Name of condo(Condominium): Pasir Ris 8

Name of condo(Condominium): Pasir Ris 8

Elevate your living experience at Pasir Ris 8, an upcoming 99-year leasehold condominium situated at Pasir Ris Central in District 18. Projected for completion in 2026, this meticulously designed development features seven blocks, offering a total of 487 thoughtfully crafted units.

Development Overview:

Strategic Location: Pasir Ris 8 enjoys a strategic location within walking distance of Pasir Ris MRT/LRT, providing residents with easy access to various areas of Singapore, ensuring seamless connectivity and convenience.

Proximity to Neighboring Condos: Surrounded by neighboring condos such as Coco Palms, Eastvale, and NV Residences, Pasir Ris 8 is part of a thriving and well-connected community.

Educational Institutions: For families and young couples with children, Pasir Ris 8 is conveniently located near schools like Al-Amin Education Centre, M.Y World @ Pasir Ris, and Pawer Skills Learning Centre, creating an ideal environment for educational growth.

Retail Convenience: Residents can effortlessly meet their grocery and household needs with nearby supermarkets such as Sheng Siong – Pasir Ris Supermarket and FairPrice – Whitesands, ensuring a convenient shopping experience.

Health and Wellness Access: Health services are easily accessible with clinics like Q & M Dental Surgery (Pasir Ris MRT), providing residents with prompt attention to health-related concerns.

Monetary Services: Residents have the convenience of obtaining monetary services at POSB – White Sands Branch, adding to the overall convenience of living at Pasir Ris 8.

Leisure and Recreation: For leisure and recreation, residents can unwind at the nearby Pasir Ris Town Park, offering a serene environment for fresh air and various outdoor activities.

Transaction History Data: Explore the latest transaction history data for Pasir Ris 8, providing residents with transparency and valuable insights into the development.

Key Selling Points:

Thoughtfully Crafted Living Spaces: Pasir Ris 8 offers a diverse selection of 487 units across its seven blocks, providing residents with thoughtfully crafted, modern, and comfortable living spaces.

Proximity to MRT: The development’s close proximity to Pasir Ris MRT/LRT ensures convenient and quick access to public transportation, enhancing residents’ mobility.

Educational Hub: Families benefit from the variety of nearby educational institutions, creating an ideal environment for academic growth and development.

Comprehensive Community: Surrounded by neighboring condos, Pasir Ris 8 fosters a sense of community, allowing residents to engage in a thriving and well-connected living experience.

Convenient Retail Options: Nearby supermarkets cater to residents’ daily needs, offering a hassle-free shopping experience for groceries and household essentials.

Health and Wellness Access: Pasir Ris 8 prioritizes residents’ well-being with nearby healthcare services, ensuring prompt attention to health-related concerns.

Banking Convenience: The presence of POSB – White Sands Branch adds to the convenience, offering residents easy access to monetary services.

Nature Proximity: With Pasir Ris Town Park nearby, Pasir Ris 8 provides a serene green space for residents to relax, exercise, and enjoy a peaceful natural environment.

Indulge in a harmonious blend of comfort, connectivity, and community at Pasir Ris 8, where every aspect of modern living is meticulously crafted for an ideal living experience.

Factsheet of Pasir Ris 8

Project Name: PASIR RIS 8  


Location: Local  

District: D18  

Region: East Region  

Broad Region: Outside Central Region (OCR)  

Country: Singapore  


Model: CONDO  


Expected TOP: JUNE 2026  


Architect: DCA Architect Pte Ltd  

Quantity Surveyor: Threesixty Cost Management Pte Ltd  

CS Engineer: Mott Macdonald Singapore Pte Ltd  

ME Engineer: J Roger Preston (s) Pte Ltd  

Project Account: 717-146096-001 Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited  

Land Size Area: 38,003 sqm  

Site Use: Residential  

Payment Schemes: Normal Progressive Payment Scheme  

Mukim Lot No: 03173V(PT), 03147N(PT), 03170C(PT) MK 29 Pasir Ris Drive 3/ Pasir Ris Drive 8/ Pasir Ris Central  

Total Number of Units: 487 Units  

Addresses: 12 Pasir Ris Drive 8, 519469

FLOORPLAN of Pasir Ris 8

Total Area: 38,003.7 sqm  
Number of Bathrooms: 1 bathroom, 2 bathrooms, 3 bathrooms, 5 bathrooms  
Type of Kitchen: Enclosed kitchen  
Flooring Material: N/A  
Balcony Presence: YES  
Orientation: North-facing, South-facing  
Number of Bedrooms: 1 BR, 2 BR, 2+1 BR, 3 BR, 3+1 BR, 4 BR, 5+1 BR, Dual key  
Level/Floor: 8  
View Type: N/A  
Ceiling Height: N/A  
Energy Efficiency Rating: N/A  
Window Type: Ventilation window  
Heating and Cooling System: N/A  
Parking Availability: Parking available  
Storage Solutions: Built-in wardrobes  
Security Features: N/A  
Accessibility Features: N/A  
Furnishing Status: N/A  
Smart Home Features: N/A  
Outdoor Space: AVAILABLE  

Review Pasir Ris 8

Unit Efficiency: 4/5

  Unit Size: 4.5/5

  Quality of Fittings: 4/5

  Design: 3.5/5

  Variety of Facilities: 4/5

  Quality of Facilities: 4/5

  Surrounding Amenities: 4.5/5

  Developer: 4/5

  Transport Links: 4/5

  Driving Accessibility: 3/5

  Price Point: 3/5


1. Historical Overview of Pasir Ris 8 Condo Developments – Overview of the development’s history and how it fits into the context of Pasir Ris.

2. Potential Demand for Pasir Ris 8: – Analysis of the expected demand for Pasir Ris 8 based on factors like location, amenities, and market trends.

3. Personal Observation of Price Trends:  – Insights into the observed trends in pricing for Pasir Ris 8 units and how they compare to the market.

4. Developer’s Pricing Strategy: – Examination of the pricing strategy employed by the developers, considering factors like market positioning and competition.

5. Prediction for Unit Pricing: – Predictions or expectations regarding the pricing of units in Pasir Ris 8, considering various market factors.

6. Comparison with Previous Peaks:– Comparison of Pasir Ris 8’s current status and pricing with previous peaks or milestones in the property market.

7. Market Caution and Consideration:– Cautionary considerations or potential risks in the market related to Pasir Ris 8.

8. Excitement for Pasir Ris 8’s Distinctive Features:– Exploration and discussion of unique features or aspects of Pasir Ris 8 that set it apart and might excite potential buyers.

Insider Tour Highlights

Overview– Introduction to the integrated development, highlighting key components and offerings of Pasir Ris 8.

Development Context:  – Examination of the surrounding context, including existing amenities, malls, and the potential impact on the development.

Differentiation and Features:– Discussion of distinctive features that set Pasir Ris 8 apart, such as the retail component, healthcare integration, and other unique offerings.

Design and Facilities:– Evaluation of the design aspects of Pasir Ris 8, including the architectural elements and a detailed look at the facilities provided within the development.

North Site Facilities:– Exploration of facilities located on the north side of Pasir Ris 8, including the Club 8 amenities, lap pool, and other recreational spaces.

South Site Facilities:– Overview of facilities on the south side, focusing on the Kid’s Club, dedicated children’s areas, and green spaces for relaxation and play.

Additional Amenities:– Discussion of extra amenities, such as the Town Plaza with Heritage Garden, Central Greenway, and the integration with Pasir Ris Park and the beach.

Showflat Units:– Transition to an exploration of the showflat units, providing insights into the residential aspect of Pasir Ris 8, including unit types, design elements, and notable features.

2 Bedroom

Unit Details: Type: 2 Bedroom Type B1 (710 sqft)

Private Lift Lobby: The unit features a private lift lobby, enhancing exclusivity and convenience for residents.

Dining Area:

The dining area is strategically placed, providing a welcoming entrance to the unit.

The layout deviates from common trends, offering an appealing first impression.

The living and dining areas are arranged parallelly, maximizing natural light and ventilation.

Flexibility in furniture placement, allowing for options like a study area or L-shaped sofa.


– A spacious, segregated kitchen (5.9 sqm), a rarity in 2 Bedroom units.

– Concealed placement from the main entrance adds to the unit’s aesthetic appeal.

– Full-length windows in the Master Bedroom result from thoughtful kitchen placement.

– High functionality with Bosch appliances, ample storage, and an option to enclose the kitchen.

Living Room:

– Unique parallel living and dining layout.

– Options for TV console placement or conversion into a study, catering to a hybrid working environment.

– Flexibility in sofa placement, allowing for a comfortable living space.


– Adequate storage space throughout the unit, including a 2-panel wardrobe in the Master Bedroom.

– Textured laminate finishing on wardrobe panels, a standing dresser with shelves, and a full-length mirror for added convenience.


– Master Bedroom with full-length windows for maximum ventilation and views.

– Comfortable size (13 sqm) for a Master Bedroom, larger than average for 2 Bedroom units.

– Common Bedroom sized at 7.7 sqm, fitting a Single bed comfortably.


– Jack-and-Jill bathroom with entrances from the kitchen and the Master Bedroom.

– Comfortable size (5.1 sqm) with a unique color theme, porcelain tile finishing, and good European brands used for fittings.

Overall Design:

– Thoughtful planning and design contribute to the unit’s liveability.

– Practical layout catering to the needs of residents.

– Attention to detail evident in the choice of materials, appliances, and overall aesthetic.

3 Bedroom

Unit Details: Type: 3 Bedroom

Size: 1,302 sqft

Ceiling Height: 2.85m (in line with the new launch average)

Common Areas:


– Shoe cabinet at the entrance, doubling as an umbrella holder and parcel slot.

– Additional DB Box for supplementary storage.

– Long and wide entrance corridor accommodating more storage cabinets.


– Enclosed kitchen with a plexi-glass feature for interaction and brightness.

– Exterior portion of the glass provides additional storage spaces.

– Dish and accessories rack provided by the developer.

– Appliances include a fridge, 3 burner gas hob, hood, oven, and washer-dryer by Bosch.

– Adequate countertop space with grey/wood tones.

Yard and Helper Room:

– Yard and extra WC totaling 3.3 sqm.

– Guest room is linked to the common corridor via a sliding door (3.8 sqm), suitable for a helper or utility room.

Living and Dining:

– Living and dining spaces laid out in parallel fashion, a luxury for larger units.

– Combined space with the entrance and passageway totaling 38.7 sqm.

– Comfortable space for a 6-seater dining table.

– Spacious balcony (10.4 sqm) with perforated railings and a Haiku ceiling fan.


Bedroom 3:

– Sized at 9.8 sqm, a tad larger than the market average.

– Full-length windows for natural light.

– Fits a Queen-sized bed comfortably.

Bedroom 2:

– Sized at 9.7 sqm.

– Single platform bed with a small study table.

– Standard 2-panel wardrobe and full-length windows.

Common Bathroom:

– Sized at 4.2 sqm.

– Plain-looking with budget furnishings.

– Window for natural ventilation.

– Wares and fittings from reputable brands – Grohe, Duravit, and Geberit.

Master Bedroom:

– Spacious at 20 sqm.

– Fits a King-sized bed with additional space for a proper dresser.

– Additional window for ventilation.

– Walk-in wardrobe with an option to enclose with a sliding door provided by the developers.

Master Bathroom:

– Similar design to the Common Bathroom with better furnishings.

– Wall-hung WC and rain shower.

– Wares and fittings from reputable brands – Grohe, Duravit, and Geberit.

– Window for natural ventilation.

Overall Design:

– Emphasis on liveability, especially in larger bedrooms.

– Thoughtful layouts and ample storage spaces.

– Developer’s attention to detail evident in furnishings and practical features.

 1 Bedroom

Unit Details:

Type: 1 Bedroom

Size: 517 sqft

Ceiling Height: 2.85m (in line with the new launch average)

Common Areas:


– Shoe cabinet at the entrance, doubling as an umbrella holder and parcel slot.

– Long and wide entrance corridor allowing for additional shoe or storage cabinets.


– Open concept kitchen equipped with appliances from German brand Bosch.

– Appliances include a fridge, washer-dryer, induction hob and hood, and an oven.

– Countertop supplied in engineered stone with a textured backsplash.

– Decent countertop space for cooking.

Dining Area:

– Hidden pull-out table in one of the drawers.

– Suitable for two people, slightly disappointing for a 1 Bedroom unit.

Living Room:

– Space for a 3-seater couch and a small coffee table.

– Balcony providing outdoor space for relaxation.


Master Bedroom:

– Sized at 12.4 sqm, generously large for a 1 Bedroom unit.

– Sliding the door to save space.

– Can accommodate a King-sized bed with sufficient space for a study/dresser.


– Sliding door used for both the bathroom and wardrobe.

– Potential issue with open wardrobe vibes, visible from the bedroom.

Master Bathroom:

– Sized in line with the market average.

– No windows for natural ventilation.

– Entrance via the Master Bedroom only.

– En-suite toilet with brand name wares from European names such as Grohe, Duravit, and Geberit.

Overall Design:

– Above-average size for a 1 Bedroom unit.

– Thoughtful use of space-saving furniture.

– Generously sized Master Bedroom.

– Quirky sliding door setup for the bathroom and wardrobe, potentially revealing organizational skills.

Location Overview

1. Integrated Development: Pasir Ris 8 is an integrated development, a rare feature in the East, offering healthcare, food, and retail amenities within the same complex.

2. Excellent Connectivity: The development is located just steps away from Pasir Ris MRT Station, which is set to become an interchange with the Cross Island Line, ensuring convenient access to public transportation.

3. Sheltered Public Transport Hub: The presence of a bus interchange with 20 bus services and a completely sheltered environment provides residents with excellent connectivity and protection from the weather.

4. Generous Amenities: Pasir Ris 8 offers healthcare, food, and retail amenities within the integrated development, providing residents with convenience and accessibility to daily necessities.

5. Educational Options: While limited within a 1km radius, there are several primary and secondary schools within a 1-2km range, offering educational options for families with children.


– Pasir Ris 8 is an integrated development, a rare feature in the East, with the last being Bedok Residences in 2015

– Proximity to Pasir Ris MRT Station, which will become an interchange with the Cross Island Line.

– Bus interchange with 20 sheltered bus services at the doorstep.

– Eastern location, taking 29 minutes to Raffles Place and 31 minutes to Downtown Station by MRT.

– Peak hour drive times to key destinations may exceed half an hour.

Integrated Development

– Complete with healthcare, food, and retail amenities.

Nearby Amenities


– Elias Park Primary School: 500m, 6 mins

– Meridian Primary School: 2km, 26 mins

– Meridian Secondary School: 900m, 11 mins

– Hai Sing Catholic School: 1km, 13 mins

– Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School: 1.6km, 21 mins

– Overseas Family School: 1.8km, 23 mins

– Limited primary schools within a 1km radius; several options within 1-2km range.

Public Transport

– Bus Interchange: Pasir Ris Bus Interchange servicing multiple routes.

– Nearest MRT: Pasir Ris MRT (50m, 1 min walk).

Private Transport

Key Destinations and Distance from Condo (Average Time at Peak Hour [0830] Drive Time):

– CBD (Raffles Place): 20.4 km, 33 mins

– Orchard Road: 20.7 km, 31 mins

– Suntec City: 17.8 km, 24 mins

– Changi Airport: 6.2 km, 11 mins

– Tuas Port (By 2040): 57.5 km, 65 mins

– Paya Lebar Quarters/Airbase (By 2030): 14.2 km, 25 mins

– Mediapolis (and surroundings): 27.5 km, 36 mins

– Mapletree Business City: 28.6 km, 36 mins

– Tuas Checkpoint: 47.4 km, 50 mins

– Woodlands Checkpoint: 27.3 km, 32 mins

– Jurong Cluster (JCube): 32.4 km, 42 mins

– Woodlands Cluster (Causeway Point): 24.7 km, 33 mins

– HarbourFront Cluster (Vivo City): 25.2 km, 32 mins

– Punggol Cluster (Waterway Point): 9.5 km, 18 mins

– Immediate Road Exits: Pasir Ris Drive 8, providing quick access to KPE.

Price Review

Comparison of Pasir Ris 8 with Neighboring Developments

Development: Pasir Ris 8 

Units: 487  

Psf: $1,700 est  

TOP: 2025  

Tenure: 99 Years from 2021  

Price Gap: –  

Development: Coco Palms  

Units: 944  

Psf: $1,239  

TOP: 2018  

Tenure: 99 Years from 2008  

Price Gap: 37%  

Development: D’Nest  

Units: 912  

Psf: $1,099  

TOP: 2017  

Tenure: 99 Years from 2010  

Price Gap: 55%  

Development: The Palette  

Units: 892  

Psf: $1,064  

TOP: 2015  

Tenure: 99 Years from 2010  

Price Gap: 60%  

Development: NV Residences  

Units: 642  

Psf: $916  

TOP: 2013  

Tenure: 99 Years from 2008  

Price Gap: 86%  

Development: Livia  

Units: 724  

Psf: $904  

TOP: 2011  

Tenure: 99 Years from 2008  

Price Gap: 88%  

The significant price gap between Pasir Ris 8 and older projects in the Pasir Ris Grove area raises considerations. While Pasir Ris 8 sets a benchmark, the premium is justified by factors like a newer lease, integrated development benefits, and proximity to Pasir Ris MRT Station. However, potential downsides include privacy concerns and a preference for more comprehensive condo facilities found in resale developments.

Indicative Prices of 2-Bedroom Units

Project: Coco Palms  

Tenure: 99 years from 07/01/2008  

1BR: $625,000 – $650,000  

2BR: $800,000 – $969,888  

3BR: $1,000,000 – $1,380,000  

4BR: $1,530,000 – $1,675,260  

5BR: $2,145,120 – $2,145,120  

Project: D’Nest  

Tenure: 99 years from 20/10/2010  

1BR: $592,000 – $635,000  

2BR: $770,000 – $840,000  

3BR: $880,000 – $1,468,000  

4BR: $1,458,000 – $1,580,000  

5BR: $1,760,000 – $1,760,000  

Project: NV Residences  

Tenure: 99 years from 07/01/2008  

1BR: $585,000 – $585,000  

2BR: $733,888 – $787,000  

3BR: $950,000 – $1,068,000  

4BR: $1,185,000 – $1,310,000  

5BR: No Data  

Project: The Palette  

Tenure: 99 years from 20/10/2010  

1BR: $615,000 – $625,000  

2BR: $795,000 – $840,000  

3BR: $1,000,000 – $1,250,000  

4BR: $1,300,000 – $1,500,000  

5BR: No Data  

Project: Pasir Ris 8  

Tenure: 99 years from 2021  

1BR: $1,122,880 – $1,536,000  

2BR: $1,426,880 – $1,612,880  

3BR: $2,095,880 – $2,095,880  

4BR: $2,792,880 – $2,792,880  

5BR: $2,911,880 – $2,911,880  

The indicative prices of Pasir Ris 8’s 2-bedroom units position it at a premium compared to neighboring developments. Buyers need to weigh the allure of a new development against the potentially lower prices of older projects.

Appreciation Analysis and Pasir Ris 8 Master Plan Overview

Pasir Ris has seen limited development activity, with major attention directed towards projects like the Greater Southern Waterfront, Beauty World Transport Hub, and the Punggol Digital District. Despite this, the revised URA Master Plan in 2019 introduced key elements benefiting Pasir Ris 8.

URA Master Plan Highlights (2019):

1. Cross Island Line: A major boost for Pasir Ris as it transforms into an interchange station connecting Changi and Punggol. Expected completion in 2030, synergizing with Pasir Ris 8’s development.

2. Mixed-Use Development (Pasir Ris 8): Pasir Ris 8 will emerge as a central focal point with a town plaza and a mall twice the size of White Sands, enhancing the local landscape.

3. Wafer Fab Park: Contributing to Pasir Ris’ growth potential in technology and manufacturing sectors.

4. Pasir Ris Park: A green oasis fostering community well-being and contributing to the overall attractiveness of the area.

5. Housing by the Park: Residential developments around Pasir Ris Park, enriching the community environment.

Punggol Digital District (PDD):

As Pasir Ris connects to PDD through the Punggol Extension Line, it becomes a vital hub, aligning with Singapore’s vision for PDD as a smart district focusing on digital economy growth. Anticipated job opportunities may drive demand for housing in Pasir Ris.

Changi Region Plans:

The Aviation Park station along the Cross Island Line supports the aviation sector’s growth, attracting freight and R&D businesses. Initiatives like Terminal 5, despite delays due to COVID, aim to create jobs and stimulate housing demand in areas like Pasir Ris. As aviation recovers, these plans may further enhance the region’s appeal.

Developer Pasir Ris 8

Pasir Ris 8, a 99-year leasehold condominium in District 18, is the first mixed development in Pasir Ris integrating residential and commercial components, a town plaza, and amenities. Developed by Phoenix Commercial Pte Ltd and Phoenix Residential Pte Ltd, both owned by Allgreen Properties and Kerry Properties under the Kuok Group, Pasir Ris 8 offers 487 units of various types, redefining luxury living in Singapore’s heartlands. Allgreen Properties, with a 30-year track record, is renowned for its quality developments like Cairnhill Residences and Skysuites @ Anson, while Kerry Properties is a leading property developer focusing on high-quality projects in Asia’s prime locations.


Years of Experience: 24

Number of Completed Projects: TBA

Types of Projects Undertake: ROYAL GREEN

Average Project Size: Varies, from condominiums to condominium 

Geographic Area of Operations: Singapore (primarily operate in Singapore. 

Financial Stability Rating: BBB

Environmental Compliance Rating: B rating from (CDP) 

Customer Satisfaction Score: NA

Average Construction Time: NA

Warranty Period Offered: NA

Safety Record: NA

Technological Innovation Level: High-tech

Collaboration with Architects: Renowned architects, Local architects

Legal Compliance Record: NA

Awards and Recognition: NA

Quality Assurance Certifications: NA

Responsiveness to Client Needs: High Responsiveness

Post-Completion Services: NA

Community Involvement: The company strives to make a difference in areas such as education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability

Pricing of Pasir Ris 8

Base Price: S$1.44M ~ S$2.46M
 Price per Square Foot: S$1,680 ~ S$2,025
 LocationBased Price Variation: TBA
 Pricing Tiers: tba
 Discounts and Offers: contacted
 Payment Plan Options: Stage Payment Under a Standard Payment Scheme (% of Purchase Price)
   Upon the grant of Option to Purchase 5% (Booking Fee)
   Upon signing of the Sale & Purchase Agreement or within B weeks from the Option date 20% less Booking Fee
   Completion of foundation work 10%
   Completion of reinforced concrete framework of unit 10%
   Completion of partition walls of unit 5%
   Completion of roofing/ceiling of unit 5%
   Completion of door subframes/ door frames, window frames, electrical wiring, internal plastering and plumbing of unit 5%
   Completion of car park, roads and drains serving the housing project 5%
   Notice of Vacant Possession (TOP) 25%
   On Completion date 15%
 Price Increase Rate: TBA
 Resale Price: NA
 Rental Yield: CALCULATE 
 Historical Price Trends: tba
 Price Comparisons with Similar Units:
   $1,239  Coco Palms
   $1,099  D’Nest
 Financing Options Impact: TBA
 Maintenance Fee Inclusion: Paid on monthly basis  TBA
 Deposit Required: TBA
 Government Subsidies Impact: TBA
 Market Demand Influence: NA
 Developer Reputation Impact: Premium developer: +10% price increase
 Project Completion Stage Impact: TBA
 Furnishing and Interior Design Cost: Furnished: +$50,000, Unfurnished: Base price
 Tax and Legal Fees: TBA

Site Plan of Pasir Ris 8

Total Land Area: 38,003.7 sqm
Number of Residential Units: 487
Building Height: 11 Storey
Unit Size Range: 517-1550 sq ft
Types of Units Available: 1 room, 1+1 room, 2 room, 2 room premium, 2+1 room, 3 room, 4 room premium, 5 room
Parking Lot Availability: 414
Common Area Size: NA
Playground: Children playground 10764 Sq ft
Pool Type: Swimming Pool
Gym Facilities: Gym available
Function Lawn Capacity: NA
Security Features: NA
Accessibility for Disabled: TBC
Green Building Features: NA
Pet-Friendly: NA
Proximity to Nearest Public Transport: MRT Stations Distance: Pasir Ris, Tampines North, Pasir Ris East
Ratio of Built-up to Green Space: NA

Project Details of Pasir Ris 8

Location: District 18
Developer: Allgreen Properties 
Plot Ratio: 2.5
Site Area: 42,000 sqm Approx 452,084 sqft
Planning Region: Override Control Region
Project Account No.: THAN
Architect: DCA Architect
Project Selection Design: – –
Main Contractor: Win Limited
Landscape Committee: Company United
Address: 12 Pasir Ris Drive 8, 519469
No of Storeys: 20 stories as blocks from is onwards
Payment Scheme: Normal Progressive
Mukim No.: TOOM MK 24
Sate Use: Program Development Comprising Commercial town Plaza, merchant, and Polyclinic
Tenure: 99 years from July 2021
Total Units: 400 Residential units
No of Car Park Lots: 404 Carporte on
Expected Date TOP: 30 June 2026
Expected Date of Legal Completion: November 2027

Amenities of Pasir Ris 8

Swimming Pool: Wading Pool, Lap Pool, Pool Deck
Gymnasium: Gym facility available
Garden and Landscaping: Sensory Garden, Urban Farm, Greenhouse Pavilion
Children’s Play Area: Playground
BBQ Pits: Poolside BBQ Pavilion, Terrace BBQ Pavilion
Pet-Friendly Features: Pet-friendly policies
Accessibility Features: Are available
Concierge Services: Are available
Retail Outlets: Convenience stores
Recreational Clubs: Hobby clubs, Reading clubs, Social groups
Shuttle Services: Free shuttle to MRT, Shuttle to shopping areas
Clubhouse: A gym, a function room, song room
Self-care Area: Reflexology Path, Yoga Corner, Zen Pavilion, Yoga Deck
Lounge: Club Lounge
Gourmet Kitchen: Gourmet Kitchen facility available
Aquatic Elegance: Fountain, Pond

Transportation of Pasir Ris 8

City/Area: Pasir Ris Central, District 18, Singapore
Neighborhood: Pasir Ris
Proximity to City Center: 20 km from city center, downtown core
Public Transportation Access: Near MRT station, Bus stops within walking distance
Nearby Schools: Al-Amin Education Centre: 4 mins (279 m),M.Y World @ Pasir Ris: 5 mins (291 m),Pawer Skills Learning Centre: 5 mins (357 m)

Local Crime Rate: Low
Proximity to Commercial Areas: Adjacent to shopping district, 5 min drive to mall
Nearby Parks and Recreation: ,Pasir Ris Town Park: 5 mins (358 m),Piai Plaza: 7 mins (456 m),Kingfisher Pond: 7 mins (467 m)

Air Quality Index: Good
Noise Pollution Level: Low
Proximity to Hospitals: 5 km to nearest hospital
View from the Property: City view
Road Connectivity: Easy highway access, Well-connected by main roads
Local Property Market Trends: Growing
Climate and Weather Patterns: Tropical
Cultural Amenities: 20 km away from National Museum of Singapore
Dining and Shopping Options: Multiple dining options nearby, Luxury shopping mall
Property Tax Rates: Average
Historical Significance: Modern area
Environmental Regulations: Strict building codes, Eco-friendly practices


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