Name of condo(Condominium): SkyEden @Bedok

Name of condo(Condominium): SkyEden @Bedok

Discover a new level of contemporary living at SkyEden @Bedok, a remarkable 99-year leasehold condominium situated at Bedok Central in District 16. Anticipated for completion in 2027, this sophisticated development comprises one block housing a total of 158 units.

Development Overview:

Strategic Location: SkyEden @Bedok boasts a strategic location within walking distance to Bedok MRT, providing residents with seamless connectivity to explore various parts of Singapore effortlessly.

Vibrant Community: Thriving amidst neighboring residential developments such as Bedok Residences, Opera Estate, and Casafina, SkyEden @Bedok offers an engaging and vibrant community experience.

Educational Proximity: Families with young ones will benefit from the proximity to educational institutions such as My Chapter Learning Centre, MindCentre Bedok, and Smart Kids Children School, ensuring a nurturing learning environment for children.

Retail Convenience: Residents can conveniently fulfill their daily needs at nearby supermarkets like FairPrice Xpress and Sheng Siong – Bedok Central 209 Supermarket, offering a diverse range of groceries and household products.

Health and Wellness: SkyEden @Bedok residents have easy access to healthcare services with clinics like Luminous Dental Clinic @ Bedok Point nearby, catering to health emergencies or regular checkups.

Banking Facilities: Monetary services are conveniently accessible at Maybank Bedok, providing residents with easy access to banking services.

Recreational Oasis: Residents can enjoy outdoor activities and a breath of fresh air at the nearby Garden Hill Park, creating a serene retreat within the vicinity.

Key Selling Points:

Modern Living Spaces: SkyEden @Bedok offers a curated selection of 158 thoughtfully designed units, providing residents with modern, functional, and comfortable living spaces.

Proximity to MRT: The development’s close proximity to Bedok MRT ensures convenient and quick access to public transportation, enhancing residents’ mobility and connectivity.

Educational Hub: Families benefit from the variety of nearby educational institutions, creating an ideal environment for academic growth and development of the younger generation.

Comprehensive Community: Surrounded by neighboring condos and residential developments, SkyEden @Bedok fosters a sense of community, allowing residents to engage in a vibrant and inclusive living experience.

Convenient Retail Options: Nearby supermarkets cater to residents’ daily needs, offering a hassle-free shopping experience for groceries and household essentials.

Health and Wellness Access: SkyEden @Bedok prioritizes residents’ well-being with nearby healthcare services, ensuring prompt attention to health-related concerns.

Banking Convenience: The presence of Maybank Bedok adds to the convenience, offering residents easy access to banking services.

Nature Proximity: With Garden Hill Park in close proximity, SkyEden @Bedok provides a nearby green space for residents to relax, exercise, and enjoy a peaceful natural environment. Experience a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and community at SkyEden @Bedok.

Factsheet of Sky Eden@Bedok

Project Name: Sky Eden At Bedok

Developer: Frasers Property

Address: 1 Bedok Central, 469657

District: D16

No Of Units: 158

No Of Carpark Lots: 134 Parking Lots & Handicapped Lots

No. Of Storeys: 17

Site Area: 4136.66m

Tenure: 99 year leasehold

Expected TOP Date: 30 June 2027

Expected Legal Completion Date: To be confirmed

No. of Lifts: 2

Payment Scheme: Normal Payment Scheme

Project Architect (QP): ACCP Architects LLP

Civil & Structural Engineer: KCL Consultants Pte Ltd

Floorplan of Sky Eden@Bedok

Total Area: 44,526 sqft

Number of Bedrooms: 2 BR, 3 BR, Penthouse, Premium

Number of Bathrooms: 1 bathroom, 2 bathrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4 bathrooms

Type of Kitchen: Open

Flooring Material: Vinyl flooring

Balcony Presence: Yes

Orientation: North-facing, South-facing

Level/Floor: 17th

View Type: Sea of blues and greens

Ceiling Height: 4.8 metres

Energy Efficiency Rating: NA

Window Type: Ventilation window

Heating and Cooling System: NA

Parking Availability: Parking available

Storage Solutions: Built-in wardrobes, sliding 2-panel wardrobe

Security Features: Security available

Accessibility Features: NA

Furnishing Status: NA

Smart Home Features: NA

Outdoor Space: Available

Unit Breakdown:

  • 2 room
    • Area (sq ft): 657 – 657
    • No. of Units: 15
  • 2 room penthouse
    • Area (sq ft): 840 – 904
    • No. of Units: 4
  • 2 room premium
    • Area (sq ft): 689 – 743
    • No. of Units: 45
  • 3 room
    • Area (sq ft): 893 – 893
    • No. of Units: 30
  • 3 room penthouse
    • Area (sq ft): 1087 – 1302
    • No. of Units: 5
  • 3 room premium
    • Area (sq ft): 1087 – 1087
    • No. of Units: 43
  • 4 room penthouse
    • Area (sq ft): 1572 – 1572
    • No. of Units: 1
  • 4 room premium
    • Area (sq ft): 1302 – 1302
    • No. of Units: 15

Review of Sky Eden@Bedok

Neighborhood and Accessibility: 4/5

Public Transport Connectivity:4/5

Schools And Amenities:4/5


Plans for Future Developments:4/5

Developer Review:3/5


Spacious 3-Bedroom Units

Penthouse Showcase

Strategic Unit Mix

 Thoughtful Design Elements

Quality Kitchen Appliances

High Ceilings

Balcony Space

Full-Length Windows

Master Bedroom Features

Separate Laundry Area

Household Shelter

Communal Areas


Limited Penthouse Units

Limited Bathroom Features

Limited Master Bedroom Differentiation

High Window Maintenance

Lighting Not Included

Limited Customization

No Morning Sun

No His and Hers Sink

Common Bathroom Features

Corridor Space

Balcony Size

 Ensuite Bathroom Countertop Space



1.Spacious 3-Bedroom Units:The 3-bedroom premium units at Sky Eden@Bedok offer a range of 1,087 to 1,302 sq ft, providing ample living space for families.

2. Penthouse Showcase: The show flat highlights the penthouse unit, showcasing a larger size of 1,302 sq ft due to elevated ceilings in the living/dining area.

3. Strategic Unit Mix: Notably, 50% of the units are 3-bedroom configurations, indicating a clear target audience, likely families or multi-generational households.

4. Thoughtful Design Elements:The entrance features a longer entryway, providing space for additional storage. Developers utilize wall space cleverly for storage and display, enhancing functionality.

5. Spacious Kitchen: The 3-bedroom premium kitchen is more expensive than its 2-bedroom counterpart, featuring a stainless steel sink with a glass vision panel and ample electrical sockets for kitchen appliances.

6. Quality Kitchen Appliances: Bosch appliances, including a free-standing fridge, 900mm hood, gas stove, and built-in oven, contribute to a well-equipped kitchen.

7. High Ceilings:The living and dining areas boast high ceilings, reaching 4.8m, creating a sense of openness. The potential to build a loft space adds practicality to the aesthetic appeal.

8. Balcony Space:The balcony, though not overly large, provides a pleasant outdoor area for seating or a small breakfast spot.

9. Full-Length Windows: Floor-to-ceiling windows in bedrooms allow ample natural light, and the thicker laminated glass helps minimize external noise.

10.Master Bedroom Features The master bedroom accommodates a king-sized bed and includes thoughtful additions like LED-lit wardrobes, accessory racks, and drawers.

11.Separate Laundry Area: The 3-bedroom premium units have a dedicated laundry area, with separate washer and dryer, catering to larger households.

12. Household Shelter: The inclusion of a household shelter adds extra storage space or the option to convert it into a helper’s room.

13. Communal Areas: The living, dining, and balcony spaces in the penthouse unit are well-designed, offering flexibility for furniture arrangements and a cozy atmosphere.

14. Natural Ventilation: Windows in key areas, including the kitchen and master bathroom, contribute to natural ventilation.


1.Limited Penthouse Units:Only 10 penthouse units are available, limiting the availability of the showcased larger living spaces.

2. Limited Bathroom Features:Common bedrooms share a bathroom, and certain features like rain showers are exclusive to master bathrooms.

3. Limited Master Bedroom Differentiation:The master bedroom, while decent in size, lacks distinctive features that set it apart from other bedrooms.

4. High Window Maintenance:High windows may attract dust, and cleaning them could be a potential hassle.

5.Lighting Not Included:LED lights in the kitchen are not included, requiring residents to arrange for their lighting solutions.

6. Limited Customization:The fixed color scheme in the kitchen may limit personalization options for buyers.

7.No Morning Sun While advantageous for temperature control, the south-facing direction means no direct morning or afternoon sun in the unit.

8.No His and Hers Sink:The master bathroom lacks separate sinks, which could be a drawback for some buyers.

9. Common Bathroom Features: The common bathroom lacks a ventilation window and a rain shower, features typically found in master bathrooms.

10.Corridor Space: The longer corridor in the 3-bedroom unit might require additional furnishings for optimal use.

11. Balcony Size:While decent, the balcony size may limit extensive outdoor activities.

12. Ensuite Bathroom Countertop Space:The master bathroom has limited countertop space compared to the common bathroom.

13. Window Cleaning Hassle:High windows might be challenging to clean due to their placement.

14. Limited Loft Space Information: While the potential for a loft space is mentioned, specific details or limitations are not provided.

 2 Bedroom Premium unit at Sky Eden@Bedok 


1. Spacious Feel: Despite its size on paper, the 2 Bedroom Premium unit at Sky Eden@Bedok offers a spacious feel, enhanced by the use of neutral colors.

2. Smart Home Integration: Units are equipped with a digital door lock and a smart home hub system, allowing for remote access to the air-conditioner and a wireless video doorbell.

3. Ample Storage The inclusion of a linen closet, a rare feature in 2-bedroom units, provides ample storage space for laundry essentials and enhances overall organization.

4. Quality Kitchen Appliances: The kitchen boasts Bosch appliances, including a hood, built-in oven, induction hob, and fridge, ensuring high-quality and reliable functionality.

5. Balcony Extension: The balcony, though not extensive, serves as a valuable extension of the living area, accommodating small seating or dining arrangements.

6. Wheelchair-Friendly Bathrooms:All bathrooms feature wheelchair-friendly doorways and entrances to the shower areas, enhancing accessibility.


1 Limited Availability: The popularity of 2-bedroom units may result in limited availability, potentially affecting interested buyers.

2. Morning Sun Exposure: East-facing units may experience morning sun exposure, requiring consideration for residents sensitive to sunlight.

3. Glass Backsplash Maintenance: Regular cleaning of the transparent glass backsplash in the kitchen is necessary to prevent the accumulation of oil stains.

4. Limited Kitchen Ventilation: The absence of a proper ventilation window in the kitchen may be a concern for those who enjoy frequent and extensive cooking.

5. Similar Bathroom Layouts:Both master and common bathrooms share similar layouts, with the primary distinction being the presence of an overhead rain shower in the master bathroom.

6. Space Constraints in Master Bedroom: Optimal space utilization in the master bedroom may require careful consideration of bed size.

7. Limited Dressing Table Space: The master bedroom may lack sufficient space for a traditional dressing table, necessitating thoughtful furniture placement.

8.  Fixed Color Schemes:  Fixed color schemes in the kitchen may limit personalization options for buyers seeking a more customized aesthetic.

9.  High Windows for Cleaning:  Full-length windows may attract dust, and cleaning them could be challenging due to their height.

10.  Potential for Limited Flexibility:  The use of bench seating in the dining area may limit flexibility for residents who prefer a more adaptable space.

The 4 Bedroom Premium units 


1.  Spacious Size:  The 4 Bedroom Premium units offer generous sizes of 1,302 sq ft and 1,572 sq ft for the penthouse, providing ample living space.

2.  Variety of Layouts:  The unit features a dry and wet kitchen concept, adding versatility to the living space and catering to different cooking preferences.

3.  Additional Junior Master Bedroom:  The inclusion of a Junior Master Bedroom distinguishes the 4 Bedroom Premium unit, providing an extra bedroom and an additional bathroom compared to the 3 Bedroom Premium unit.


4.  Penthouse Size Disparity:  The size difference between the standard 4 Bedroom Premium unit and the penthouse unit may influence buyer preferences, and those interested in the larger size may find fewer options.

5.  Potential for Limited Natural Light:  Depending on the unit’s orientation, the availability of natural light may vary, impacting the overall ambiance.

6.  Limited Information on Penthouse Features:  Specific features of the penthouse unit are not detailed, requiring potential buyers to seek additional information on its amenities and layout.

7.  Similar Bathroom Layouts:  The similarity in bathroom layouts to the 3 Bedroom Premium unit may reduce variety for buyers looking for unique features in the bathrooms.

8.  Potential for Limited Flexibility:  The similarity in layout to the 3 Bedroom Premium unit may limit the flexibility for buyers who desire a more customized or distinct living space.Multiple Bathrooms:  With three bathrooms, the unit offers convenience and privacy for residents.

5.  Similar Layout to 3 Bedroom Premium:  Buyers can reference the 3 Bedroom Premium showflat for an idea of the layout, offering insights into the unit’s design and potential.


1.  No Dedicated Showflat:  Unlike other unit types, the 4 Bedroom Premium unit does not have a dedicated showflat, limiting the visual reference for interested buyers.

2.  Limited Availability:  With only 16 units available, there may be limited availability, potentially impacting the choices of buyers.

3.  Similar Kitchen Layout:  The kitchen layout is similar to the 3 Bedroom Premium unit, potentially limiting variety for those seeking distinct features in the kitchen.



1.  Convenient Location:  Sky Eden@Bedok is strategically located just a 3-minute walk from Bedok MRT Station, offering easy access to public transportation and connecting to key MRT stations.

2.  Amenities at Doorstep:  Residents have access to essential amenities within a 3-minute walking radius, including grocery shops, hawker stalls, and Bedok Mall with over 200 shops.

3.  School Options:  The development is surrounded by a variety of preschools, primary schools, and secondary schools within a 5-km radius, making it suitable for families with children.

4.  Transportation Connectivity:  The indoor bus interchange at Bedok Mall services more than 30 bus routes, providing additional commuting options.

5.  Convenience for East-Side Workers:  For individuals working or frequenting the East, such as Changi Business Park, Sky Eden@Bedok is exceptionally convenient.


1.  Traffic Challenges:  The review mentions that walking to the MRT station involves passing through markets and food centers, which can be chaotic. 

2.  Distance from Central Areas:  The drive times to key central areas, such as the CBD and Orchard Road, might be considered relatively longer, making it less central from a broader perspective.

3.  Limited Private Transport Centralization:  While convenient for the East, the development may not be the most central for individuals with frequent travel to destinations across Singapore.

4.  Traffic Consideration:  Travel times are calculated based on off-peak periods, and the review advises accounting for longer traffic times during rush hours.



1.  Proximity to Public Transportation:  Sky Eden@Bedok is a 5-minute walk to the Bedok Integrated Transport Hub, offering easy access to Bedok MRT, Bedok Bus Interchange, and Bedok Mall.

2.  Convenient for Drivers:  The development is within a 10-minute drive to major expressways (PIE and ECP), providing quick connectivity for residents who drive.

3.  Access to Major Roads:  Located along New Upper Changi Road, a major road, Sky Eden@Bedok has good connectivity to neighboring estates.

4.  Shopping and Dining Options:  Bedok Mall, with over 200 shops and F&B outlets, is a major shopping center nearby. Bedok Town Centre also offers a variety of amenities, including three supermarkets.

5.  Hawker and Wet Market Access:  Within walking distance to Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre and Blk 216 Bedok Food Centre and Market, offering residents convenient access to hawker food and wet market goods.

6.  Recreational Facilities:  Proximity to Heartbeat@Bedok, an integrated complex with a swimming pool, library, polyclinic, and community club. Nearby sports and recreational facilities include Bedok Tennis Centre, Bedok Sports Hall, Bedok Sports & Fitness Centre, and Bedok Stadium. East Coast Park and Bedok Reservoir Park are also within a 10-minute drive.


1.  Proximity to Bustling Areas:  The development is situated in a mature estate alongside HDB developments, which may not appeal to buyers seeking a quieter or more exclusive environment away from a bustling town center.

2.  Preference for Quieter Environment:  Sky Eden@Bedok might not be suitable for those who prefer a quieter or more exclusive living environment.

3.  Potential Crowds:  Being near busy hubs like Bedok Mall and the Bedok Integrated Transport Hub may result in increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

4.  Mature Estate Setting:  While providing access to a wide range of amenities, the mature estate setting may not offer the same level of exclusivity compared to newer developments.

Facilities review of Sky Eden@Bedok


1.  Exclusivity:  With only five units sharing two lifts in each tower, residents experience a sense of exclusivity.

2.  View Options:  Units in stacks 1, 2, 9, and 10 may offer better views, while the innovative sky gardens provide green views and act as a buffer.

3.  Sun Orientation:  80% of units are north-south facing, ensuring good ventilation and minimizing direct sunlight, enhancing the overall living experience.

4.  Biophilic Design:  The commitment to biophilic design, including sky gardens and green spaces, creates a sustainable and visually pleasing living environment.

5.  Sustainability Features:  The development has achieved Green Mark GoldPLUS certification, and features such as rainwater harvesting, energy-efficient lighting, and green roofs contribute to sustainability.


1.  Limited Views:  Due to the built-up area of Bedok Central, residents may not enjoy expansive views from their units.

2.  Potential Crowding:  Family-friendly facilities, especially the kids’ area, may become crowded on weekends and school holidays, considering the target demographic of young families.

3.  Limited Sun Exposure:  Stacks 7 and 8 face east and may receive direct morning sun, potentially impacting residents in these units.

4.  Limited Pool Length:  While the 30m infinity lap pool is decent for a boutique development, some residents might prefer a longer pool.

5.  View of Industrial Estate:  Despite efforts to mitigate noise, stacks overlooking Bedok South HDB flats and the industrial estate may not offer the most scenic views.

Developer of Sky Eden@Bedok

Fraser Property Limited

Company Profile

Frasers Property Limited, also known as “Frasers Property” or the “Group,” is a globally recognized developer-owner-operator with a diverse portfolio of real estate products and services spanning the entire property value chain. The company, headquartered in Singapore and publicly listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”), boasts total assets valued at approximately S$40.7 billion as of March 31, 2022.

Operating on a global scale, Frasers Property engages in five key asset classes: residential, retail, commercial & business parks, industrial & logistics, and hospitality. The Group has established a significant presence in Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and China. Its well-established hospitality business extends to serviced apartments and hotels in more than 20 countries and 70 cities across Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

In its role as a sponsor, Frasers Property manages two real estate investment trusts (REITs) and one stapled trust listed on the SGX-ST. Frasers Centrepoint Trust focuses on retail properties, while Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust specializes in industrial and commercial properties. The dedicated hospitality properties trust, Frasers Hospitality Trust, comprises Frasers Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust and Frasers Hospitality Business Trust. Additionally, the Group has two REITs listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Frasers Property (Thailand) Public Company Limited sponsors Frasers Property Thailand Industrial Freehold & Leasehold REIT, focusing on industrial and logistics properties in Thailand, and Golden Ventures Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust, concentrating on commercial properties.

Frasers Property is dedicated to creating inspiring experiences and places that bring benefits to all stakeholders. Through the adoption of progressive practices, responsible production and consumption, and a commitment to its people, the Group aims to enhance sustainability across its value chain and achieve net-zero carbon status by 2050. Leveraging its heritage, knowledge, and capabilities, Frasers Property aims to generate long-term shared value for its people, businesses, and communities. The Group places a strong emphasis on workforce diversity and actively promotes a progressive, collaborative, and respectful corporate culture.

Name of the Developer: Frasers Property Limited

Years of Experience: 23 years of experience

Number of Completed Projects: To be announced

Types of Projects Undertaken: Residential, commercial, and community spaces

Average Project Size: Varies, from condominiums to projects like Sky Eden @ Bedok (100 or more)

Geographic Area of Operations: Primarily Singapore

Financial Stability Rating: BBB

Environmental Compliance Rating: B rating from CDP

Customer Satisfaction Score: NA

Average Construction Time: NA

Warranty Period Offered: 12 months

Safety Record: NA

Technological Innovation Level: High-tech

Collaboration with Architects: Renowned and local architects

Legal Compliance Record: NA

Awards and Recognition: The Singapore Corporate Awards (SCA)

Quality Assurance Certifications: ISO and BCA quality mark

Responsiveness to Client Needs: High responsiveness

Post-Completion Services: NA

Community Involvement: Strives to make a difference in education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

Pricing of Sky Eden@Bedok

Base Price: S$1.31M

Price per Square Foot: S$1937

Location-Based Price Variation: To be announced

Pricing Tiers: To be announced

Discounts and Offers: Contacted

Payment Plan Options:

  • Upon Issue of Option to Purchase (OTP): 5% of the purchase price
  • Upon signing Agreement / Within 8 weeks immediately after the date of Option: 20% (less the 5% booking fee)
  • Upon Completion of Foundation Work: 10%
  • Upon Completion of Reinforced Concrete Framework: 10%
  • Upon Completion of Partition Walls: 5%
  • Upon Completion of Roofing: 5%
  • Upon Completion of Door sub-frames / door frames, window frames, electrical wiring (without fittings), internal plastering, and plumbing: 5%
  • Upon Completion Car park, roads, and drains serving the housing project: 5%
  • Upon Completion Building, roads, and drainage and sewerage works in the housing estate, connection of water, electricity, and gas supplies (Temporary Occupation Permit stage): 25%

Final Payment Date and/or Completion: 15%

Price Increase Rate: To be announced

Resale Price: NA

Rental Yield: Calculate using provided link

Historical Price Trends: S$2,196 – S$2,730

Price Comparisons with Similar Units:

  • AMO Residence: $2,138 psf

Lentor Modern: $2,165 psf

Financing Options Impact: To be announced

Maintenance Fee Inclusion: Paid on monthly basis, to be announced

Deposit Required: To be announced

Government Subsidies Impact: To be announced

Market Demand Influence: S$2,197 – S$2,873 psf / S$2,488 psf

Developer Reputation Impact: Premium developer: +10% price increase

Project Completion Stage Impact: To be announced

Furnishing and Interior Design Cost:Furnished: +$50,000

Unfurnished: Base price

Tax and Legal Fees: To be announced

Site Plan of Sky Eden@Bedok

 Total Land Area: 15,553 sqm.

 Number of Residential Units: 160 units

 Building Height: 17 storeys

 Unit Size Range: 657-1572 sq ft

Types of Units Available: 2 room,2 room premium
2 room penthouse,3 room,3 room penthouse,3room premium,4 room penthouse,4 room premium

– Parking Lot Availability: Car park lots – 138

– Common Area Size: 4,137 sqm

  – Playground: Children playground

 Pool Type: 50m full-length pool, infinity pool, kids’ pool, spa

 Gym Facilities: A fully-equipped indoor gym

 Function Lawn Capacity: Not Available

Security Features: 24-hour security

Accessibility for Disabled: To Be Confirmed

Green Building Features: Residential towers spaced apart to promote airflow, with lobbies and corridors that maximize natural ventilation

Pet-Friendly: Not Available

Proximity to Nearest Public Transport:

  – MRT Stations Distance:

    – Jurong East: 4 mins (224 m)

    – Jurong Lake District: 687 m

    – Toh Guan: 739 m

Ratio of Built-up to Green Space: Not Available

Project Details of Sky Eden@Bedok

Project Name: Sky Eden@Bedok

Location: Bedok

District: D16

Developer: Frasers Property

Plot Ratio: 30

Site Area: 4136.66m

Conveyance Solicitor: Rajah Term

Project Account No: DOS Banking for Project Account No 001 DOCUST Champaka Development Pte Ltd

Architect: ADDP Architects LLP

Landscape Architect: Tinderbox Sex Ltd

M&E Engineer: 3 Roger Pressor Limited

Lots Number: MK27-0471V

Address: 1 Bedok Central, 469657

No. of Storeys: 17 Storeys

Payment Scheme: Normal Progressive

Interior Design (Showfire): 2nd Edition Poe Ltd

Site Use: Residential with Commercial on lower storey

Tenure: 29 Year Leasehold

Total Units: 250 Residential Units and 12 Commercial Units

No. of CarPark Lots: 134 Parking Lots and Handicapped Lots

Expected Date TOP: 30 June 2027

Expected Date of Legal Completion: TBA

Security: 24 Hours Security

Amenities of Sky Eden@Bedok

Swimming Pool: Children’s pool, lap pool, leisure pool, sun deck

Gymnasium: Outdoor fitness lounge

Security Features: Trained professional personnel

Parking Facilities: Parking facility available

Garden and Landscaping: Sky garden

Children’s Play Area: Swings, slides, and other play equipment

BBQ: BBQ facilities available

Function Lawns: Event, party facilities

Sports Facilities: Tennis courts, basketball courts, badminton courts

Spa and Wellness Center: Steam room, spa pool

Retail Outlets: Retail shops available

Clubhouse: Gym, function room, games room, reading room

Tennis Court: Well-maintained court


City/Area: Bedok / Upper East Coast (D16), Singapore

Neighborhood: Bedok

Proximity to City Center: 13 km from city center, Downtown Core, Singapore

Public Transportation Access: Near MRT station, Bus stops within walking distance

Nearby Schools: My Chapter Learning Centre: 2 mins (128 m),MindCentre Bedok: 2 mins (132 m),Smart Kids Children School: 3 mins (146 m)

Local Crime Rate: Low

Proximity to Commercial Areas: Adjacent to shopping district, 10 min drive to mall

Nearby Parks and Recreation: Garden Hill Park: 6 mins (408 m),Butterfly Garden:6 mins (417 m),Belove. Bird’s Nest:7 mins (501 m)

Air Quality Index: Good

Noise Pollution Level: Low

Proximity to Hospitals: 5 km to nearest hospital

View from the Property: City view

Road Connectivity: Easy highway access, Well-connected by main roads

Local Property Market Trends: Rapidly growing, Stable, Declining

Climate and Weather Patterns: Tropical, Temperate, Arid

Cultural Amenities: 20 min drive approx

Dining and Shopping Options: Multiple dining options nearby, Luxury shopping mall

Property Tax Rates: Average

Historical Significance: Historical district, Modern area

Environmental Regulations: Strict building codes, Eco-friendly practices


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