Carpark Lots: 432

540 units

Studio/Studio Loft

398-614 sqft-34 units

1-Bedroom+Study / 1-Bedroom+Study Loft

452-667 sqft-102 units

2-Bedroom Classic / 2-Bedroom Classic Loft

603-764 sqft-135 units

2-Bedroom Premium / 2-Bedroom Premium Loft

657-829 sqft-167 units

3-Bedroom Classic

861 sqft-33 units

3-Bedroom Premium

1270 sqft-33 units

4-Bedroom Premium (Pte Lift)

1539-1582 sqft-33 units

Sky Penthouse (4-Bedroom)

2185-2228 sqft-2 units

Sky Penthouse (5-Bedroom Pte Lift)

2605 sqft-1 unit

Review of Irwell Hill Residences












Verdict: 4/5 (It’s a worthy buy)

The good

Strategic Location: Near the City Center, Orchard Road, and major amenities.

Developer Reputation: CDL has a strong track record in property development.

Scenic Surroundings: Located near the Singapore River, providing a picturesque environment.

Future Growth Potential: Proximity to the Great World MRT station and the upcoming Great World City transformation project.

The bad

Limited Unit Variety: The focus on smaller units may limit options for larger families.

Potential for Crowding: With a significant number of smaller units, common areas may be busier, especially during peak times.

Unit Size: While suitable for singles and couples, larger families may find the units relatively small.

Affordability: While focusing on smaller units, affordability may vary based on individual budget considerations.


1. Overview of 2021 Launches:

   – Introduction of Normanton Park and The Reef at King’s Dock.

   – Midtown Modern’s success with over 60% units sold on launch weekend.

2. Introduction of Irwell Hill Residences:

   – Condo’s recent introduction, just a week after Midtown Modern.

3. Juxtaposition with Midtown Modern:

   – Contrasting focus and strategies of the two recent launches.

   – Midtown Modern’s emphasis on livability in the crowded Bugis precinct.

   – Irwell Hill Residences introducing smaller, supposedly more affordable units.

4. Unit Composition at Irwell Hill Residences:

   – 80% of the 540 units are 1 to 2 bedroom units.

   – Clear focus on catering to a clientele interested in smaller units.

5. Upcoming Insider Tour:

   – Anticipation for an insider tour of Irwell Hill Residences.

Inside Tour

1. Overview:

  • Introduction of Irwell Hill Residences and its location.
  • Mention of potential for residential development in the hilly area.
  • Showflat situated on the actual site for a better understanding.

2. Development Context:

  • Description of the inclined nature of the land and its advantages.
  • Privacy benefits due to the elevation and proximity to major roads.

3. Differentiation and Features:

  • Notable size of the land at 137,634 square feet.
  • Comparison with competing new launches (The Avenir and Trillium).
  • Introduction of 2 towers of 36 storeys each, designed by Dutch firm MVRDV.

4. Design and Facilities:

  • Personal opinion on the design being a bit messy but applauding the uniqueness.
  • Emphasis on the standout structure amidst older condos in River Valley.
  • Recognition of the wow factor lying in the stunning grounds.

5. North Site Facilities:

  • Description of the single entrance via Irwell Hill.
  • Information on the number of carpark lots and potential traffic considerations.
  • Positive impression of the arrival plaza.

6. South Site Facilities:

  • Highlight of the “Raintree Lawn” as a major selling point.
  • Conservation of rain trees and their contribution to the atmosphere.
  • Details on the 50m Raintree Pool and its unique features.

7. Additional Amenities:

  • Introduction of various facilities like poolside cabanas, Sculpture Lounge, and more.
  • Mention of the variances in height providing interesting vantage points.
  • Description of the Club Pool, Tranquility Court, and the Clubhouse.

1-Bedroom + Study Unit

Unit Details:

  • Description of the 1-bedroom + study unit with variations.
  • Mention of balcony and unit size (495 sq ft).
  • Note on different stack variations with varied study area positions.
  • Standard ceiling height of 2.75 meters and marble flooring throughout.

Private Lift Lobby:

  • Description of the entranceway opening up to the study room.
  • Commentary on the smaller-than-usual entranceway.
  • Noting the potential for shoe cabinetry and storage.

Dining Area:

  • Introduction of the stowaway tabletop that serves multiple functions.
  • Appreciation for intelligent implementations in 1-bedders to maximize space.
  • Mention of the inbuilt system as a space-saving solution.


  • Overview of the open kitchen layout with concealed fridge.
  • Lengthy kitchen tabletop and unique wall designs.
  • Concealed spaces for washer/dryer and additional storage areas.
  • Cooking appliances from Miele.

Living Room:

  • Description of the compact living room size.
  • Suggestion for a larger coffee table in place of the current one.
  • Presence of a small balcony next to the AC Ledge.


  • Appreciation for the full-length open storage space as an ID feature.
  • Note that it is an ID feature and does not come with the unit.


  • Introduction of the master bedroom with limited space.
  • Noting the 3-quarter-sized windows due to the AC Ledges.
  • Description of the two-panelled wardrobe and additional hideaway closet.


  • Overview of the master bath in a jack-and-jill layout.
  • Separation of entrances with sliding and timber swing doors.
  • Mention of premium fittings from Gessi and Geberit.
  • Description of black shower equipment and quality surface finishings.

Overall Design:

  • General commentary on the design and functionality of the 1-bedroom + study unit.
  • Insight into the layout and features contributing to space optimization.

2 Bedroom Premium Unit

Unit Details:

  • Introduction to the significance of 2-bedroom premium units.
  • Size range (657 to 675 sqft) with focus on the smallest unit.


  • Description of the extended entranceway.
  • Noting the potential for shoe rack and storage.


  • Overview of the open kitchen layout.
  • Mention of the possibility to ‘seal’ up the kitchen with a sliding door.
  • Inclusion of Bosch fridge and freezer, built-in oven, and Miele induction system.


  • Transition to the living room with compact dining and living spaces.
  • Description of dining table and bench setup.
  • Commentary on the finishings of the unit, including creamy marble tile and textured walls.


  • Showcase of the balcony with two standard-sized chairs.
  • Personal consideration of extending the living area into the balcony.


  • Introduction to the common bedroom in the hallway.

Common Bedroom:

  • Description of the unique hideaway mattress (murphy bed).
  • Commentary on the clever use of space and concealment of the window.
  • Evaluation of space adequacy for a queen-sized bed with standard wardrobe.

Common Bathroom:

  • Overview of the standard common bathroom.
  • Mention of waterworks from Gessi and Geberit.

Master Bedroom:

  • Description of the master bedroom size and layout.
  • Noting the full-length windows and storage considerations.

Master Bathroom:

  • Overview of the larger and premium-looking master bathroom.
  • Mention of rain showers, jet-black shower equipment, and Gessi/Geberit equipment.

4 Bedroom Premium

Unit Details:

  • Introduction to the 4-bedroom unit, the largest regular unit in the development.
  • Mention of the size range (1,539 to 1,582 sqft) and the balcony at the master bedroom.
  • Noting the rarity of this unit type (6% of the entire development).

Entrance and Private Lift Lobby:

  • Description of the entrance with an oval mirror, DB box, and storage.
  • Highlighting the exclusive feature of a private lift for the 4-bedroom unit.

Living Room:

  • Overview of the living and dining area.
  • Mention of the ceiling height and marble flooring.
  • Evaluation of the compact nature of the living room.


  • Description of the dining area, noting it can accommodate at least an 8-seater.
  • Acknowledgment of constraints in choosing furniture.


  • Consideration of moving the dining area to the balcony.
  • Evaluation of space on the balcony for dining and lounge seating.

Common Bedroom 3:

  • Description of the sizable common bedroom with space for 2 single beds.
  • Noting the absence of an attached bathroom, affecting convenience.

Dry Kitchen:

  • Overview of the provision of a dry kitchen as a counter hollowed out of the wall.
  • Mention of the inclusion of a wine chiller and additional storage.

Wet Kitchen:

  • Description of the enclosed wet kitchen with Miele kitchen appliances.
  • Noting the absence of a dual sink and commenting on the ventilation window.


  • Overview of the yard area with washer, dryer, and a second entrance.
  • Mention of the utility room that can double as a store or helper’s room.

Common Bedroom 2:

  • Description of common bedroom 2 with an unorthodox layout and walk-in wardrobe.
  • Noting floor-to-ceiling windows and layout differences from common bedroom 3.

Common Bathroom:

  • Overview of the common bathroom with a jack-and-jill layout.
  • Mention of the average size and the presence of a window for natural ventilation.

Common Bedroom 4:

  • Description of the smallest common bedroom, positioned as a study/office area.
  • Noting full-length windows and direct access to the common bathroom.

Master Bedroom:

  • Overview of the master bedroom with ample space and typical side tables.
  • Highlighting the private balcony and views of the rain tree lawn and pool.
  • Description of the “walk-in” wardrobe and storage considerations.

Master Bathroom:

  • Description of the well-sized master bathroom with a bathtub and standing shower.
  • Mention of the window for natural ventilation and commentary on the marbled walls.
  • Appreciation for the bronze taps and shower fittings.

Location Review of Irwell Hill Residences

Irwell Hill Residences, nestled in District 9, offers a prime location that strikes a balance between proximity to urban amenities and a retreat from the hustle and bustle. Here are some key aspects of its location:

  • Closeness to Great World:
    • Located just 450 meters (about a six-minute walk) from Great World, providing easy access to the upcoming Great World MRT station (expected completion in 2022).
    • Great World City, a major mall in the vicinity, caters to retail and dining needs, featuring a revamped shopping experience with upscale stores like Meidi-Ya and Cold Storage.
  • Escape from Orchard Road Noise:
    • Positioned closer to Great World than Orchard Road, offering a strategic advantage of being near the Orchard shopping belt while avoiding the notorious road noise and congestion associated with Orchard Road proper.
    • Residents enjoy the convenience of proximity to Orchard without compromising on a quieter living environment.
  • Dense Urban Area Living:
    • Situated in a densely populated urban area surrounded by tall condos, reflecting a city-living lifestyle.
    • Ideal for those accustomed to the vibrancy and convenience of city living, providing a sense of energy and accessibility.
  • Public Transport Connectivity:
    • Excellent public transport connectivity with the upcoming Great World MRT station within a four-minute walk.
    • Thomson East-Coast Line (TEL) connection to Orchard MRT station, ensuring accessibility to the North-South Line (NSL).
    • Outram MRT station, two stops away, provides access to the East-West Line (EWL) and North-East Line (NEL), enhancing transportation options.
  • Educational Institutions and Groceries:
    • Proximity to River Valley Primary School within the 1-km radius.
    • Access to nearby grocery options such as Cold Storage at Great World City and FairPrice Finest within a 10-minute walk.
    • Several educational institutes, including preschools and international schools, add to the convenience for families.

Transportation Routes:

Public Transport Distance & Walk Time

Opposite ERC Institute 100m, 1-min walk

Before Zion Full Gospel Church 150m, 2-min walk

After ERC Institute 160m, 2-min walk

Great World MRT Station (Upcoming) 450m, 4-min walk (Estimated)

Private Transport Routes:

Key Destinations Distance & Peak Hour Drive Time

CBD (Raffles Place) 3.6km, 10-min drive

Orchard Road 1.5km, 5-min drive

Suntec City 3.6km, 10-min drive

Changi Airport 21.1km, 25-min drive

Tuas Port (By 2040) 37.2km, 1hr drive

Immediate Road Exits: Irwell Bank Road

Note: During peak hours, accessing Orchard via Great World MRT might be quicker than driving.

Irwell Hill Residences’ location offers a unique blend of convenience, connectivity, and an urban lifestyle, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a well-balanced living experience.

Developer Review

With a rich history dating back to 1965, City Developments Limited (CDL) has established itself as a prominent and versatile developer in the real estate industry. Over its 55 years of operation, CDL has played a significant role in shaping landscapes across 29 countries, contributing over 24 million square feet of residential, hospitality, and commercial developments.

CDL’s portfolio showcases its adaptability, ranging from prime region properties like Haus on Handy to more mass-market projects such as Penrose and Piermont Grand, an Executive Condominium in Punggol. The developer’s versatility is evident in its ability to cater to diverse market segments, making CDL a familiar name in various districts of Singapore.

Noteworthy among CDL’s achievements is the development of Sengkang Grand Residences and the accompanying Sengkang Grand Mall. This project, executed in collaboration with CapitaLand, stands out as a significant contribution to the residential and retail landscape.

Currently, CDL is engaged in a joint effort with CapitaLand and Ascott Residence Trust for the redevelopment of the former Liang Court, demonstrating its commitment to innovative and transformative projects.

CDL’s extensive and varied portfolio, coupled with its global footprint, attests to its prowess as a developer capable of delivering quality projects across different markets and segments. Whether in prime regions or emerging districts, CDL’s presence remains a testament to its enduring impact on the real estate landscape.

Price Review: Irwell Hill Residences New Launch Comparisons

Data from October 2020 – March 2021

Project   Tenure                   1-Bedroom Size 2-Bedroom Size

Martin Modern   Leasehold (Sep 2016)  None Available             None Available

$2,015,182 ($2,637 psf) 764 sqft

Riviere   Leasehold (Mar 2018)  $1,513,142 ($2,703 psf) 560 sqft  $2,075,691 ($2,537 psf) 818 sqft

RV Altitude Freehold                 None Available     $1,314,880 ($2,979 psf) 441 sqft

The Avenir Freehold     $1,593,050 ($2,960 psf) 538 sqft   $2,494,571 ($3,010 psf) 828 sqft

Irwell Hill Residences  99 yrs from 13/04/2020  $99x,000 ($2,5xx psf) 398 sqft   $1.1x m ($2,6xx psf) 452 sqft    $1.4x m ($2,4xx psf) 603 sqft

Comparisons and Analysis:

  • Competitive Pricing Strategy:
    • Irwell Hill Residences’ 1-Bedroom + Study and studio units boast a 30–40% lower indicative price compared to Riviere.
    • The 2-Bedroom unit offers a quantum difference of over $500,000 compared to Martin Modern and Riviere.
    • Advantageous lower land cost of $1,515.10 psf ppr for Irwell Hill Residences contributes to its competitive pricing.
  • Investor Benefits:
    • Lower overall quantum facilitates meeting financing requirements, making it more accessible for buyers.
    • Potential for higher yields due to a more palatable downpayment, coupled with staggered new launch financing timelines.
  • Public Transport Access:
    • Irwell Hill Residences holds a locational advantage with a significantly shorter walk to Great World MRT compared to Riviere and Martin Modern.
    • Well-connected with nearby bus routes and proximity to major MRT stations like Orchard and Outram.
  • Facility Offering:
    • Irwell Hill Residences provides full-fledged facilities, including a tennis court, setting it apart from Riviere.
    • The development’s elevation, though slightly higher than the road, may mitigate noise concerns.
  • Rental Yield Considerations:
    • Irwell Hill Residences is positioned for competitive rental yields based on its pricing, facilities, and convenient location.
    • Despite potential noise considerations, the combination of better commute convenience and smaller rental quantum makes it an attractive offering.
  • Comparison with Freehold Developments:
    • Irwell Hill Residences stands out in age, being at least 10 years newer than the newest freehold development available in the price range.
    • Offers comparable prices to older freehold condos with fewer facilities, presenting a compelling value proposition.
  • Long-Term Considerations:
    • While optimistic for short-term rental returns, Irwell Hill Residences may face challenges against freehold peers in the long run.
    • Investors should weigh the trade-off between leasehold and freehold status for a well-priced, full-fledged facility development.

Resale Comparisons:

Data from Jan 2020 – Mar 2021

Projects Tenure Average Price       Average $PSF   Size (sqft)   Rent Yield

Attitude at Kim Yam  999 yrs from 01/07/1841   $720,000 $1,967   366           $2,066 3.44%

Vivace                         999 yrs from 01/07/1841   $760,000 $1,961   388           $2,267 3.58%

Espada Freehold $928,000       $2,613   355           $2,423 3.13%

Illuminaire on Devonshire  Freehold $940,000   $2,130   441           $2,569 3.28%

Irwell Hill Residences (Studio)  99 yrs from 13/04/2020  $99x,000 $2,5xx   398  – (New Launch) – (New Launch)

Leonie Suites  99 yrs from 07/01/2002   $1,025,000   $1,488   689           $2,954 3.46%

Irwell Hill Residences (1+S) 99 yrs from 13/04/2020   $1.1x m    $2,6xx 452   – (New Launch) – (New Launch)

Devonshire Residences Freehold $1,108,800 $2,239   495         $2,703 2.93%

Killiney 118 Freehold $1,120,000 $1,963   570         $2,728 2.92%

The Boutiq Freehold $1,120,000 $2,214   506         $2,826 3.03%

Robertson Edge 999 yrs from 01/07/1841  $1,164,000   $1,690   689 $3,000   3.09%

OUE Twin Peaks 99 yrs from 10/05/2010    $1,220,000   $2,222   549  $3,241   3.19%

Starlight Suites Freehold $1,250,000 $2,233   560         $2,744   2.63%

2 RVG Freehold $1,268,000 $1,841   689       $2,830 2.68%

Martin Place Residences Freehold $1,331,

Appreciation Analysis: Irwell Hill Residences

Irwell Hill Residences, situated in District 9, stands out as a well-located condominium offering favorable pricing for its prime location. Being in close proximity to an MRT station (Great World MRT), it aligns with the trend of properties in such areas experiencing appreciable gains.

While the future Great World MRT station is anticipated, its impact on pricing may already be reflected, tempering the potential for a significant surge upon its completion.

Examining the URA Master Plan reveals that Irwell Hill Residences is surrounded by dense residential zones, and a nearby reserve site indicates ongoing development in the vicinity. The abundance of residential options poses competition for both tenants and future buyers.

A potential concern lies in Irwell Hill Residences being a leasehold property amidst freehold counterparts, a factor that can influence appreciation. However, being a new and visually appealing development in an area with older counterparts, it enjoys a competitive edge.

The upcoming rejuvenation of the Orchard/Paterson area, with planned enhancements and mixed-use developments, presents opportunities for further growth and increased desirability. The transformation of precincts like Tanglin, Orchard, Somerset, and Dhoby Ghaut, along with elevated link-bridges and new vantage points, adds to the positive outlook.

Irwell Hill Residences developer

CapitaLand Development Limited

J’den’s developer, CapitaLand, originates from Singapore and stands out as one of Asia’s foremost developers. Operating across more than 30 countries and 220 cities, CapitaLand boasts numerous accolades affirming its dedication to excellence across all endeavors. Among these accolades are recognitions like Best Overall Investor Relations, Most Outstanding Company in Singapore (Real Estate), and awards for exceptional marketing campaigns such as Quest Apartment Hotels and Ascott The Residence. CapitaLand’s commitment to crafting high-quality residences tailored to contemporary needs shines through in projects like One Pearl Bank, Sengkang Grand Residences, and Canninghill Piers. Notably, the latter two are multifaceted developments, showcasing CapitaLand’s expertise in managing such projects. Alongside J’den, CapitaLand oversees other properties in the Jurong Lake District, including Westgate and IMM.

Years of Experience: Since 1984

Number of Completed Projects: Portfolio with numerous projects, including lJewel Changi Airport, One Pearl Bank, CapitaSpring etc

Types of Projects Undertaken: Integrated developments, Retail, Office, Lodging, Residential, Business Parks, Industrial, Logistics and Data Centres.

Average Project Size: Varies, from luxury condominiums

Geographic Area of Operations: Singapore, China, Vietnam, Europe and the United States.

Financial Stability Rating: Record triple revenue of S$889.3 million in 2006, Net profit grew 5 times to S$128 million

Environmental Compliance Rating: N/A

Customer Satisfaction Score: N/A

Warranty Period Offered: N/A

Safety Record: N/A

Technological Innovation Level: State-of-the-art high-tech features in luxury condominiums

Legal Compliance Record: N/A

Awards and Recognition: Most Outstanding Company in Singapore (Real Estate), Best Marketing or Branding Campaign: Quest Apartment Hotels, Best Serviced Residence Brand- Ascott The Residence, Best Brand Campaign in Private Database Establishment Category Ascott China.

Quality Assurance Certifications: Building and Construction Authority Quality Excellence Award and FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Award

Responsiveness to Client Needs: Emphasis on creating premium products and enhancing the quality of lives

Post-Completion Services: N/A

Community Involvement: High-Quality Residence, creating quality spaces for work

Irwell Hill Residences showflat

District: 9

Units: 540

Property type: Apartment / Condo

Tenure: 99 years commencing from 13 April 2020

Pricing of Irwell Hill Residences

Sale Price: S$1.16M ~ S$9.34M

Price per Square Foot: S$ 2,632 ~ S$4,272

Location-Based Price Variation: N/A

Pricing Tiers: N/A

Discounts and Offers: Contact Us

Payment Plan Options:

-Stage Payment Under a Standard Payment Scheme (% of Purchase Price)

-Upon the grant of Option to Purchase 5% (Booking Fee)

-Upon signing of the Sale & Purchase Agreement or within B weeks from the Option date 20% less Booking Fee

-Completion of foundation work 10%

-Completion of reinforced concrete framework of unit 10%

-Completion of partition walls of unit 5%

-Completion of roofing/ceiling of unit 5%

-Completion of door sub-frames/door frames, window frames, electrical wiring, internal plastering and plumbing of unit 5%

-Completion of car park, roads and drains serving the housing project 5%

-Notice of Vacant Possession (TOP) 25%

-On Completion date 15%

Price Increase Rate: N/A

Rental Yield: Calculate

Historical Price Trends: N/A

Price Comparisons with Similar Units: ATTITUDE AT KIM YAM- $720,000 VIVACE- $760,000

Financing Options Impact: N/A

Maintenance Fee Inclusion: Paid on monthly basis – TBA

Deposit Required: N/A

Government Subsidies Impact: N/A

Market Demand Influence: N/A

Developer Reputation Impact: Premium developer: +10% price increase

Project Completion Stage Impact: N/A

Furnishing and Interior Design Cost: Furnished: +$50,000, Unfurnished: Base price

Tax and Legal Fees: N/A


Nestled in the heart of District 9, Irwell Hill Residences offers modern luxury living with 540 units spread across two 36-storey high-rise apartments. Developed by City Developments Limited, renowned for upscale properties like South Beach Residences, New Futura, and Gramercy Park, residents can expect lavish units equipped with top-tier fittings, branded home appliances, and Smart Home features.

Site Plan of Irwell Hill Residences

Total Land Area: 35,803 sqm

Number of Residential Units: 540

Building Height: 2 Blocks of 36 storeys of residential units

Unit Size Range: 452-2605 sqft

Types of Units Available: Studios to 4-Bedroom Premium apartments including three exclusive Sky Penthouses.

Parking Lot Availability: 432

Landscape Design: Ecoplan Asia Pte Ltd

Project Details of Irwell Hill Residences

General Project Description

Irwell Hill Residences, a 99-year leasehold New Launch Condo in District 9, is set for completion in 2026 with 3 blocks and 540 units. It’s conveniently located near Great World MRT stations, surrounded by condos like Leonie Towers and Riva Lodge. Families will find nearby schools like Safari House Preschool River Valley, while amenities include supermarkets such as Ascendent Ventures Pte Ltd and medical services at Gentle Dental Group @ River Valley. For leisure, residents can enjoy Alexandra Park Connector.

Address: 2 Irwell Hill, 239588

District: 9

Tenure: 99 years commencing from 13 April 2020

Mukim Lot No.: MK03-05509X

Project Account: N/A

Design Architect / Project Architect: MVRDV B.V (Concept Architect) ADDP Architects LLP (Principal Architect)

Landscape Architect: Ecoplan Asia Pte Ltd

Main Contractor: N/A

Units Type: Studios to 4-Bedroom Premium apartments including three exclusive Sky Penthouses.

No. of Units: 540

Site Area: 12,789.70 sq m/ Approx 137,610 sq ft

Plot Ratio: 2.8

Development Heights / Storey: 2 Blocks of 36 storeys of residential units

No. of Car Park Lots: 432

Amenities of Irwell Hill Residences

Swimming Pool – Pool Deck; 50m Raintree Pool+2 proper sized pools+spa and kid’s pool

Indoor Gymnasium – Fully equipped

Security – Available 24 hours

Parking – Parking Available- 432

Children’s Play Area – Playground

BBQ – Gourmet BBQ Area

Function Rooms/lawns – Event ,Party and Meeting Facilities

Sports Facilities – Tennis Court

Spa and Wellness Center – Steam Room, Spa Pool

Pet-Friendly Features – Pet friendly

Concierge Services – Available

Connectivity (Wi-Fi) – Wi-Fi access at some of the common areas as well

Retail Outlets – Available

Shuttle Services – Available

Clubhouse – Gym, Function Room with Screen, Outdoor Dining

Lounge – Lounge Seating, Spa Lounge, Wellness Lounge

Playground – Large playground

Irwell Hill Residences provides unparalleled convenience with its prime location along Irwell Bank Road. With easy access to Orchard MRT station, upcoming Great World City MRT station, and major expressways like AYE, CTE, and MCE, residents enjoy seamless connectivity to various parts of Singapore. Nearby amenities include major shopping centers like ION, Ngee Ann City, and Paragon, as well as Great World Shopping Centre, offering a wide range of amenities from retail shops to a Japanese supermarket and gyms.

Location of Irwell Hill Residences

Situated amidst a tranquil yet central environment, Irwell Hill Residences is surrounded by reputable schools catering to both local and international students. Within a 10-minute drive, families have access to esteemed institutions such as River Valley Primary School, Anglo Chinese School (Junior), Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, and Singapore Management University. Additionally, the development is near Robertson Quay, offering scenic views of the Singapore River and a vibrant dining scene.

City/Area: District 09 in the Orchard/River Valley precinct Singapore

Neighborhood: River Valley

Proximity to City Center: 5 km from City Center, downtown core

Public Transportation Access: Near MRT station, Bus stops within walking distance

Nearby Schools: Safari House Preschool River Valley: 2 mins (134 m),Kay Poh Road Baptist Kindergarten: 4 mins (245 m),Orpheus Dive | PADI 5 Star IDC & Tec Centre: 5 mins (319 m)

Local Crime Rate: Low

Proximity to Commercial Areas: Adjacent to shopping district, 10 min drive to mall

Nearby Parks and Recreation: Alexandra Park Connector: 538 m
Kim Seng Park: 600 m, Let’s Dress Up and Travel Together: 620 m

Air Quality Index: Good

Noise Pollution Level: Low

Proximity to Hospitals: 5 km to nearest hospital

View from the Property: Southern waters of Singapore

Local Property Market Trends: Growing

Climate and Weather Patterns: Tropical

Cultural Amenities: 5 km away from National Museum of Singapore

Property Tax Rates: Average

Historical Significance: Modern area

Environmental Regulations: Strict building codes, Eco-friendly practices


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