Name of Condominium(Condo) Botany at Dairy Farm

Name of Condominium(Condo) Botany at Dairy Farm

Discover an oasis of modern living harmonized with nature at The Botany At Dairy Farm. This 99-year leasehold New Launch Condo, located at Dairy Farm Walk in District 23, is poised to redefine urban living with its anticipated completion in 2027. Boasting five blocks comprising a total of 386 units, this development stands as a testament to a tranquil and sophisticated lifestyle.

Key Highlights:

Prime Location: Enjoy unparalleled connectivity with Hillview MRT station just a stroll away, providing residents with effortless access to various parts of Singapore for work, leisure, and more.

Vibrant Community: Experience a thriving community atmosphere with proximity to neighboring condos like The Skywoods, Dairy Farm Residences, and Chestnut Ville, fostering a dynamic and engaging living environment.

Educational Excellence: Families are in proximity to esteemed educational institutions such as the German European School Singapore, GESS – International School, and CHIJ Our Lady Queen Of Peace, ensuring a quality learning environment for children.

Health and Wellness Hub: The development prioritizes residents’ well-being, with easy access to healthcare services, including dental clinics, providing peace of mind for health emergencies and routine checkups.

Recreational Retreat: Escape to nature at the nearby Dairy Farm Nature Park, a local haven for leisure and entertainment, offering a serene backdrop for relaxation and outdoor activities.

With a commitment to contemporary living and a vision to seamlessly integrate with the lush greenery, The Botany At Dairy Farm emerges as an ideal choice for those seeking a modern lifestyle enriched by the tranquillity of nature.

Factsheet of Botany at Dairy Farm

Description: The Botany At Dairy Farm is a brand new 99-years leasehold development that can yield up to 385 residential units.

Project: The Botany At Dairy Farm

Developers: Sim Lian Construction Co (Pte) Ltd

Builder: N/A

Address: Dairy Farm Walk

District: 23

Overall Greenery Provision: N/A

Tenure: 99 years lease

Expected Date of Vacant Possession: N/A

Expected Date of Legal Completion: Estimate 2028

No. of Units: 386

Expected Date Of TOP: Estimate 2027

Site Area: 15,663.2 spm | 168,599 sq ft

Plot Ratio: 2.1

No. of Car Park Lots: 386 Basement carpark lots including 4 lots equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging points; and 5 Handicapped parking lots

Bicycle Lots: N/A

No. of Lifts: 2 Common Lifts

Development Heights / Storey: 5 Blocks of 9 to 15 storeys

FloorPlan of Botany at Dairy Farm

Total Area: 15,663 sqm

Level/Floor: 15 Floors

Height: 5 Blocks of 9 to 15 storeys

Flooring Material: To Be Confirmed (TBC)

Type of Kitchen: N/A

Orientation: North-West

View Type: N/A

Ceiling Height: 2.81m in height

Energy Efficiency Rating: A, B, C

Window Type: Floor to ceiling window

Heating and Cooling System: Air Conditioning

Security Features: Clock, CCTV cameras, and access control systems

Accessibility Features: Lift lobby

Furnishing Status: Partially Furnished

Smart Home Features: Smart Home System, digital locksets to secured lobby access with smart intercom systems, and remote aircon control

Outdoor Space: Balcony

Bedrooms: 1 – 5

Bathrooms: 1 bathroom, 2 bathrooms

Balcony Presence: Yes, 2.8 m balcony

No. Of Carpark Lots: 386 Basement carpark lots including 4 lots equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging points; and 5 Handicapped parking lots

Review of Botany at Dairy Farm


UNIT SIZE: 3.5/5


DESIGN: 3.5/5









The good

  • Limited Nearby Amenities
  • Remote Location
  • Higher Price Point
  • Developing Surroundings
  • Limited Immediate Public Transport Access

The bad

  • Serene Living Environment
  • Proximity to Nature Parks
  • Family-Friendly Facilities
  • Access to Nearby Schools
  • Future Development Potential

Overview and Location:


  • Modern Urban Interpretation: The Botany at Dairy Farm offers a contemporary urban living experience within a serene environment, appealing to families.
  • Nearby Amenities: Positioned close to GESS and Dairy Farm Residences, it provides access to various educational and residential facilities.


  • Higher Price Point: Compared to neighbouring developments, The Botany has a higher price per square foot, potentially limiting affordability for some buyers.
  • Developing Surroundings: The area around the development is still under construction, leading to some ongoing construction and open spaces.

Important Points:

  • Urban Oasis Concept: The Botany focuses on providing a family-friendly atmosphere in an urban oasis setting.
  • Competitive Pricing: Despite the higher cost, the development generates significant interest due to its offerings.

Property Comparison and Pricing:


  • Higher Quality Features: The higher pricing implies potential superior features or quality compared to other nearby developments.
  • Strong Buyer Interest: Despite the higher price, the development attracts considerable interest among potential buyers.


  • Price Premium: The higher price point might pose affordability challenges for some buyers compared to other nearby projects.
  • Future Investment Uncertainty: The price difference might raise concerns regarding the potential return on investment.

Important Points:

  • Price and Market Context: Understanding the context of pricing against neighboring developments and its implications.
  • Buyer Confidence: Successful sales of similar developments in the area boost confidence in the neighbourhood’s prospects.

Neighborhood and Accessibility:


  • Scenic Surroundings: Offers unblocked views of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and a serene living environment away from typical city noise.
  • Complimentary Shuttle Service: Provision of a shuttle service to Hillion Mall and Bukit Panjang MRT adds convenience for residents.


  • Distance from MRT: The development’s distance from the nearest MRT station might inconvenience residents reliant on public transportation.
  • Potential Traffic Concerns: While roads are currently manageable, future developments might bring increased traffic to the area.

Important Points:

  • Neighborhood Appeal: Emphasizes the tranquility and natural beauty of the surroundings.
  • Access Challenges: Discusses both the peaceful environment and potential transportation hurdles residents might face.



  • Facilities Variety: The Botany offers a diverse range of amenities across four core areas, catering to families with pools, tennis courts, BBQ pavilions, and more.
  • Scenic Views and Prime Positioning: Situated at a high point, the Hilltop Deck offers unobstructed views, while the development’s location promises a serene living experience surrounded by greenery.
  • Expansive Amenities: The development boasts multiple pools, a Grand Clubhouse, wellness facilities, and community-focused spaces, promoting an active lifestyle and fostering a sense of community.
  • Family-Oriented and Community Spaces: The focus on amenities for children, proximity to essential locations like Dairy Farm Mall and GESS, and emphasis on community spaces like picnic pavilions and tea pavilions contribute to a family-friendly environment.


  • Potential Noise and High Demand for Tennis Court: The livelier Hilltop Deck area might be noisier, and accessing popular amenities like the tennis court could be challenging due to high demand.
  • Ground Floor Units and Privacy: Ground floor units near specific amenities might impact privacy, and some residents might face challenges accessing exclusive amenities.

Important Points:

  • Facility Descriptions and Location Benefits: Detailed descriptions of amenities and the development’s advantageous location near essential facilities and transportation hubs.
  • Lifestyle Experience and Diverse Amenities: The promise of a unique lifestyle experience with lush landscapes, serene surroundings, and a diverse array of amenities catering to different preferences.

Overall Impression: The Botany presents a comprehensive array of facilities, focusing on family-friendly offerings, scenic views, and a serene environment. While it caters to diverse lifestyle preferences, challenges might arise regarding accessing high-demand amenities and potential privacy concerns for ground floor units.

Unit Overview – 3 Bedroom Flexi Type C6F (1,033 Sq ft)

  • Master Bathroom:
    • Earthy color palette, Villeroy & Boch, and Hansgrohe fittings.
    • Quartz countertops but excludes LED lights.
    • No natural ventilation except for a rain shower.
  • Layouts & Sizes:
    • 3-Bedroom Flexi unit – 1,033 sq ft.
    • Majority of units are 3-bedders, ranging from 883 to 1,076 sq ft.
  • Living Space & Entryway:
    • Deep hallway entry into living and kitchen areas.
    • Simple entry table and cabinets for storage near the walkway.
  • Kitchen & Dining Area:
    • Sliding glass panels divide the dining area from the kitchen.
    • Good countertop space, ample storage, but no LED lights included.
  • Utility & Bedrooms:
    • Gas stoves in 3-bedroom units and above.
    • Simple layout for the yard area with washer cum dryer.
    • Limited dining space due to corridor limitations.
  • Common Bathroom & Bedrooms:
    • Common bathroom with shelving areas but no LED lights provided.
    • Bedrooms display different functionalities with various bed sizes.
  • Master Bedroom & Bath:
    • Master bedroom fits a king-sized bed and built-in wardrobes.
    • Master bathroom, similar to a common bathroom, includes a rain shower.

4 Bedroom Type D2 (1,292 Sq ft)

  • Layout and Entryway:
    • Landscape format for living and dining space.
    • No long foyer entrance due to kitchen-facing setup.
  • Kitchen & Dining Areas:
    • Sizable countertop table in the dry kitchen, no sink or induction cooker.
    • Functional L-shaped design in the wet kitchen, quartz countertops.
  • Living Space & Balcony:
    • Efforts to blend living and dining, balcony extends to both areas.
    • Concerns regarding space tightness, suggestions for furniture.
  • Bedrooms & Bathrooms:
    • Bedrooms with various bed sizes, floor-to-ceiling windows.
    • Common bathroom placement and features similar to smaller units.
  • Master Bedroom & Bath:
    • Ample space in the master bedroom, built-in wardrobes, king-sized bed.
    • Large master bathroom, similar designs, and features as other bathrooms.

Location Review – The Botany at Dairy Farm:

  • Location Advantages:
    • Serene environment near Dairy Farm and Chestnut Parks.
    • Proximity to various educational institutions, appealing for families.
    • Future amenities like Dairy Farm Residences and Dairy Farm Mall.
  • Transportation & Accessibility:
    • Distance from Hillview MRT and reliance on buses for transportation.
    • Complimentary shuttle services provided initially.
    • Proximity to BKE but potential longer commute during peak hours.
  • Amenities & Dining:
    • Limited immediate options for dining and groceries.
    • Future developments like Dairy Farm Residences are expected to enhance amenities.
    • Access to nearby malls such as HillV2, The Rail Mall, and Hillion Mall.

These pointers offer a concise overview of the unit specifics, layout details, and the surrounding location’s advantages and limitations at The Botany at Dairy Farm.


  • Public Transport:
    • Bus Stops: Multiple bus services are available within a short walking distance, providing connectivity to various destinations.
    • Nearest MRT: Hillview MRT is approximately 1 kilometer away, accessible within a 13-minute walk.
  • Schools:
    • Several preschools and primary schools are within a 2 to 5-kilometer radius, offering different educational options.
    • Some schools are a short driving distance away, while others might require a slightly longer commute.
  • Retail Outlets:
    • A variety of shopping destinations exist within driving distances ranging from 2 to 12 minutes, catering to different preferences and needs.
    • The availability of malls, shopping centers, and markets in the vicinity ensures convenience for residents.


  • Public Transport:
    • Bus services at various stops provide convenient access, offering choices for commuting within the area.
    • The proximity of the nearest MRT station, though a bit of a walk, provides an alternative mode of transportation.
  • Private Transport:
    • Key destinations like Bukit Timah Road, Botanic Gardens, Orchard Road, and various districts are within driving distances ranging from 10 to 35 minutes during peak hours.
    • Airports, ports, and major city areas are reachable by car within relatively moderate to longer commute times.
  • Immediate Road Exits:
    • Clear directions for exiting onto specific roads from the condominium area are provided, ensuring easy navigation for residents using private vehicles.

Important Points:

  • Convenience: Multiple bus services and a nearby MRT station offer residents various commuting options.
  • Education Accessibility: The presence of numerous schools within a few kilometers caters to families with children of different ages.
  • Shopping and Retail: Various malls and retail outlets within a few minutes’ drive ensure accessibility to daily necessities and recreational activities.
  • Private Transport: Access to major roads and key destinations via private vehicles allows for relatively convenient travel, although peak hour drive times might vary.
  • Navigation: Clear instructions for immediate road exits from the condominium area are provided, ensuring ease of movement for residents using private transportation.

These points highlight the accessibility and range of amenities and transportation options available in the vicinity, catering to different needs and preferences of residents.

Future Plans of Botany at Farms

  • Surrounding Land Development: Nearby plots are earmarked for residential developments, educational institutions, a utility zone, and a place of worship, mirroring similar developments in other areas like Lentor. This indicates potential for future premium pricing, safeguarding current property values.
  • Hillview Rise Plot: The winning bid for a nearby plot at Hillview Rise was substantial, signaling high interest despite fewer bids, implying potential for elevated property prices in the area.
  • 2019 Draft Master Plan:
    • Park Connector & ABC Water Projects: Plans for a new park linked to a connector and community node along the canal aim to enhance the cycling network, connecting to nature spots like Chestnut Nature Park and Zhenghua Nature Park, benefiting residents fond of outdoor activities.
    • Residential Developments in Senja and Dairy Farm: Anticipated new residential launches in Senja and Dairy Farm might increase housing supply, although the risk of oversupply exists.
    • New Amenities for the Neighborhood: Proposals for a new hawker center and integrated healthcare facility aim to support the growing population, offering more amenities and affordable food options to the residents.
    • Bukit Timah Fire Station Redevelopment: The iconic Bukit Timah Fire Station is planned for transformation into an eco-friendly lifestyle hub. It is set to offer various community spaces, promote urban farming, and host nature-based activities, contributing to a vibrant and sustainable community.

These future developments signify potential enhancements to the area’s infrastructure, amenities, and green spaces, which may positively impact the overall quality of life for residents at The Botany at Dairy Farm.

At last 

Positive Considerations:

  • Tranquil Neighborhood: The serene environment away from the city appeals to those seeking a quieter, nature-centric lifestyle.
  • Proximity to Green Spaces: Multiple nearby nature parks and green areas provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.
  • Well-Equipped Facilities: The condo offers multiple family-friendly facilities, including swimming pools, dining spaces, and a tennis court, which might be harder to find closer to the city.
  • Proximity to Schools: A variety of schools across different education levels are within a 5-km radius, catering to families with schooling children.

Considerations to Ponder:

  • Limited Nearby Amenities: The availability of key amenities, especially dining and grocery options apart from Dairy Farm Mall, is relatively limited. The nearest MRT station is also a considerable distance away.
  • Remote Location: Accessibility might pose challenges; reaching key destinations, including the CBD, could take a significant amount of time for both drivers and public transport users despite being near the BKE.

These points serve as a helpful guide for potential residents to weigh the advantages and limitations when considering The Botany at Dairy Farm as their residential choice.

Developer of Botany at Dairy Farm – Sim Lian Group Limited

For over four decades, Sim Lian Group has been a prominent figure in Singapore’s real estate development sector. Their extensive expertise and solid portfolio speak volumes, having crafted an array of properties, including residential, retail, integrated spaces, offices, and ventures abroad. Among their notable projects are Treasure at Tampines, Wandervale, Hillion Residences, The Lincoln Residences, Rochelle at Newton, and Clover by The Park. With a rich history of delivering exceptional homes across diverse Singaporean districts, prospective residents can trust in the assurance of superior quality homes.

Years of Experience: 40 years of experience

Number of Completed Projects: Over 90 construction projects

Types of Projects Undertaken: Undertook over S$2 billion worth of contracts, including public projects for the Housing & Development Board (HDB), as well as for private developers Guocoland, MCL Land, Keppel Land, and Wing Tai.

Average Project Size: 200 to 1000 units

Geographic Area of Operations: Singapore, Malaysia

Financial Stability Rating: N/A

Environmental Compliance Rating: N/A

Customer Satisfaction Score: N/A

Average Construction Time: N/A

Warranty Period Offered: One-year liability period

Safety Record: Ensure high safety standards, outstanding achievements for a friendly built environment

Technological Innovation Level: N/A

Collaboration with Architects: Man Architects LLP, Ecoplan Asia Pte Ltd

Legal Compliance Record: N/A

Awards and Recognition: More than 25 awards for various public and private projects in Singapore

Quality Assurance Certifications: Certified with SS ISO 9001:2000.

Responsiveness to Client Needs: N/A

Post-Completion Services: N/A

Community Involvement: N/A

Siteplan of Botany at Dairy Farm

Total Land Area: 15,663 sqm

Number of Residential Units: 386

Building Height: 5 Blocks of 9 to 15 storeys

Unit Size Range: 506-1765 sq ft

Types of Units Available:

  • 1+1 BR
  • 2 BR
  • 2+1 BR
  • 3 BR
  • 3+1 BR
  • 4 BR
  • 5 BR
  • Ground
  • Premium
  • Sky unit

Parking Lot Availability: 386 Basement carpark lots including 4 lots equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging points; and 5 Handicapped parking lots

Density of Development: N/A

Landscape Design: Ecoplan Asia Pte Ltd

Project Details of Botany at Dairy Farm

Address: Dairy Farm Walk

District: 23

Tenure: 99 years lease

Mukim Lot No.: 02800V MK 16 at Dairy Farm Walk

Project Account: N/A

Design Architect / Project Architect: M.A.N. Architects LLP

Landscape Architect: Ecoplan Asia Pte Ltd

Main Contractor: Sim Lian Construction Co (Pte) Ltd

Structural Engineer: KCE Consultants Pte Ltd

M&E Consultants: Kunda Consulting Engineers

Units Type: 1 Bedroom + Study, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom Premium, 2 Bedroom + Study, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom Premium, 3 Bedroom Flexi, 3 Bedroom + Study, 4 Bedroom, 5 Bedroom

Expected Legal Completion Date: N/A

No. of Units: 386

Site Area: 15,663.2 spm | 168,599 sq ft

Plot Ratio: 2.1

Development Heights / Storey: 5 Blocks of 9 to 15 storeys

No. of Lifts: 2 Common Lifts

No. of Car Park Lots: 386 Basement carpark lots including 4 lots equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging points; and 5 Handicapped parking lots

Amenities of Botany at Dairy Farm

Swimming Pool: Available

Playground: Children’s playground

Gym: Available

Security: 24 Hours Security Guard

Parking: 386 Basement carpark lots including 4 lots equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging points; and 5 Handicapped parking lots

Garden and Landscaping: Land dense with canopies of trees inside out

Children’s Play Area: Kid’s playground

BBQ: BBQ pavilion, outdoor grill pavilion

Function Rooms/Lawns: Event, Party facilities

Sports Facilities:

  • Lap Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Jogging Trail
  • Tennis Court
  • Grand Lawn
  • Water Jet Pool
  • Rock Climb Wall
  • Spa Bed
  • Aqua Gym

Spa and Wellness Center:

  • Spa Bed
  • Aqua Gym
  • Wellness pools

Pet-Friendly Features: Pet shop nearby

Accessibility Features:

  • 5 car parking for handicapped
  • Elevators
  • Braille signs

Concierge Services:

  • Available
  • Front desk service
  • Concierge assistance

Connectivity (Wi-Fi):

  • High-speed internet
  • Wi-Fi hotspots
  • In-unit connectivity

Eco-Friendly Features: Green and sustainable lifestyle, eco-aesthetic design

Retail Outlets: HillV2 and Rail Mall

Recreational Clubs:

  • Hobby clubs
  • Reading clubs
  • Social groups

Maintenance Services: Monthly maintenance service

Clubhouse: A gym, a function room, a games room, and a reading room

Tennis Court: Court is well-maintained

Facilities & Amenities at The Botany At Dairy Farm:

  • Adult Fitness Stations
  • Basement Car Park
  • Car Park
  • Children’s Playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Community Garden
  • Drop-Off Point
  • Fitness Corner
  • Fun Pool
  • Function Room
  • Gymnasium Room
  • Jacuzzi
  • Jogging Track
  • Lap Pool
  • Lift Lobby
  • Lounge
  • Main Entrance
  • Pavilion
  • Pool Deck
  • Playground
  • Reflexology Path
  • 24 Hours Security
  • Sky Lounge
  • Spa Pool
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Courts
  • Wading Pool

The Botany At Dairy Farm Location:


  • German European School Singapore: 2 mins (131 m)
  • GESS – International School: 2 mins (137 m)
  • CHIJ Our Lady Queen Of Peace: 9 mins (580 m)

MRT Stations:

  • Hillview: 11 mins (740 m)
  • Cashew: 913 m
  • Pending: 1.1 km


  • Cold Storage The Rail Mall: 900 m
  • Cold Storage – Rail Mall: 908 m
  • CS Fresh HillV2: 957 m


  • Dairy Farm Nature Park: 7 mins (491 m)
  • Zhenghua Park: 644 m
  • Fuyong Interim Park (Temporary): 1.1 km

Close proximity to Hillview MRT station on the Downtown Line offers convenient city access.

  • Nestled in a serene enclave with all the modern city amenities.
  • Only a 20-minute drive to the CBD.
  • Surrounded by verdant landscapes, including nature reserves like Dairy Farm Nature Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
  • Ideal for families with nearby schools such as German European School Singapore and CHIJ Our Lady Queen Of Peace.
  • Excellent public transport links via train and bus stations.
  • Convenient shopping options at Rail Mall, Bukit Panjang Mkt, or Hillview Market Place.

City/Area: Singapore

Neighborhood: Bukit Panjang

Proximity to City Center: 20 min drive to CBD

Public Transportation Access:

  • Hillview MRT: 10 min walk
  • After Dairy Farm Road (Bus Stop): 300 m

Local Crime Rate: Low

Proximity to Commercial Areas:

  • Cold Storage The Rail Mall: 900 m
  • Cold Storage – Rail Mall: 908 m
  • CS Fresh HillV2: 957 m

Nearby Parks and Recreation:

  • Dairy Farm Nature Park: 7 mins (491 m)
  • Zhenghua Park: 644 m
  • Fuyong Interim Park (Temporary): 1.1 km

Air Quality Index: Moderate

Noise Pollution Level: Moderate

Proximity to Hospitals: 7 clinics within 5 km, Hospitals within 14 min drive

View from the Property: Nature view

Local Property Market Trends: Rapidly growing

Climate and Weather Patterns: Tropical

Cultural Amenities: Art galleries, Near museums, theaters

Property Tax Rates: N/A

Historical Significance: N/A

Environmental Regulations: N/A


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